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Any time the Selectboard "amends" the previous weeks' minutes, there will be a statement to that effect in the minutes of the meeting at which the "amending" occurred.

Fairfax Selectboard Minutes of 11/12/07

Selectboard Members present: Bill Ormerod, Judy Cleary, and Randy DeVine. Staff Members present: Erin McSweeney, Administrative Assistant to the Selectboard, and Don Pigeon, Road Foreman. Public Present: Jesse Tucker, Nicole Miller, Bryanne Nisbet, Peter King, Katrina Antonovich and Peg Bushey.

1.Call to Order

Bill Ormerod, Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 7:00PM.

2. Minutes

A. Judy motioned to accept the minutes from the meeting on November 5, 2007, with one amendment; to include Gary Gilbert's name to the list of public present. Randy offered the following amendments; he would like to amend line #28 to read, "…pump #1 at the Ladd sewer pump station is waiting for parts, which are expected to arrive in 2-3 weeks. The Main Pump Station, on Maple Street, was cleaned by scraping the grease build up off the sides of the wet well." He would also like to amend line #46 to read, "…single family homes, which results in no change of the allocated sewer volumes."

B. Judy motioned to accept the minutes as amended. Randy seconded. All board members voted in favor.

3. Items on the Agenda

A. Don Pigeon - Don has built a turn around by the covered bridge on Maple Street to make it easier for the Town trucks to turn around. Don picked up the new truck for the Highway Department on Monday. He will be reviewing blueprints for River Road with Randy Reed of VTrans; he will present them to the board once he has gotten Randy's feedback.

B. Randy DeVine - Randy continued to read meters; he has read all but 3 of the meters for the 62 outstanding accounts. He was not able to gain access to the last 3 residences. Amy Sears has run the water and sewer bills.

The board reviewed a report from Randy regarding the municipal water and sewer at 1101 Main Street. Doug Jones, a resident of the building, expressed concern at a previous meeting that the water in his apartment has a foul odor. The report contains information Randy compiled after contacting Endyne Laboratories. Since Doug's apartment is near the end of the line, Randy suggested the water line to his apartment should be flushed more often than just the annual flushing to prevent oxidation of iron.

The Ladd Pump Station is on-line and operating; the parts Randy needed arrived earlier than expected. Randy was originally given a timeframe of 2-3 weeks. The parts for the Route 104 pump station are on order.

Randy reviewed the following reports: Phosphorus Monitoring Report for September 2007, Permit Monitoring Information for September 2007, Sewer Discharge Report for September 2007, the Vermont Monthly Water Systems Operations Report for October 2007, and the Water Usage Summary for October 2007.

C. Peg Bushey, of the Fairfax Teen Center - Peg attended tonight's meeting to update the board on the Teen Center, which currently rents a space in the Countryside Children's Center. Peg would like to find a larger space for the
Teen Center, as she anticipates the number of people attending will continue to increase. She informed the board of some long-range planning ideas for the Center.

4. Public Input

A. Peter King attended tonight's meeting to find out what projects the Selectboard is currently working on. Bill informed him about the upcoming community forum. The forum will take place on Saturday, December 1st, at 1:30PM in the Elementary School gym. The topics for discussion will be the results of the Feasibility Study of the expansion of the existing wastewater treatment facility; and obtaining a back-up water source. The board is encouraging residents of the entire town, not just water and sewer system users, to attend. Peter suggested the Burlington Free Press as an advertising source.

B. Katrina updated the board on the field crowning and the acquisition of a small piece of land from Bernard Keefe.

5. Other Business

A. Erin and Judy will be attending the annual VLCT Health Trust meeting in Montpelier on Friday; VLCT will discuss employee health insurance rate information and new programs being introduced in 2008. The board will discuss the information from the meeting next week.

6. Adjournment

Judy motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:58PM. Charlie seconded. All board members voted in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 8:58PM.

Erin McSweeney, Administrative Assistant to the Selectboard


The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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