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MONDAY, April 2, 2012


Selectboard Members Present: Bob Horr, Randy DeVine, Chris Santee,

Tom Fontaine and Dave Shea.

Public Present:Peggy Stewart, Kevin Bushey, FCSD; Steve Bessette, Emergency Management Coordinator; Katrina Antonovich, Director of the Recreation Department.

7:00 P.M. –Bob called the meeting to order.

Agenda Items:

Don Pigeon Road Foreman

Don reviewed the progress on the covered bridge reiterating that there are some boards that need to be replaced as well as the boards on the very ends where the concrete blocks are also need to be changed preventing water from splashing on the cords. We will send a copy of invoices from Jan Lewandoski for their inspection to District 8. On March 21st, there was an accident on Brick Church Road involving a motorcycle, details of which were reviewed by the Board. The Road Crew has been repairing the dirt roads. The new backhoe will arrive the third week in April. Don has put culverts out to bid and will be putting asphalt out to bid the 2nd week in April.

7:19 PM - Executive Session:

Dave made a motion to enter into executive session to discuss a personnel issue. Chris seconded the motion. No Discussion. Motion carried. Vote: 4-0-1.

7:44 PM - Exit Executive Session:

Chris made the motion to exit executive session; seconded by Tom. Motion carried. Vote: 4-0-1.

7:45 PM – Skip Taylor, Zoning Administrator

Skip handed out his Activity Report, which covers 2/6/12 through 4/2/12. Skip reported that a resident on Nichols Road has erected a 16’ x 16’ building without a permit. Skip will issue a Notice of Violation if he fails to comply with the zoning regulations. Martha and Skip will be attending the VLCT Zoning and Planning Workshop April 11th. Skip said that approximately 50 surveys have been returned for the new town office building. The results of the survey will be tabulated and conveyed to the SB members at a later date.

7:51 PM – Randy DeVine, Utility Superintendent

Randy handed out the Sewer Discharge – 12 month average report and the Water Usage Report; both were reviewed and discussed. Randy, Bob, Chris and Ken Yelsey met at Amoskeag to discuss apotential back-up water source at that property. Airline cleaning in the lagoons will be taking place tomorrow. The sharing of a BAC trailer with four other towns was discussed. The BAC trailer is used to clean the sewer lines. Five delinquent utility accounts were discussed with a plan of action put in place

*Tom made a motion to submit a payment schedule for the delinquent accounts; seconded by Dave. The motion carried. Vote: 4-0-1.

8:17 PM - Steve Bessette, Emergency Management Coordinator

Steve introduced himself to the new Board members. He is here to take their picture for ID badges and to get contact information from them. Bob will be the contact person for Emergency Management. In 2009, a resolution was put in place for EM training making our town eligible to apply for grant money. Steve wanted to make sure that everyone is UTD on their training. Shaun Coleman is helping Steve out with any hazardous materials in town.

Public Input: Kevin Bushey, FCSD

Kevin came in this evening to meet the new Board members, and to see if there were any questions regarding the corrections made to the Sheriff’s contract.

Sheriff’s Contract:

*Dave made the motion giving Bob permission to sign the revised contract; seconded by Chris. No Discussion. Motion carried.

Vote: 4-0-1.

8:25 PM – Katrina Antonovich, Director of the Recreation Department

Katrina stated that the Rec. Department has new Board members, which need to be approved by the SB.

*Dave made a motion to accept the candidates as written; Chris seconded the motion. The motion carried; Vote: 4-0-1.

Katrina informed the Board about upcoming events for spring and summer. She has talked to the FCSD and Peter King, Town Constable, for coverage at these events.

May 12th at 5:11 p.m. 5K run

The Rec. Department and Rescue Squad are teaming up to hold a 5K run. The road will not be closed. The rescue and rec. department will split the profits.

July 4th Parade from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. The road from Hunt Street to Huntville Road will be closed during that time.

Chris motioned to grant permission for a delay in traffic for the parade; seconded by Dave. The motion carried with a vote of 4-0-1.

July 7th -Lake Monsters Game

The Rec. Department will be hosting a Fairfax Game Night at Centennial Field. The tickets have to be sold in May to benefit the Rec. Dept.

July 18th - Walker’s Circus

Dave made the motion to sign the form allowing the Circus form to be signed by Bob; seconded by Tom. The motion carried. Vote: 4-0-1.

August 4th 13th Annual Egg Run from 8:30 a.m. until 10:30 a.m.:

A section of Goose Pond Road, Chaffee Road and Shepardson Hollow Road will be closed.

*Dave made a motion to accept this well laid out plan that Katrina has for road closure; seconded by Chris. No further discussion. The motion carried with a vote 4-0-1.

Minutes for 3/19/12:

Dave made the motion to approve the minutes as written; seconded by Tom. Motion carried. Vote: 4-0-1.

Other Business:

1. Liquor Licenses presented for review and signature by the Board are as follows: Nan’s Mobil, Steeple and Country Pantry.

*Chris made the motion to approve signing the three licenses presented; seconded by Dave. Motion carries. Vote: 4-0-1.

2. A sewer application submitted by Bill Superneau was put on hold until sewer availability review.

3. Constable Contract revisions made to the contract reviewed and approved. *Dave made a motion to sign the corrected version; seconded by Tom. Motion carried. Vote: 4-0-1.

4. Lister Position: Tamsin Coon applied for the lister position. She interviewed for the position with the lister’s Office. Robin and Pat sent a letter of approval to hire Tamsin.

*Tom made the motion to appoint Tamsin Coon to fill the Lister vacancy, 21 hours per week, $12.00 an hour to start, to run for the position in 2013; seconded by Randy. Motion carried. Vote: 4-0-1 (Dave abstained).

5. DEC Management reports: *Dave made a motion for Bob to sign; seconded by Tom. No discussion. Vote: 4-0-1.

6. New Town Clerk and Treasurer Workshop: Fran asked the Board if they would approve her attending this workshop on May 16th. Deb also plans to attend the workshop. Deb will need to notify any parties affected if the office is closed. Dave made the motion to approve Fran attending the workshop; seconded by Tom. Motion carried. Vote: 4-0-1. Chris will talk to Deb regarding the office closing for that day so they can attend the training.

7. A town website was discussed.

Orders and Purchase Orders: Reviewed and approved by Randy.


Dave made a motion to adjourn themeeting at 11:03 p.m.

Tom seconded the motion; motion carried. Vote: 5-0.

The next Selectboard meeting will be held on April 16th at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Stacy M. Wells, Administrative Assistant to the Selectboard


Robert A. Horr, Vice-Chair


The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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