Jason and Elizabeth Minor PUD with Conditional Use and Site Plan Approval at 117 Highbridge Rd.


Members Present: J. Heyer, B. Murphy, M. Casey, M. Dufresne

Alternate Present: P. Rainville

Applicant Present: Jason Minor

Public Present: Alyssa Benoit; Alexis Combs; David Hellman; Dale Bellows; Skip Taylor, ZA


J. Heyer called the meeting to order. Introductions were made, the warning was read, and interested persons sworn in.


Jason Minor presented a 2008 letter from the Land Trust that reflected the original 2008 plans for the development of the property. The Trust had approved the planned use of the property. The proposed barn will be smaller than the one originally planned. He will add additional barns in the future if needed.He said they were reducing the scale of the earlier 2008 plans butare still under the Farm Enterprise rule and considered agri-tourism and a destination farm by the Land Trust. The Trust had identified a 2.5-acre building zone.


Skip explained the PUD designation for this hearing that this project needed to be conducted under the subdivision regulations. B. Murphy asked if the earlier subdivision approved on August 3, 2011 was related to this. Mr. Minor stated that they were separate.


There was discussion regarding the footprint of the barn, the layout, earlier plans for a gazebo, curb cuts, and parking. There were questions about whether there were enough parking places for a larger event (weddings, reunions, concerts, etc). Mr. Minor explained there would be an additional gravel lot to expand parking temporarily. No traffic impact study will be required because access is on a State roadway.There was additional discussion regarding pedestrian signs on the roadway.


Mr. Minor stated there was no need for a wastewater permit but it would require an Act 250 permit because the development was commercial. He plans to expand the wastewater after the initial construction. There is a proposed future sewer site but he plans to use portable toilets in the meantime. These would not be permanent. If he could get a permit for a potable water supply and wastewater system within the next 3 months he would build toilet facilities now. He presented an e-mail from Jeff McMahon of the VT Agency of Natural Resources regarding these permits.


M. Dufresne asked if a sprinkler system was required. Mr. Minor said there was no need due to large doors on the barn and a fire alarm system.


The parking lot is located on the road side of the barn to preserve the view on the other side. They plan to reduce the slope of the entrance to the lot.


M. Dufresne asked about noise was there the need for a time restriction? Mr. Minor stated he does not anticipate any problems with noise as the terrain helps to filter it. There were additional questions regarding the distance to abutters.




Open to the Public

David Hellman asked about the location of the barn. He was concerned about the possibility of noise but is in favor of the project.


There were additional questions regarding Act 250 and the anticipated time expected before approval. The Board decided that the hearing could be closed with the condition that if the Act 250 process changes the plan, the applicant may be required to submit the revision(s) for DRB approval.


7:43 PM- M. Casey moved to close the hearing; P. Rainville 2nd. All in favor.


Respectfully submitted,

Martha Varney, Planning and Zoning Assistant


Signed: _________________________________________ Date: _______________________

For the Development Review Board


These minutes are unofficial until approved at the next regularly scheduled meeting. All motions were unanimously approved until otherwise indicated.