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Any time the Selectboard "amends" the previous weeks' minutes, there will be a statement to that effect in the minutes of the meeting at which the "amending" occurred.

Fairfax Selectboard Minutes of 09/24/07

Selectboard Members present: Judy Cleary, Jeff Blake, Charlie Swanson and Randy DeVine. Staff Members present: Erin McSweeney, Administrative Assistant to the Selectboard. Public Present: Russell Senesac, Roger Whitcomb of VTrans, Carolyn Carlson of VTrans, and Rick Burnham

1.Call to Order

Bill Ormerod, Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 7:00PM.

2. Minutes

Charlie motioned to accept the minutes from the meeting on September 17th, as written. Randy seconded. All board members voted in favor.

3. Items on the Agenda

A. Russell Senesac - Would like to set up a maple sugaring outfit on land that he rents from Ted Riehle on McNall Road. He brought the following items to the board's attention: there will be more truck traffic on the bridge near the property; he has requested power poles from CVPS; he will be improving the road at his cost. The road has been moved from where it was originally located. Members of the board will visit the site on Monday, October 1st, at 5:30PM.

B. Gary Pomichter and Tom Wyckoff: Seeking a final sewer allocation for their own projects on Butler Road; each project will consist of one building of 4 units. Gary and Tom provided a state wastewater permit and detailed plans for each project.

For Gary's application:
All board members voted in favor of applying the conditions of section 3.06 and 3.07 of the Town of Fairfax Sewer Allocation and Connection Ordinance.

All board members voted in favor of requiring that water be supplied to the project from an on-site well.

All board members voted in favor of requiring a well-driller's log.

For Tom's project, all board members voted in favor of applying the same 3 conditions as for Gary's project.

C. Roger Whitcomb and Carolyn Carlson of VTrans - Made a site visit to bridge #10 on Route 104 before coming to tonight's meeting; discussed the process of replacing the bridge. Roger anticipated that this project, which would be 100% state funded, would not begin for at least 3-5 years.

4. Public Input

A. Rick Burnham asked questions about bridge #10.

5. Other Business

A. The board discussed the current lease of the Town Office building.

B. The board reviewed the new zoning map. Charlie motioned to sign the new zoning map. Judy seconded. All board members voted in favor.

C. The Harvest Music Festival will take place at Swanson's Nursery on Saturday, October 6th, between 11:00AM-4:00PM.

D. Judy will be meeting with Don Pigeon and Sam Hudson to work on the Forest Management plan.

E. The board reviewed a memo from Amy Sears regarding water account #FR0030-A. Randy has changed the meter. By consensus, the board agreed to bill the customer using the average usage for the past year.

6. Adjournment

Jeff motioned to adjourn the meeting at 9:55PM. Judy seconded. All board members voted in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 9:55PM.

Erin McSweeney, Administrative Assistant to the Selectboard


The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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