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MONDAY, October 24, 2011


Selectboard Members Present: Bill Ormerod, Bob Horr, Randy DeVine, Peter King and Chris Santee.

Public Present: The Board of Officers of the Fairfax Fire Department: Justin Hayes, Fire Chief, Deputy Chief Dean Potter, Captain Matt Gillilan, Captain Tom Snyder and Lieutenant Jordan Hayes; Greg Heyer, Planning Commission Chair; Michael Spaulding and Dan Vanslette Fairfax Rescue.

Call to Order: Bill called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.



No one from the public attended the adoption of the Water Use Ordinance hearing, which had been warned in five places in town and posted on the local website. Peter King made the motion to adopt the ordinance. Chris seconded the motion. Discussion: None. Motion carried.

Vote 5-0 (Posted at the Town Office, BFA-Fairfax, Post Office, Steeple Market and Foothills Bakery.)

Justin Hayes, Fire Chief – Staffing Proposal

Justin came in this evening to discuss a daytime staffing plan. He was accompanied by the Fairfax Fire Department Board of Officers. The plan was given to each member of the Selectboard for review. A discussion took place of the contents of the proposal. The Department receives approximately 150 calls per year. The current roster for the department consists of 31 men and women, with 86% of the roster working out of town. It notes that the demand on the staff is increasing.

The plan concluded that it would like to propose a full time staff of two firefighters (trained and certified to minimum of FF1 and a First Responder, HAZMAT, Ops)to operate from 8AM-5PM Monday through Friday.

Katrina Antonovich – Recreation Director

The Rec. Dept. is sponsoring a Halloween parade on Friday the 28th. Katrina called the Sheriff’s Department for coverage during that event. The computer she’s using for rec. dept. work is outdated. She asked the Board if there would be funds for her to purchase a new computer. Bill told her that there is money in the technology line item.

*Bob made a motion to approve the purchase of a laptop for recreation department use not to exceed $1,000.00. Peter seconded the motion. Discussion: The Board asked her about a printer. Motion carried. Vote: 4-0-1.

Mark Hunziker – Citizen’s for Fairfax Community

Mark is here to talk about the status of the VCDP grant. Funds were diverted to projects that had to do with flood damage as a result of Hurricane Irene. Therefore, their project was denied. Mark talked to Ann Cousins, from the Preservation Trust of Vermont. She shared her perspective on where she felt CFC stands currently and options for moving forward. She felt that carrying on with community based activities would enable them to raise money and to get the community familiar with their mission. Ann also suggested getting reps from the SB, CFC, the Mason’s, the Baptist Trustees, who own the building and the rec. dept. to meet and discuss a game plan.

Greg Heyer – Planning Commission Chair and Skip Taylor, Z.A.

Municipal Planning Grant Resolution – Town Plan – Village Center

Bill read the resolution to the Board. *Bob made a motion to sign the resolution, as per Greg’s request. Chris seconded the motion.

The motion carried. Vote 5-0.

Minutes 10/3/11:

Randy made a motion to accept the minutes as written. Bob so moved. Randy asked to make a single amendment regarding the basement being dry; adding the town office basement. Bob seconded the motion. Motion carries with a single amendment. Vote 3-0-1. Chris abstained from voting as he was absent from the 10/3/11 meeting.

Orders & Purchase Orders: Only the payroll orders were available as the Town Clerk & Treasurer is on a leave of absence for six weeks and Amy, Assistant Treasurer, was also out today.

Michael Spaulding – Fairfax Rescue – Director of Operations

Mike Spaulding is here with Dan Vanslette to discuss erecting a new 4,000 square foot building to house the Rescue Department. They have identified a possible site for the project located south of the existing fire station. The Board is in favor of the project. The Rescue is seeking to obtain an easement to the proposed building site from Goodall Street for emergency services only.

*Bob made the motion to grant the Rescue Squad, in conjunction with the developer, access to Goodall Road for emergency services only.

Peter seconded the motion. Discussion: None. Motion carries;

Vote 4-0-1.

