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Town Of Fairfax Selectboard Minutes
December 21, 2009

Selectboard Members Present: Bob Horr, Bill Ormerod, John Mitchell, Charlie Swanson, and Randy DeVine; Staff Present: Skip Taylor, Deb Woodward

1. Call to Order

Bob Horr, Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM.

2. Agenda Items

Skip Taylor:Skip reviewed a letter he drafted to Larry Naylor regarding a certificate of occupancy and the Board gave the go ahead to send the letter. Skip attended the NRPC Energy Committee meeting and announced he would be willing to serve as the Town representative to the committee. Charlie nominated Skip to be Town rep, John seconded. Vote was 4-0-1 and Skip accepted the nomination.

Deb Woodward:There was discussion regarding the transportation budget issues. Deb also reported that she has paid $79,000 on the fire department tanker and we now owe $87,000. There was discussion regarding items Deb would like to request for next year’s budget such as a new typewriter, marriage license software, a new space heater and perhaps some blinds. This will be considered when the Board works on the budget. There will be no evening office hours next Monday, December 28, 2009. The Board instructed Deb to roll the remaining highway funds over for next year’s budget as a beginning balance.

3. Executive Session

John motioned to enter executive session at 7:38 pm without the administrative assistant present to do Deb’s evaluation, Charlie seconded. Vote was 5-0-0. Bill motioned to exit executive session at 8:26 pm, Charlie seconded. Vote was 5-0-0.

4. Minutes

John motioned to accept the minutes of the December 14, 2009 meeting as written, Bill seconded. Vote was 5-0-0.

5. General Business

A. Suzanne noted that Linda Brunelle had come into the office to request a curb be installed at her property at 2 Hunt Street. This intersection is in the State right-of-way so this is not an option for the Town. Suzanne will inform her of this conclusion and that she may petition the State District 8 Agency of Transportation.

B. Suzanne presented a uniform contract to the Board for signature on behalf of Don Pigeon, the contract was signed.

C. There was brief discussion about the Sheriff’s Contract for next year, as well as the Franklin County Humane Society Contract. These items will be discussed during the budgeting process.

D. Bill read the Stipulation of Settlement and Motion to Dismiss for the Boissoneault issue. Charlie motioned to accept the settlement, Randy seconded. Brief discussion followed. Vote was 3-1-1.

E. There was discussion regarding a letter which needs to be drafted to inform property owners of a need to install filters on water lines feeding into the water meter. This letter will be sent to property owners on private well systems who also have Town sewer. Randy will draft a letter which will also include a schematic so it is clear what needs to occur.

F. It was decided that individuals who do not pay their water bills on time will no longer be given 90 days to get current. In the future they will have no more than 14 days or they will face shut-off.

G. Bob raised the question of whether an agreement with Brad Morse should be drawn up regarding possible purchase of his land on Fletcher Road and the drilling of a test well. This is something that will need to be negotiated after the site visit on January 2, 2010.

H. John spoke with John Schraven about moderating/mediating a joint meeting with the School Board to discuss recreation department issues. Mr. Schraven wants a contact person for the School Board and the Selectboard and wants to meet with each of them separately prior to a joint meeting. Bob will contact Peg Stewart and request a meeting.

6. Executive Session

Charlie motioned to enter executive session to discuss personnel compensation for 2010 without the administrative assistant present at 9:11 pm, Bill seconded. Vote was 4-0-1. Charlie motioned to exit executive session at 10:00 pm, John seconded. Vote was 4-0-1.

7. Adjournment

John motioned to adjourn at 10:00 pm, Charlie seconded. Vote was 5-0-0.

Respectfully submitted by Suzanne Lavallee,

Selectboard Administrative Assistant

Robert A. Horr, Selectboard Chair

The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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