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Selectboard Members Present: Bill Ormerod,Bob Horr, Randy DeVine, Peter King and Chris Santee.

Public Present:

Call to Order: Bill called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Agenda Items:

7:00 PM:Don Pigeon – Road Foreman

Don gave the Board an update on the work being performed on the covered bridge by Jan Lewandoski’s. The paperwork for the structures grant, repair of the covered bridge, was completed and will be turned into the State for reimbursement.

*Chris made a motion to sign the T.E. grant reimbursement forms.

Bob seconded the motion. Motion carries. Vote: 5-0.

Don stated that Jan’s not going to be able to replace the boards on the block side as they are frozen. He will come back, or Don can put them back when weather permits. He said that on the end toward the village, if we were to board those ends and then board them in a couple of feet where all the rot is, it might save in the future on maintenance work. What is the impact to pedestrian traffic? Don stated “none”. Don stated that Jan felt he was coming in around the original estimate.

Minutes 2/20/12:

Bob made a motion to accept the minutes as written; Peter seconded the motion. Discussion. Motion carried. Vote: 5-0.

Fairfax Town Constable Job Description, Powers and Duties, Certification and Training:

The Board reviewed the current document pertaining to the constable.

*Bob made a motion to accept and sign the Fairfax Town Constable job description, powers and duties and certification and training; Chris seconded the motion. Discussion: The term of the position discussed. Randy asked about the position and whether the job description adheres to if the person is elected or appointed; which was clarified. The motion carried. Vote: 4-0-1. Peter abstained.

Public Input: None.

Correspondence & Other Business:

1. Disposal of the old computers discussed. Randy and Don will coordinate compiling the old computers at the Town Garage prior to HHWD for recycling.

2. Amy Sears, Utility Department, will be on vacation from April 21st through May 5th. Deb Woodward will be performing the payroll duties for the Utility Department while Amy is out. The Board is alright with it as long as she communicates her plans for telephone coverage to them.

*Bob made a motion to allow the out of office request; Chris seconded the motion. Motion carried. Vote: 5-0.

3. A letter from NWRP – Regional Energy Committee, tabled until 3/19/12.

4. A letter from the State of Vermont, Department of Health, for the appointment of a Health Officer was also tabled until 3/19/12.

5. A letter from GMTA, a meeting on 3/16/meeting in St. Albans Community Public transportation needs and improvement over the next 10 years. Chris said he would attend.

6. An invoice from the Department of Labor showing a credit was discussed.

7. The Town Service Officer appointment. Randy will talk to a resident to see if they’re interested in another term for this position.

8. Chris talked to Tim Smith, FCID, regarding Amoskeag and a CABG (Community Action Block Grant). The paperwork was previouslysubmitted to Mr. Bohlen; awaiting financial numbers from Mr. Hastings.

Kevin Bushey – Franklin County Sheriff’s Department

Kevin came in to give the Board an overview of what’s been taking place with patrol in the Town. Fletcher Road speed limits were discussed.

Town Meeting and Land Presentations:

Bill polled the Board on how they felt the presentations went. The badges and town office keys were collected from the two outgoing members. The three remaining members of the Board thanked Bill and Peter for their service.


Peter made a motion to adjourn the 3/5/12 meeting at 8:49 pm.

Randy seconded the motion. Motion carried. Vote: 5-0.

The meeting was adjourned until March 19th at 7:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Stacy Wells, Adm. Asst. on behalf of the Selectboard.


Robert A. Horr, Vice-Chair


The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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