Members Present: J. Heyer, B. Murphy, C. Rainville, C. Streets,

Public Present: S. Taylor - ZA, S. Jones Alternate, J Benoit


7:00 PM J. Heyer called the meeting to order. The minutes from February 20, 2008 were reviewed.

B. Murphy made a motion to accept the general minutes February 20, 2008. C. Streets second. All in favor. B. Murphy made a motion to approve the Fairfax Investments. LLC minutes with a correction. C. Rainville second. All in favor


The ORB Mylar was reviewed. B. Murphy moved to approve the Mylar. Susie Jones second. All in favor. It was signed by J. Heyer


The Covi/Jones Map and Mylar were reviewed. The Board determined that the Map and Mylar differed from the Site Plan received on December 5, 2007 at the Final Plat Hearing, and referenced in the Findings of Fact and Order for the Project. Conditions of the Findings of Fact and Order require that roads and driveways be constructed in the locations depicted on the approved plan. The Mylar shows a different road location, as well as changed lot lines, which will require new density calculations. Therefore the applicant will be advised to come back for a re-opened Final Plat Hearing.


The Board was asked how it would like to consider an application for a woodworking school and residence on the Calvin Morgan property. It was determined that the application should be considered as a Public Facility and a Second Principal Use (residence), and reviewed under the Conditional Use and Site Plan provisions of the Zoning Bylaws.


Training discussions were led by the Zoning Administrator on:

1. Organization of the Bylaws and Subdivision Regulations

2. Planned Unit Developments

3. Roads and Driveways


The Board reviewed the upcoming schedule.


9:15 PM Susie Jones moved to adjourn. C. Streets second. All in Favor




Respectfully Submitted,

Skip Taylor Zoning Administrator



Approved: ________________________________ Date: _________________2008

For the Development Review Board


These minutes are unofficial until approved at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

All motions were unanimously approved unless otherwise indicated.