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7:00 PM

Selectboard Members Present: Robert Horr, Randy DeVine, Chris Santee, David Shea and Tom Fontaine.

Public Present:Deb Woodward, TC & Treasurer;Don Pigeon and D.J. Leach, Highway Department; Katrina Antonovich, Recreation Department Nick Hibbard, resident.

Call to Order: Bob called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.


7:01 p.m. Deb Woodward – Town Clerk & Treasurer

Deb came inthis evening to discuss the fire department budget as well as the line of credit for next year. She also talked about the upcoming General Election in November. She stated that any article to be included on the ballot needs to be in to the Election Division by noon Monday, September 10. She asked about the auditor’s and if we have a signed contract. Deb said that state payment corrections will be coming in while she’s out. She asked the Board if it’s alright if Amy takes care of them as she’s done them in the past: the Board agreed. Amy will be helping Fran with the payroll as well as when Fran needs assistance during this time.

Don Pigeon and D.J. Leach – Highway Department

Don Pigeon will be retiring at the end of the month and D.J. Leach will be taking his position as Road Foreman. D.J. was asked to come in this evening with Don. D.J. stated that winter sand has been drawn; one truck has been painted and put back together. The road conditions were discussed due to the lack of moisture. Don has been mowing the roadsides with the new backhoe. He said it’s working out better than the old backhoe with better hydraulics and ground speed. Don stated that three culverts need to be replaced, one on River Road and two on Buck Hollow.

Don stated that after 9/15 he will probably not be around much as he will be taking vacation time.

Randy DeVine – W/S Superintendent

A summary of his activities for August are as follows: The pump at the Buck Hollow booster stationfailed. The capacitors were the problem, which were replaced. Also at the Buck Hollow booster station the computer panel locked up, it was rebooted and back on line. He also cleared brush and debris hanging over this booster station. Randy talked to Katrina, Recreation Department, regarding water and sewer lines at the rec fields. Monthly water reports were completed and submitted as well as Stage 2 Compliance monitor plan. He worked on sewer and water allocations for MA1166. The water was shut off at FR0207 as the house was torn down. Two delinquent utility accounts were addressed on Fletcher Road. A delinquent account at HW0037B was discussed with the following action taken.

*Dave made a motion to place a lien on HW0037B due to the repetitive nature of a delinquent account; seconded by Tom. The motion carried with a vote of 4-0-1.

Water and sewer rates will be reviewed in the near future. The Board will look into a CIP and budget for the Utility Department and come up with a plan.

Public Input:

1. Katrina Antonovich is here to ask the Board if the woods in North Fairfax could be used by the Riding & Driving Club for a special event on September 22nd and the 23rd. Katrina will set-up a walk in the woods with some of the Board members to check on the condition of the land prior to making a decision on this.

2. Nick Hibbard is here to discuss designing a website for the Town. He was asked to schedule a time at the next SB meeting to discuss this further. (September 17, 2012 at 7:45 p.m.)



Chris made the motion to accept the minutes as written; seconded by Tom. The motion carried with a vote of 4-0-1.

8/20/12 and 8/27/12

Chris made the motion to accept the minutes as written; seconded by Tom. The motion carried with a vote of 4-0-1.

Orders & Purchase Orders: Reviewed by Randy. There were a couple of problems that Randy will address.

Other Business:

1. Amy’s hours in the Utility Department will be raised to 14.

2. Fire Department building, the bay for the Rescue has only one air return.

3. A.M. Peisch contract for auditing 2012 will be discussed once we hear back from them regarding a multi-year contract.

4. A draft of a Purchase and Sales Agreement for a land purchase was discussed. We will have the town attorney review the documents.

5. MA1166: The number of bedrooms discussed along with allocations. Randy will talk to Skip regarding this from a zoning perspective.

9:10 p.m. Dave Shea left.

9:35 p.m. Adjourn

Chris made the motion to adjourn; seconded by Randy. The motion carried with a vote of 4.0.

The next Selectboard meeting is scheduled for September 17, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Stacy M. Wells, Administrative Assistant to the Selectboard


Robert A. Horr, Chair


The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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