The Rescue Squad is requesting the SB to consider granting water and sewer allocations for this project. As well as waive the building application fees. The Board will need additional information prior to making a decision on these matters. Mike will return at a later date.

Other Business/Correspondence:

1. Town Administrator Proposal – FY2013 – Tabled.

2. Deb Woodward, TC & Treasurer - Leave of Absence: A letter, dated October 14th, from Deb Woodward, Town Clerk/Treasurer requesting a medical leave-of-absence from 10/17/11 to 11/28/11. The Board members were polled.

A.*Bob made the motion to approve The Board’s acceptance for a leave of absence from 10/17 to 11/28/11.

Chris seconded the motion. Discussion: Was there a physician’s note? Motion carried. Vote 5-0.

B. Should the town continue to pay for Medical Benefit coverage during the leave of absence?

*Chris made a motion to continue paying for medical benefits during the leave of absence 10/17-11/28/11.

Randy seconded the motion. Discussion. Motion Carried. Vote 5-0.

C. Should the town continue to pay 35 hours a week for the duration of the rest of leave once all sick and personal time are expended?

*Bob made a motion that the town does not provide pay beyond the expenditure of benefits and sick and personal pay have been exhausted. Chris seconded the motion. Discussion: None. Motion carries. Vote 5-0.

3.The November meeting schedule was discussed and will be as follows: The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Mondays starting at 7 PM. This will be posted on Henry’s website.

4. Tobacco License: KS Enterprises. LLC (Nan’s Mobil)

*Bob made the motion to approve the request for signing the license. Chris seconded the motion. Discussion. Motion carries. Vote 5-0.

5. Auditors Proposals to perform an audit for the year ending 2011:

A.M. Peisch, LLP; Graham & Graham, PC and Sullivan & Powers and Co. submitted quotes. The quotes were reviewed.

*Peter made a motion to award the auditing contract to A.M. Peisch, LLP for fiscal year 2011. Bob seconded the motion. Discussion: How many years has A.M. Peisch been doing this for the town? This is the fourth year. Motion carries. Vote 5-0. Letters will be sent to the interested parties informing them of the turnout.

6. Utility: Bill talked to utility customer MA1209. She has agreed to pay her outstanding balance of $16.73. Bill asked the Board to waive the $25.00 late fee. *Peter made the motion to waive the $25.00 late fee on this account. Randy seconded the motion. Discussion. Motion carries. Vote 5-0.

7. The town received a fax from Mary Wright regarding account number FR0009. Her water & sewer usage has gone up 5x’s the normal due to a running toilet and dripping pipe in the basement. Randy stated the problems have been repaired. They are asking for an abatement of the bill. In the past they have taken a four quarter average. A corrected bill will be issued. Bob made the motion to abate the bill using the four previous quarter calculations. Chris seconded the motion. Motion carries. Vote 5-0.

8. Sewer Allocations Applications:

A. Paige Estates, LLC/Al Senecal, submitted a new application with the appropriate fee attached. *Bob made the motion to grant the sewer allocations. Chris seconded the motion. Motion carries. Vote 5-0. The application was signed and will expire on 10/24/13.

B. Franklin South, LLC submitted a new application with the appropriate fee for sewer 864 gallons 4 hook-ups, two duplexes. *Bob made the motion to grant the sewer application. Peter seconded the motion. Motion carries. Vote 5-0.

C. Gabe Handy Rental Properties, FKA the Henning Subdivision, submitted a new sewer application with fee for a total of 219 gallons per unit per day (3 duplexes). *Bob made the motion to approve the sewer application. Peter seconded. Motion carries. Vote 5-0.

9. IVS mapping letter to Mr. Heindel discussed. The Town has not received a response from the letter dated and sent out October 4th. Bill polled the Board as to their preference on how they would like to proceed with this matter. We will hand the correspondence over to the Town Attorney.

10. Land Search – Performing perc tests on the two properties that are being consider as the site for a new town office.


Peter made the motion to adjourn; seconded by Bob. Motion carries to adjourn at 10:15 PM. Vote 5-0.

Respectfully, submitted by Stacy Wells, Adm. Asst.


William Ormerod, Chair


The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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