DEVELOPMENT REVIEW BOARD Wednesday, February 16, 2011





Members Present: J. Heyer, J. Beers, B. Murphy, C. Rainville, M. Casey

Alternate Present: None

Public Present: Skip Taylor, ZA


7:00 PM- J. Heyer called the meeting to order. C. Rainville moved to accept all minutes from the February 2, 2011 meeting; J. Beers 2nd. All in favor.


Election of Officers:

Chair B. Murphy nominated J. Heyer; J. Beers 2nd. All in favor.

Vice-Chair B. Murphy nominated J. Beers; M. Casey 2nd. All in favor.

Clerk C. Rainville nominated B. Murphy; J. Beers 2nd. All in favor.


Paige Estates: The developer would like to keep additional references on the Site Plan Mylar but offered to add a note of explanation on the Mylar. The Board is not comfortable with the added language and should only approve what was presented at the hearings. The Board will not accept the Mylar.


New Fairfax Development Regulations- The new Regulations were signed by the Selectboard on February 14, 2011. Copies of the new regulations were provided to each Board member. The Board acknowledges that there is a difference between the old Bylaws and the new Regulations concerning density calculations. In the old Bylaws density was calculated after the land that could not be developed was subtracted from the original parcel and the individual lots. The new Bylaws state that the land that can not be developed is only subtracted from the original parcel and not from the lots themselves.


7:40 PM- C. Rainville moved to enter deliberative (with S. Taylor present) for the Benoit 4-lot Subdivision. J. Beers 2nd. All approved.


8:00 PM- B. Murphy moved to exit deliberative; C. Rainville 2nd. All approved. J. Beers moved to approve the Benoit subdivision; C. Rainville 2nd. All approved. J. Heyer signed the Findings of Fact and Order.


The Board approved the letter of appreciation to the Northwest Regional Planning Commission and J. Heyer signed it.


8:15- C. Rainville moved to adjourn; J. Beers 2nd. All approved.


Respectfully submitted,

Martha Varney, Zoning and Planning Assistant.



Approved:___________________________ Date: ___________________________2011




These minutes are unofficial until approved at the next regularly scheduled meeting. All motions were unanimously approved unless otherwise indicated.