DEVELOPMENT REVIEW BOARD         Wednesday, March 2, 2011


7:00 PM LINDSAY AND MARCHETA TOWNSEND Variance to allow construction of an addition to their single family residence at 82 Goose Pond Rd.


Members Present: J. Heyer, B. Murphy, C. Rainville, M. Casey.

Alternates Present: Peter Rainville

Public Present: Skip Taylor, ZA


7:00 PM  The public notice was read and introductions were made.  Interested parties were sworn in.  Mr. Townsend presented his evidence including photographs and written testimony on the 5 criteria he needs to meet to get a variance. He plans to preserve the original structure. The proposed addition and garage would be attached to the side of the house remaining parallel to the road which is within the front set-back from the road.  It would be problematic to attach to the back of the structure because of the location of plumbing and electrical, and stairway and roofing issues.  Testimony also included the location of an existing well by the proposed garage and the distance to a neighbor located behind the Townsend property (200 ft.).


(Copy in italics indicate Mr. Townsend’s answers to the Board’s questions.)

B. Murphy asked about the age of the structure (1890) and if there had been any attempts to solve the drainage problem behind the structure (water comes through old foundation).  She asked about staggering the addition on the end of the house to meet the setback requirements (no, because of the location of the septic and sewer line)  She asked about a Land Use Permit and  on which date that permit would expire (the permit expired on May 31, 2003).


M. Casey asked about topography (the land behind the house slopes upward to a steep embankment) and if the project would solve the drainage problem (no, but building an L-shaped addition behind the house rather than adding to the front of the structure would develop a water trap).


P. Rainville asked Mr. Townsend if he was planning to correct the drainage (yes, by changing the slope behind the house to redirect the water-flow, but that could not be done if the addition was added onto the back of the house).


J. Heyer asked if the proposed driveway would be in-line with the existing driveway (yes, but would be wider with a 12 to 15-foot culvert added.  No access permit is needed).


 S. Taylor noted that, unlike in the old Zoning Regulations, in the new Fairfax Development Regulations (diagram on p. 38) the proposed addition would be non-conforming, and therefore needs a variance.


B. Murphy asked about a land use permit referred to in the covenants and restrictions that Mr. Townsend included in his evidence and if that was still in affect.  Mr. Townsend offered to go home to get a copy of it for the board to look at.


7:25 PM  B. Murphy moved to recess the hearing; M. Casey 2nd.  All approved.


7:45 PM  B. Murphy moved to re-enter the hearing; C. Rainville 2nd.  All approved.


Mr. Townsend presented an Act 250 Land Use Permit dated May 31, 1983 that expired effective May 31, 2003.  All covenants and restrictions are expired.


8:00 PM  B. Murphy moved to close the hearing to input; P. Rainville 2nd.  All approve.


Respectfully submitted,

Martha Varney, Planning and Zoning Assistant


Approved:________________________________________       Date:________________2011

                     For the Development Review Board



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