FAIRFAX DEVELOPMENT REVIEW BOARD                            Wednesday, December 21, 2011



Steve and Kathleen McDonald Sketch Plan Review of a 2_lot Subdivision at 1224 Main St.



Members Present: J. Heyer, B. Murphy, M. Casey, C. Rainville

Alternates Present: None

Applicants Present: Steve and Kathleen McDonald

Public Present: Colleen Steen, Michelle Dufresne (Innovative Design Inc.), Dale Bellows (for the United Church), Barbara Young, Gabe and Diane Handy, Michael Spaulding.


7:35PM- J. Heyer called the hearing to order.  The public notice was read, introductions made, and interested persons sworn in.


M. Dufresne recused herself from the hearing because she is designing the building proposed for the site.


Gabe Handy explained to the Board that the proposed subdivision of .95 acre from a 3.13 acre parcel at 1224 Main St. is to be used as the future home of the Fairfax Rescue Squad building.  The parcel is located next to the Fairfax Fire Station and is proposed to be accessed through the Fire Station property to Goodall St.  The Rescue Squad would like to begin construction in March/April of 2012.


Ruggiano Engineering submitted engineering drawings.  Sam Ruggiano was not at the meeting but is expected at any future hearing(s).  Button Land Surveyors is providing survey work.  Michelle Dufresne of Innovative Design Inc. is designing the building.


Goodall St. is a private road but is maintained by the Town because it serves the Fire Department.  There are 2 other residences on Goodall St. beyond the Fire Dept. With the addition of a new lot, Goodall St. will need to be upgraded to current Town requirements.  The road currently has a 25’ ROW over Steve McDonald’s land.  Mr. McDonald is willing to convey a 50’ ROW to the Town to meet additional requirements.


Questions from the Board regarded ownership of Goodall St., easements to the Fire Department and the Young property (located behind the proposed site), the number of parking spaces and the possibility of shared parking with the Fire Dept., and pavement and stormwater run-off.J. Heyer asked if there were plans for a traffic light at the intersection of Goodall St. and Rt. 104  (Colleen Steen stated the Agency of Transportation will not grant permission).  There was general discussion regarding access and traffic at the intersection during Fire Department and Rescue emergencies.


In response to B. Murphy’s question about the need for a new Rescue Squad building, Michael Spaulding stated:

-          The Fire Department needs more space (is currently housing one of the Squad’s two ambulances).

-          The need to separate the Fire Department and the Rescue Squad but benefit by the two being next to each other.

-          The need for new/more bunkrooms for use during shifts and to draw more volunteers.

-          Need better conditions to retain volunteers.

-          A larger pool of volunteers and updated facilities would enable the Squad to generate additional revenue.


Public Input

Colleen Steenstated that according to the original permit for the fire station thatGoodall St. must remain for Fire Dept. and Rescue use only without any additional uses.Skip Taylor informed the Board that copies of the Court Ruling have been placed in the file.  Gabe Handy said that the Town Master Plan shows a ‘circuit of traffic’ from Goodall St. to Rich St.Skip Taylor stated that he believes that the Selectboard is opposed to connecting Goodall St. to Rich St.


Skip Taylor explained that the Selectboard has agreed to provide sewer and water from the Town to the new Rescue building.  Conditional Use and Site Plan hearings are still needed.  These can be combined with a Final Plat Review if the DRB approves. B. Murphy stated there will be only one more hearing planned but that, if necessary, it may be continued.  Sam Ruggiano is needed to answer several questions from the Board.


The Board decided there was no need for a site visit.  The subdivision is declared a majorsubdivision because it is non-residential.



Respectfully submitted,

Martha Varney, Planning and Zoning Assistant


Approved: ___________________________________ Date: ________________________

                        For the Development Review Board



These minutes are unofficial until approved at the next regularly scheduled meeting.  All motions were unanimous unless otherwise indicated.