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MONDAY, JULY 2, 2012

Bob Horr called meeting called to order at 6:30. Randy Devine was not present. Randy was paged in case he forgot time of meeting. Randy arrived at 7:10pm

Present: Bob Horr, Randy Devine, Tom Fontaine & Chris Santee

Agenda Items:

Dog Ordinance

Changes were made to the Dog Ordinance by David Shea, who was not present for this meeting. Bob Horr suggested this discussion be tabled until David was present. Chris Santee made a motion to table this discussion; seconded by Tom Fontaine. No discussion; motion to table was passed

Sewer Allocation and Connection Ordinance

Skip Taylor was in to discuss a legal issue and suggested they go into Executive Session to discuss it. Chris Santee made a motion to enter into executive session; seconded by Tom Fontaine. No discussion. Bob Horr okayed executive session which started at 6:50 pm and ended at 7:08pm

Don Pigeon came and presented the selectboard with a driveway permit for Vinny Jiwatram on River Road. Don said it was not acceptable as presented as the driveway is too close to an existing culvert. That culvert is to be increased in size so that Mr.Jiwatram will have to stay 30 feet from the current culvert in order for this improvement to happen to the existing culvert. Skip will make this a condition to the application. Also trees will need to be cut @ drive for line of sight requirements. Bob Horr signed the permit with the conditions. Permit and application check was returned to Skip

Don also discussed his search for winter sand. Current supplier is unable to provide sand until mid-Sept due to State permitting. He researched a few others and found one in Swanton, Begnoche’s, that will sell sand for the $5/yard loaded and it is the same type of sand the Town has used in the past. Others he looked at were not good quality sand and he said it would cause problems.

Don has the new backhoe back and although modifications have been made to it, he is still not fully satisfied with it compared to his older machine. John Deere is working on more modifications to satisfy his needs. Don completed his road report at 7:30 pm

Dog Ordinance

Randy said that only section 2a, 2nd paragraph, had been changed on this ordinance and feels it suits the Town’s needs. Tom Fontaine made a motion to adopt the modification to the Town’s Dog Ordinance; seconded by Chris Santee; no discussion. Motion passed

Randy: Water/Sewer Report. He found property pin marker @ Wheezy’s Way. It’s Worford McClain’s corner marker for electric ROW. Also reported on airline cleaning at lagoon to make system work better. Reported on a water user with low pressure. Checked the valve and found all was good to the intersection. He feels the problem is on the customer’s side of that valve. Reported that after flushing system he bled air off. Went over Fire pump procedure with Lt David Raymond. Reviewed Sewer Ordinance Change and was holding off on it. Lawn mower had a bad bearing and it was repaired. Cleaned out turtle nests at lagoon and covered up holes. Reported that water/sewer will have a float in the 4th of July parade.

DJ Leach came in. Chris made motion meeting should go into executive session. Tom seconded motion. All in favor. Meeting moved to Executive Session at 7:45 pm and came out at 8:04pm

DJ accepted the position of Road Foreman. Jim Minor asked that the new road foreman continue to keep the cemeteries open during snow. DJ was congratulated by all on his acceptance of the position and was advised he needs to attend a SB meeting once a month.

Previous minutes:

Minutes from 6/18/12. Motion made to accept minutes from 6/18/12 as written by Chris Santee.

seconded by Tom. All in favor, no opposed. Minutes accepted

Motion made by Chris Santee to approve the 6/26/12 minutes as written. Seconded by Randy. All in favor. Minutes approved

Other business

Bob Horr asked if anyone remembered the letter regarding performing the duties of other people in the office in regards to pay rates. Randy didn’t seem to feel that was legal and asked for more investigation into it before the Town thinks about implementing it. Wants to table this discussion until there is actual proof in writing that this is legal.

Workshop attendance policy was discussed regarding a 15 day notice when 2 people from the same department will be out attending the same workshop. Motion made by Randy to accept this as an office police; seconded by Tom. No discussion, motion passed

Tom brought up the violations received by the Dept. of Fire Safety. His concern is with the furnace violations. Said it is something the Town should fix now instead of waiting. He had estimates of approximately $1200 to give the furnace a containment field of a 90 min burn. He had someone in mind to do work, but Bob wants to get other bids.

Skip will be working a booth at the 4th of July parade with signage regarding the building. It will be placed in the Town office for all to read after the parade events. Skip can work will 3 that day and Tom will come in after that to close up the booth. Bob wanted confirmation that Katrina had gotten police coverage to close the road. He didn’t think Peter was doing it.

Michelle Dufresne would like a “hold harmless” agreement for her design for the Fairfax Rescue building. Bob authorized Tom and Randy to read the agreement before the Town authorizes it.

Motion to adjourn was made by Randy; seconded by Tom. Meeting adjourned at 8:59 pm

Respectfully submitted by Fran Conlon, Office Assistant.


Robert A. Horr, Chair

The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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