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Selectboard Members Present: Bill Ormerod,Bob Horr, Randy DeVine, Peter King and Chris Santee.

Public Present:Amy Sears, Utility Department; Tim Smith, Franklin County Industrial Development Corporation.

Call to Order: Bill called the meeting to order at 6:59 PM.

Agenda Items:

7:00 PM:Don Pigeon – Road Foreman

Don informed the Board that Jan Lewandoskihas started repairing the structure and the lattice work to the covered bridge. He estimates it will take approximately three weeks. They are hauling winter sand to replenish the sand pile.The figures for a new backhoe were discussed with a stipulation of “upon approval of the budget”.

*Bob made the motion to approve signing the Purchase and Sales Agreement with Nortrax for a JD410 Backhoe Loader, with the stipulation implied. Peter seconded the motion. Motion carries. Vote: 4-0-1.

Speed signs on Fletcher and Buck Hollow Roadswere discussed with a speed reduction study to be performed by NWRPC on Fletcher Road.

7:20 PM:Skip Taylor, Zoning Administrator

Skip handed out his “Activity Report” for the time period of 1/1/12 through 2/6/12. The brochures for the land purchase and new town office have been reviewed.

*Peter made the motion of approval by the Board to mail the brochures out; seconded by Chris. Motion carries. Vote 4-0-1.

The Town Office Committee suggested taking core samples to confirm the depth and composition of road materials on Rich Street. The Planning Commission is forming a “Vision Committee” to help develop a plan for the village of Fairfax. Skip asked the Board to formally remove him from the Regional Energy Committee. Chris volunteered to fill this position until another person can be appointed.

7:52 PM:Randy DeVine, Water/Sewer Superintendent

Randy’s activity for the month of January:

Randy stated the Sanitary Survey inspection results were received from the State of Vermont with no significant or minor deficiencies identified.A fan motor in a ceiling heater at the water control building was replaced; water meter repairs continue with only a couple left. A new meter was installed at MA1166.Randy wrote reports for the Town Report. Bob, Chris and Randy visited a site on Fletcher Road as a possible water source site. The Ladd pump station is experiencing infiltration of ground water filling up the in-flow with silt.

Amy Sears, Utility Department, is here to discuss delinquent account

FR0192. Amy was instructed as to the protocol to follow. The Board was polled as to a plan of action process; all members agreed.

8:35 PM:Tim Smith, FCIDC

Tim came in this evening to meet with the Board for an annual presentation of what’s going on in Franklin County.He said that legislatures visited the surrounding area. His group is working on a directory of Franklin County businesses.

Minutes 1/16/12:

Peter made a motion to approve the minutes with two amendments; Randy seconded the motion. Motion carries. Vote: 5-0.

Purchase Orders: Reviewed and approved by the Board. There are two invoices, one from I.T. Services and one from Monaghan Safar Dwight, PLLC; both were reviewed and approved for payment. The invoice from I.T. services will be paid minus the State sales tax.

Public Input: None.

Correspondence & Other Business:

1. NWRPC Planning Services agreement for planning services.

*Chris made the motion to approve signing; seconded by Bob. The motion carries. Vote: 5-0.

2.The Recreation Department submitted a letter asking for the Board’s support of a parade on the 4th of July.

*Bob made the motion to approve signing the letter; Peter seconded. Motion carried. Vote: 5-0.

3. Vermont Rural Water Association – A letter was written on behalf of the SB to the EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson for support of services. *Bob made the motion to approve signing; Peter seconded. Motion carried. Vote: 5-0.

4. Northwest Regional Planning Commission agreement for planning services.

5. The Board received a quote for Short Term Disability from the VLCT.

6. Memorandum from the Community Library Trustees regarding invoices.

7. Peter handed out an “Employee Handbook” for operating procedures he has been working on. The rest of the Board will review the handbook and discuss findings at the next SB meeting.

8. The Fire House audit has been received.

9. Chief Justin Hayes is working on a job description and criteria of responsibilities for the new position at the Fire Department. The hiring process was discussed with the Department making the choice of the top two candidates in preference order and input from the Chief. A background check will be performed on the candidate chosen.


9:53 PM: Peter made a motion to adjourn; seconded by Randy. Motion carries. Vote: 5-0. The next Selectboard meeting is scheduled for February 20th at 7 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Stacy Wells, Adm. Asst. on behalf of the Selectboard.


William Ormerod, Chair


The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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