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Town Of Fairfax Selectboard Minutes
December 7, 2009

Selectboard Members Present: Bob Horr, Bill Ormerod, John Mitchell, and Randy DeVine

Staff Present: Deb Woodward, Don Pigeon, Skip Taylor, Stacy Wells

1. Call to Order

Bob Horr, Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

2. Items on the Agenda

A. Deb Woodward: Deb reported the line of credit for 2009 was paid today in the amount of $685,500. She applied for the 2010 line of credit in the same amount of $1,100,000. John motioned to sign the application, Randy seconded, discussion followed. Vote was 3-0-2.

The delinquent taxes turned out at $210,099.48, as compared to last year which was $248,244.00.

Deb briefly reviewed her 2010 budget request.

The Board signed the minutes of the 2009 Town meeting as requested.

3. Minutes

A. Randy motioned to approve the minutes from the November 16, 2009 meeting as written, John seconded the motion. Vote was 3-0-2.

4. General Business

A. Bob reviewed a trial contract from the Franklin County Humane Society regarding recent cat problems.

B. Don Pigeon: Don needed to discuss a few items and leave due to road conditions needing attention. There is a culvert on Woodward Road where the bottom is missing and needs repair. Don discussed this with Jim Cota from VTrans and Jim suggested we apply for a small structures grant to pay for the replacement. The first step is a hydrologic study which is in the works. The second step is VTrans will present the Town with three options and the Town can choose which route to follow. The third step will be to prepare the grant papers and have them signed; this step to be completed in January or February of 2010. The work will not be performed until 2011.

Don discussed the issue of installation of the fence at the Town garage. A survey needs to be done to locate the property lines. An estimate from Button Surveying was presented in the amount of $3,300. Don has the money remaining in his budget to pay for the survey; the Board approved proceeding with the survey.

C. A Right of Way Agreement Amendment with Fairpoint was reviewed. This agreement is the lease for Fairpoint to have the option to install a tower at 5 Goodall Street at some point. Bill motioned to sign the agreement, John seconded. Vote was 3-0-2. It was then discovered we were sent the incorrect signature page. Suzanne will contact the ROW company and get it revised for Bob’s eventual signature.

D. The VLCT dues for 2010 were reviewed, as well as the liability and worker’s compensation rates.

E.A Road Name Application was reviewed and denied.

F. Bob drafted a follow-up letter to Brad Morse which was discussed. The Board agreed to send the letter. There was discussion regarding the past meeting with Barb Young and a subsequent conversation Bob had with her.

G. VLCT health insurance rates were reviewed for 2010.

H.A proposal from A.M. Peisch for the upcoming audit for 2009 was reviewed. John motioned to accept the proposal, Randy seconded. Vote was 3-0-2.

I. Bill quickly reviewed reports from the Sheriff’s office, as well as the contract renewal for the upcoming year.

5. Executive Session

Bill motioned to enter executive session to perform employee evaluations at 8:02 pm, John seconded the motion. Vote was 3-0-2. Bill motioned to exit executive session at 9:13 pm, John seconded. Vote was 3-0-2.

Bill motioned to enter executive session to discuss pending legal matters at 9:14 pm, Randy seconded. Vote was 4-0-1. Bill motioned to exit executive session at 9:20 pm, Randy seconded. Vote was 4-0-1.

6. Adjournment

Randy motioned to adjourn at 9:30 pm, Bill seconded. Vote was 4-0-1.

Respectfully submitted by Suzanne Lavallee,

Selectboard Administrative Assistant

Robert A. Horr, Selectboard Chair

The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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