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MONDAY, October 1, 2012
6:58 PM

Selectboard Members Present: Robert Horr, Randy DeVine, David Shea and Tom Fontaine. Chris Santee absent.

Public Present: Deb Woodward, Nick Hibbard and Ernie Sanders, NEMRC.

Call to Order: Bob called the meeting to order at 6:58 p.m.


7:00 p.m. - D.J. Leach – Road Foreman

(Bob and Skip have been looking into the easement deeds for the new rescue building.) Skip presented a map of McDonald’s subdivision and the location of the lot where the new rescue building will be constructed. He pointed out various easements pertinent to the piece of property. The Board is considering taking over Goodall Street once the road is upgraded and inspected by an engineer and the Road Foreman. The Board asked D.J. for his opinion on plowing options. D.J. stated he will work with the Board and Rescue to see what works for removal of snow.

D.J. stated that a resident at GP0170 asked if the Town would take down two pine trees on his property that are tipping. D.J. stated that the trees are in the ROW, but aren’t proposing any problem at the present time. The Board asked D.J. to invite the resident to a SB meeting the next time the resident addressed this with him.

D.J. has been doing maintenance around the Town Garage. He would like to get an electrician to give them an estimate to put new outside lights up; there’s money in the budget. He would also like hardcore power into the lean-to as well. The highway crew will do the digging for the conduit in the ground. D.J. stated the new hire was fitting in well and is very experience with the work performed by the highway crew.

Randy DeVine – W/S Superintendent

Randy reported on his activities for the month of September. He has been working on a legal issue in regards to w/s allocations. He has been monitoring the static level of the water. Randy informed the Board that there are five customers on the disconnect list. The Board has been presented with notice to place liens on two properties for failure of payment.

*Tom made the motion to re-lien property on HW0037B and OA0042; Dave seconded the motion. The motion carried with a vote of 3-0-1. All members in attendance signed the lien forms.



Randy made the motion to accept the minutes as written; Tom seconded. The motion carried with a vote of 3-0-1.

9/20/12 – Special Meeting Land Committee and Selectboard

A discussion took place with changes to implement. The minutes were tabled for the next SB meeting.

Ernie Sanders – NEMRC

Ernie came in this evening for a continued discussion on Governmental Accounting. Ernie was in on April 16, 2012 for discussion on this and was asked to return in October. Ernie was asked about support that would be provided during the process of converting from a calendar year to a fiscal year. He handed out a proposal as well as a fiscal year change discussion points. Topics of discussion included account access by multiple users with password accessibility, transitioning into a fiscal year with on-site training as well as the advantages and dis- advantages. The use of debit and credit cards for payments to the town also discussed.

Orders & Purchase Orders: Reviewed by Randy

Other Business:

1. A.M. Peisch contract for auditing 2012. By consensus of the Board, the contract will be signed for one year.

2. Gabe Handy’s letter regarding reading of meters, with recently submitted letters from South Burlington, Essex and Shelburne. The Board will continue to investigate this prior to making a decision.

3. Stitzel invoice #21772 reviewed. By consensus of the Board, they approved payment of the invoice.

4. State of Vermont Utilities & Permit Unit, letter dated 9/19/12, request for a “work completion date” extension to December 1, 2012. The project is located at MA1286 and owned by LNP, Inc. The work to be performed is to install a new municipally owned sewer manhole and 420 feet, more or less, of 3 inch force main to connect with an existing sewer manhole.

Executive Session:

9:10 p.m. – Tom made the motion to enter into executive session for the purpose of discussing legal issues. Dave seconded the motion. The motion carried with a vote of 3-0-1.

Exit Executive Session:

9:30 p.m. – Dave made the motion to exit executive session with Tom seconding the motion. The motion carried with a vote of 3-0-1.


9:31 p.m. – Dave made the motion to adjourn the meeting until October 15, 2012 at 7 p.m. to perform job evaluations. Tom seconded the motion. The motion carried with a vote of 3-0-1.

Respectfully submitted by Stacy M. Wells, Administrative Assistant to the Selectboard


Robert A. Horr, Chair

The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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