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MONDAY, JUNE 4, 2012


Selectboard Members Present: Bob Horr, Randy DeVine, Chris Santee, David Shea and Thomas Fontaine.

Public Present: Don Pigeon, Skip Taylor, Fran Conlon and Representative Carolyn Branagan.

Call to Order: Bob called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Agenda Items:

Don Pigeon – Road Foreman

The 2012 backhoe has been returned to Nortrax for a computer program adjustment. The computer overrides the auxiliary hydraulics and will not allow them to function in the rear while driving forward. Nortrax has loaned the 2001 backhoe back to the town so we are able to continue working on mowing the sides of the road. VLCT was called to put insurance back on the 2001. Chloride is being put on the dirt roads. Don is looking into prices for winter sand. Don has reviewed the fifteen resumes received for the “Working Road Foreman” position and given the Board his input. The interviews will begin promptly for this position.

Skip Taylor, Zoning Administrator

Skip presented his Activity Report for the time period of April 2 through June 4, 2012; it was reviewed by the Board.

*Chris made the motion to appoint the five new volunteer Town Office Committee members; seconded by Tom. The motion carried unanimously with a vote of 4-0-1. (Joey Pigeon, Al Zelley, Slade Farnham, Kelley Colling and Lara Scott.)

The Town has received a Fire Inspection Report on the Town Office. A letter was generated thanking Mr. Boyd for his evaluation of the building.

*Chris made the motion authorizing Skip to generate a letter to be sent to Mr. Boyd requesting a waiver of the requirements to comply by 6/28/12; the motion was seconded by Dave. The motion carried unanimously with a vote of 4-0-1.

*Tom made a motion to send the Fire Inspection Report to the School Board, attention to Elaine Carpenter, FWSU Superintendent and Michael Clark, BFA Principal; seconded by Dave. The motion carried unanimously with a vote of 4-0-1.

The Town Office Committee is on the School Board agenda for next Monday 6/11 to ask questions regarding the Town Office building. The TOC will meet on Thursday to discuss the meeting with the School Board.

Skip reviewed his vacation plans with the Board. Martha will be in the office to cover his vacation.

Carolyn Branagan – District Representative

Carolyn came in this evening to see if the Board had any questions or concerns for her. Chris asked Carolyn about money that’s available for culverts and town bridges. She said that Montpelier is setting up a system for applying for the available grant money.

Randy DeVine – Water & Sewer Superintendent

Randy gave the Board an overview of his job performance for the month of May. It included a manhole repair on Huntville Road intersection as part of the paving plan with Pike. He performed repairs to security lights at the water building. The Source Protection Plan has been updated. The lagoon gravity feed lines were plugging up; the problem was found and fixed. The springtime waterline flushing has been completed.This is a brief review of his activities.

Fran Conlon – Assistant Town Clerk/Office Assistant

Fran attended a training session on May 16th. She comes in this evening to brief the Board on what she learned from the workshop. She stated that training on payroll and accounts payable is complete. The Board feels that continued support of this function is necessary so she’s able to retain the training.

Orders and Purchase Orders: Reviewed and approved by Randy.

Minutes 5/21/12

Chris made the motion to approve the minutes as written; seconded by Dave. Discussion: None. The motion carried unanimously with a vote of 4-0-1.

Other Business/Correspondence:

1. Health Savings Plan for new employees discussed.

*Randy made a motion to discuss the details with Justin Hayes, Fire Chief; seconded by Tom. The motion carried unanimously with a vote of 3-0-1.

2. A letter from Northwest Regional Planning Commission regarding Minor’s Act 250 permit discussed - parcel HB0117.

3. Sewer Allocation and Connection Ordinance reviewed. The changes will be implemented and ordinance will be adopted. A warning will be issued.

4. Fran Conlon has requested vacation July 5th and 6th, which was approved by consensus of the Board.

5. Summary of Town Librarian’s Report for May 2012.

6. Dave and Chris will be meeting with Randy on Monday to learn the orders and purchase orders review.


*Chris made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:55 p.m.; seconded by Tom. The motion carried unanimously with a vote of 5-0.

The next Selectboard meeting will be held on Monday June 18, 2012 at 7 p.m. at the Town Office.

Respectfully, submitted on behalf of the Selectboard, by Stacy Wells, Adm. Asst.


Robert A. Horr, Chair


The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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