Fairfax Development Review Board                                    Wednesday, March 7, 2012


McDonald Preliminary and Final Plat, combined with Conditional Use and Site Plan reviews for a 2-lot subdivision at 1224 Main St.


Members Present: J. Heyer, B. Murphy, M. Casey

Alternates Present: P. Rainville

Applicants Present: Steve and Kathleen McDonald

Public Present: Dan Vanlette, Michelle Dufresne, Allyssa Benoit, Alexis Combs, Gabe and Diane Handy, Barb Young, Dale Bellows


8:32 PM- J. Heyer called the meeting to order.  Introductions were made, the warning was read, and interested persons sworn in.


B. Murphy moved to approve a correction to the minutes from the December 21, 2011 McDonald Sketch Plan hearing to correct a statement made by Colleen Steen at that hearing; M. Casey 2nd.  All in favor.


Sam Ruggiano of Ruggiano Engineering presented site plans and details for the proposed Fairfax Rescue building to be built on 1 acre of land to be subdivided from the McDonald property at 1224 Main St. There will be 18 parking spaces in the back and 2 handicap spaces in the front.  The grade is level.  The sewer line will connect to the existing line on Tuttle St.  The building will access power from an existing underground electrical line.  There is an existing storm drain.  Since there is less than 1 acre of impervious ground, no storm-water run-off permit is needed.


Access to the Rescue building will be from Goodall St., across the front of the Fire Department parcel to the proposed site.   Goodall St. will be widened to 28 feet to meet Town standards.  It  will taper in width at the Fire Station to avoid a transformer and pump station, protecting them during snow plowing. J. Heyer asked if these could be moved.  Sam Ruggiano – not without a huge expense.  There was discussion regarding the right-of-way on Goodall St., who has access, set-backs and screening.


Skip explained that the McDonalds are giving to the Town a 50’ ROW to replace an existing 25’ ROW.  The Town has granted Fairfax Rescue a ROW across the front of the Fire Department.  The Selectboard approved moving the center of Goodall St. to accommodate the setback requirement from the Hudson property line.


There was additional discussion on shared road/shared driveway covenants.  M. Casey said there will need to be an easement for storm water run-off and that the easement will need to show on the plan.  She also requested that Kathleen McDonald’s name be added to the Plat, and that the distance from the centerline of  Goodall St. to the Hudson property line also be included.



Open to Public Input

Barb Young asked about storm water that runs across the Young property.   Mr. Ruggianosaid there was an existing pipe under the Young property and he did not propose to change that.  Shealso asked about an agreement in the file signed by the Youngs’, Steve McDonald, Fairfax Rescue (Dan Vanslette), and Gabe Handy regarding the upgrade of Goodall St. and the assumption that the Town will take over Goodall St. after these improvements are made.  Skip thinks that the Town will agree.


There was further discussion of rights of way for homes at the end of Goodall St.


Michelle Dufresne of Innovative Designs presented elevations and specs of the Rescue building.  The size will be 44’ x 54’.


9:15 PM- M. Casey moved to accept the preliminary plat review; P. Rainville2nd.  All in favor.


9:16 PM- M. Casey moved to amend the motion to include the addition of the set-back on Goodall St. ROW, adding Kathleen McDonald’s name, and adding the storm water easement to the plat; P. Rainville 2nd.  All in favor.


9:17 PM- P. Rainville moved to close to public input; B. Murphy 2nd.  All in favor.


9:18 PM- M. Casey moved to re-open; P. Rainville 2nd.  All in favor.  There was discussion about the proper way to close a hearing.  It was determined that the preliminary plat hearing had been closed, but now they needed to close the final plat hearing as well.


B. Murphy moved to close and move to deliberative; M. Casey 2nd.  All in favor.


Respectfully submitted,

Martha Varney, Planning and Zoning Assistant


Signed: _____________________________________ Date: ____________________________

                        For the Development Review Board



These minutes are unofficial until approved at the next regularly scheduled meeting.  All motions were unanimously approved unless otherwise indicated.