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Selectboard Members Present: Bob Horr, Bill Ormerod, Randy DeVine, John Mitchell and Peter King.

Public Present: Cathy Jones, Asst. Town Clerk & Treasurer

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 7PM by Chair Bob Horr.

Agenda Items:

7:00 PM – Don Pigeon, Road Foreman

Don was out plowing snow due to the snow storm.

Skip Taylor – Zoning Administrator

Skip thanked the Board for hiring Martha Taylor-Varney, Zoning Assistant. She started work November 29, 2010; she worked four days. He stated Cathy Raymond came in last week and showed Martha some things on the computer. He gave the Board an update on Cathy Raymond. Skip handed out his Activity Report for the Board to review. His report covers the dates of November 2, 2010 through December 6, 2010.

The Board addressed the following items:

Number 4 - Legal issues: Bill stated a motion for Summary judgment was filed by the Town’s Attorney with the Environmental Court on both issues.

Number 5: Pick a date for the public hearing on the proposed Development Regulations. Skip stated that Greta Brunswick would be willing to do a presentation on this, if the Board so chooses; Monday January 31st was chosen as the date for the hearing at 7:00 PM, with location to be determined.

Number 7: Skip felt it was the appropriate time to post a job notice to fill the DRB opening; now that Martha Taylor-Varney has accepted the Zoning Assistant position and has given her resignation to the DRB.

A posting of the job opening will be performed. The deadline for reports to go into the town report discussed.

Peter made the motion to enter into executive session for the purpose of a personnel issue at 7:20 PM.

John seconded the motion. Motion passed. Vote 4-0-1

Peter made the motion to exit executive session at 7:55 PM.

Bill seconded the motion.

Motion passed. Vote 4-0-1

Peter made the motion to accept Cathy Jones resignation.

Randy seconded the motion.

Motion passes. Vote 4-0-1

8:00 PM - Randy DeVine, Water & Sewer Superintendent:

Bob signed the wastewater reports for November.

Randy handed out his monthly water report for November. Randy has been training Paul on the procedures for the proper way to take water samples; water samples are taken once a month. Randy supervised the water and sewer hook-ups at 1155 Main Street. He had a state inspection at the wastewater treatment plant on the 3rd of November. The Fire Department used the hydrant on Buck Hollow road for an abandoned house fire until they were informed by Paul they could draft water from a local pond on Meade Road. The Burlington Water Department is changing over their water meters to a newer style. They called and asked Randy if he was interested in the meters. We are not. There was a computer problem at the water booster station on Buck Hollow Road. The system was rebooted and it has worked ever since. They cleaned out the sewer pump stations and marked out hydrants for winter. John asked why water usage was way down. Randy replied that he feels people are more conscientious about what they are using and what they are paying for water. The Steeple market bill was discussed. Randy feels that the creemee machine, which is water cooled, is the reason why their bill was so high this summer.


1. The three printer quotes received - were reviewed:

John made the motion to accept the bid of Repro Digital for the printing of the Town Report, at the quoted price. Discussion.

Bill second John’s motion to award the contract to print the Town Report to Repro Digital.

Motion passed. Vote 4-0-1.

(The Board stated the wrong business in the meeting. Therefore, this will be re-opened at the next Selectboard meeting on 12/13/10.)

2. Handy email, dated 11/18/10, discussed regarding 15 Old Academy and 7 & 15 Maple Street. Bill stated that they have to work under the confines of the ordinance. If Gabe returns the two water allocations back to the Town (a 4 bedroom and a 3 bedroom), we will sell one of those water allocations to Godfrey Stephens.

Bill made the motion regarding the letter from Gabe Handy addressed to the SB, dated 11/18/10 regarding his request to extend the current negotiated agreement for billing the main house meter, it is the Board’s request to take no action of this item at this time and request that Mr. Handy make his request of the Board about the time that agreement is to expire.

Peter seconded the motion. Discussion.

Motion passed. Vote 3-1-1

Bill made a motion regarding the second request of the email, dated 11/18/10, to be able to transfer one of his allocations retained from 7 & 15 Maple Street to another participate, or to not have to pay the operations, maintenance and bond fee on those two allocations. If Mr. Handy would like to return those allocations to the Town, he would not have to pay the fees. Otherwise, if he would like to retain those two allocations, he has to pay the fees and they may not be transferred.

John seconded the motion. Discussion.

Motion passed. Vote: 4-0-1

3. Delinquent dog licenses were discussed.

John made the motion to accept Randy’s suggestion to deal with the dog license challenge as it’s written in Randy’s report.

Bill second. Discussion.

Motion passed. Vote 4-0-1

4. There were a couple of incidences in the last week where the Sheriff’s Department was called, which they did not respond to. Peter will follow up with Sherriff Norris and investigate other options for the Town.

Bob made a motion to go into executive session to discuss personnel.

Bill seconded the motion. Discussion.

Motion passed. Vote 4-0-1

Bill made a motion to exit executive session at 9:07 PM.

Peter seconded the motion.

Motion passed. Vote 4-0-1

5. Trash & Recycling Contract: Bob has been contacted by Todd Klimoski from Myers Containers regarding a contract for trash removal. Bob told them he needed a proposal to present to the rest of the members of the Board to incorporate for the budget.

6. Jill Muhr, Health Trust Officer from VLCT will be here on Thursday December 9th at 1 PM, for an informational meeting on the 2011 policy. This meeting is open to the employees and spouses. Bob asked if there was a Selectboard member that would be present. Randy stated that he would be attending the meeting.


Minutes of 11/15/10:

John made the motion to approve the minutes.

Randy seconded the motion. Discussion.

Motion passed. Vote 4-0-1

Public Meeting 11/23/10

John made the motion to approve with a correction from HAS to HSA.

Peter seconded the motion.

Motion passed. Vote 4-0-1

(Bill reminded the Board that they need to submit their time and mileage in the next two weeks. $ 25/meeting, $30 for a full day and .50 per mile.)

7. Martha Taylor-Varney’s resignation letter:

Peter made a motion to accept Martha Taylor-Varney’s resignation from the DRB.

John seconded the motion.

Motion passed. Vote 4-0-1

8. The property tax payment was made to BFA in the amount of $3,683,750.83.

9. Invoices: Stitzel, Page & Fletcher: There may still be another invoice out there. Walsh & Monaghan invoice $542 and some change.

Bob initialed the invoices.

10. The renewal for VLCT Property and Casualty for 2011; our contribution is $52,508.00. We need to confirm that is what we budgeted.

Orders/Purchase Orders: Reviewed and approved.


Bill made the motion to adjourn at 9:28 PM.

Peter seconded the motion.

Motion passed. Vote 5-0

Respectfully, submitted by Stacy Wells, Adm. Asst.


Robert A. Horr, Selectboard Chair


The minutes are unofficial until approved at the next Selectboard meeting.

The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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