DEVELOPMENT REVIEW BOARD           Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Lynch Sketch Plan Review for a 3-Lot Subdivision on a 41-acre parcel on the west side of Buck Hollow Rd that was formerly part of 231 Buck Hollow Rd (BH 0231).


Members Present: J. Beers, B. Murphy, C. Rainville, M. Casey

Alternates Present: P. Rainville

Public Present: S. Taylor, ZA; Chris Lynch, Carol Vallett, David Vallett


7:00 PM   The warning was read, introductions were made, and interested persons were sworn in.


Mr. Lynch proposes to subdivide two 2-acre lots from 41 acres.  Lots 1 and 2 will front onto Buck Hollow Rd.  The remaining lot will be Lot 3.  Separate mound systems for Lots 1 and 2 will be located on Lot 3.


(Copy in italics indicate Mr. Lynch’s answers to the Board’s questions.)

B. Murphy asked if there would be access easements for the mounds (a service road is planned to get to the mounds; need to check with CVPS and VELCO if it is okay to go through their easements to access the two mound systems.).  Have driveway permits been issued? (no). Will there be shared driveways for the 2 lots to reduce road cuts? (Would prefer individual driveways).   Referring to the gap of land between Lot 2 and the Luman property (which remains part of Lot 3), why leave this gap of land? (To reroute the VAST (snowmobile) trail through the property, moving it from where he intends to build his own home on Lot 3).


M. Casey asked if the CVPS line would be moved. (Yes, the poles will be moved closer to the road). What will be the distance of the driveway to the house on Lot 3? (approx. 600 ft.  Don’t know the exact route yet). Have density calculations been done yet. (No).  Are there any streams on the property? (a seasonal run-off by the old barn on the property).  Does the VAST trail have an easement? (No.  Properties crossed by the VAST system are at the hospitality of the landowner).


C. Rainville requested that the total acreage and density calculations be included on the map, in addition to locations of proposed septic systems, driveways and wells.



C. Vallett asked about the location of the seasonal stream.  S. Taylor explained that after the snow melts the engineer will identify the exact location of the stream, so that the building envelope can be adjusted accordingly..


D. Vallett commented on the safety concerns of putting additional driveways in that area of Buck Hollow Rd. due to a blind spot.  Skip explained that driveways need 200 ft site distance in each direction.  The road foreman will make recommendations.


Three driveway access applications will be needed.  Skip asked that the locations of the driveways and lot corners be marked after the snow melts.  A site visit for the DRB will be scheduled on the same night as the final hearing.  B. Murphy requested a letter from VELCO with approval to cross their easement.


7:35 Hearing Closed.


Respectfully submitted,

Martha Varney, Planning and Zoning Assistant



Approved:________________________________________  Date:___________________, 2 011

                       For the Development Review Board



These minutes are unofficial until approved at the next regularly scheduled meeting.  All motions were unanimously approved unless otherwise indicated.