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MONDAY, April 16, 2012


Selectboard Members Present: Bob Horr, Randy DeVine, Chris Santee, David Shea and Tom Fontaine.

Public Present:Peter King, Constable; Carolyn Branagan, State Representative, Ernie Sanders, NEMRC and Deb Woodward, Town Clerk & Treasurer.

7:00 P.M. - Call to Order: Bob called the meeting to order.

Agenda Items:

Kevin Bushey – FCSD

Kevin was unable to attend the meeting.

Tamsin Coon, the newly appointed Lister – Tamsin was unable to attend the meeting. We will reschedule at a later date.

Deviation of Agenda:

Peter King – Constable

(Peter was regularly scheduled on the agenda for 8:00 PM.)

Peter is here, as the newly appointed Constable, to discuss the budget for the Constable position. Sheriff Norris, FCSD has offered dispatch for the Town. He also offered a radio for Peter to use. Peter recently purchased a strobe LED blue light and siren and plans on purchasing a speaker. Peter will provide the Board with a monthly “Activity Report”.

*Dave made a motion to accept the proposal for constable patrol as two four hour shifts per month; using his own vehicle and variousequipment and also to be paid mileage per the IRS rate. The motion was seconded by Tom. The motion carried; vote 4-0-1. Bob will be the point of contact for the time being.

Carolyn Branagan – State Representative

Carolyn stopped in this evening to touch base with the Board. She introduced herself to the new Board members. She asked the Board if they had any questions or concerns, which she addressed.

7:30 PM Ernie Sanders – NEMRC& Deb Woodward, TC and Treasurer

Ernie came in this evening to discuss with the Board using a bar scanning gun on tax bills to speed up the payment process. It was also discussed using this in the Utility Department as well. The type of scanner, software and cost discussed. (A continuation of this discussion will ensue at the next meeting 4/30/12.) The Board asked Ernie if he would come back at a later date to have a discussion on available NEMRC “Government Accounting”software.

Chris made a motion to approve the minutes with one amendment; seconded by Tom. The motion carried; vote 4-0-1.

Orders/Purchase Orders: These were reviewed by Randy and approved by the Board.

Other Business:

1.The Lister’s will be attending a workshop on “Property Tax Appeals” May 8th, at a total cost of $165.00.

*Dave made a motion to approve the fee for the workshop; seconded by Tom. The motion carried. Vote 4-0-1.

2. Randy and Paul will be attending the Rural Water Association Trade Show and training session in Fairlee,VT on May 3rd at a total cost of $110.00.

*Chris made the motion to approve the men attending; seconded by Tom. The motion carried with a vote of 4-0-1.

3. Vermont Rural Water Association Membership application:

*Dave made the motion to sign the application and pay the membership fee; seconded by Tom. The motion carried; Vote 4-0-1.

4. DEC Waste Management, Wastewater Quarterly Report.

*Dave made the motion to sign the report as written; seconded by Tom.

No discussion. The motion carried; Vote 4-0-1.

5. Impact Fee Review: The updated Capital Plan & Budget becomes effective 4/20/12. The changes to the impact fees will be as follows: Single family Dwelling $2010.00; Multi-Family $1,400.00.

* Dave made the motion to accept the Impact Fee changes, as written above; seconded by Tom. The Board was polled with all in favor.

Vote: 4-0-1.

6. Household & Hazardous Waste Day fees were reviewed. The Board was reminded that this takes place on Saturday the 21st from 8 AM to 12 PM. at the Town Garage on Fletcher Road.

7. Town Appointments - tabled until 4/30/12.

8:58 PM Executive Session:

*Dave made a motion to enter into executive session to discuss a personnel issue; seconded by Tom. The motion carried; Vote 4-0-1.

9:30 PM Exit Executive Session:

*Dave made the motion to exit executive session; seconded by Tom. The motion carried; Vote 4-0-1.

9:37 PM Adjourn:

Chris made the motion to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Tom. The motion carried; Vote 5-0.

The next Selectboard meeting will be held Monday April 30that 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Stacy M. Wells, Administrative Assistant to the Selectboard


Robert A. Horr, Vice-Chair


The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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