Planning Commission Minutes May 6, 2008



PC MEMBERS PRESENT: G. Heyer, A. Lemieux, M. Hunziker, R. Wimble

PUBLIC PRESENT: S. Taylor, Z.A.; G. Brunswick, NRPC, N. Heyer, E. Gould


7:30 PM G. Heyer called the meeting to order. The minutes from April 15, 2008 and April 29, 2008 were reviewed. M. Hunziker made a motion to approve the minutes from April 15, 2008. R. Wimble second. G. Heyer, M. Hunziker and R. Wimble in favor. M. Hunziker made a motion to approve the workshop minutes from April 29, 2008. R. Wimble second. G. Heyer, M. Hunziker and R. Wimble in favor.


Discussion was focused on the materials provided by G. Brunswick regarding proposed Land Use Districts. The first sections discussed were relating to wetland areas. Specific topics included flood plains, wet lands, Silver Lake, St. Albans Reservoir, streams and brooks. It was agreed there needs to be some limitation to development near water sources, especially in the Conservation area. The Conservation District is intended to promote conservation of significant natural areas and resources. This District includes wetland areas, significant wildlife habitat and forestland. There will need to be stronger language in future Bylaw revisions to protect and restrict development in that area. The next areas discussed included the Low Density Residential District and the Agricultural and Forest Resource District. These two Districts have very similar Permitted and Conditional Uses and it would make sense to combine the Districts on the Proposed Land Use Map. The Board agreed that in all Districts, Agriculture and Forestry should not be listed as Permitted Uses, as these areas can not be regulated at the local level. The Board also agreed that the boundaries of the Growth Center and of the Mixed Use District should be revised on the Proposed Land Use Map to accommodate future growth and development.


Once the Town Plan is approved and in place, the Bylaws will need to be revised, to reflect the purpose of each District. G. Brunswick emphasized that Bylaws need to conform to and implement the Town Plan. The Board agreed that the boundaries on the Proposed Land Use Map are approximate and proposed, and may be slightly changed in the future. G. Brunswick will work on completing a revised draft of the Proposed Land Use Map and a revised draft of the Town Plan.


9:30 PM M. Hunziker made a motion to adjourn. R. Wimble second. All in favor.




1. Existing Fairfax Proposed Land Use Discussion Paper

2. Draft of Map Current with updated Conservation and no Shore Land

3. Draft of Map with updated Conservation



The next meeting will be on May 20, 2008.


Respectfully Submitted,

Cathy Raymond, Zoning and Planning Assistant




Approved_____________________________________ Date______________, 2008




These minutes are unofficial until approved at the next regularly scheduled meeting.