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MONDAY, September 19, 2011


Selectboard Members Present: Bill Ormerod, Bob Horr, Randy DeVine, Peter King and Chris Santee.

Public Present: Don Pigeon, Steve Bessette, Skip Taylor, Greg Heyer and Brandy Saxton.

Call to Order: Bill called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Deviation from the agenda

Don Pigeon – Highway Road Foreman

Don came in this evening to discuss a letter he has submitted to the Selectboard. The letter addresses a line item expense in his budget for the purchase of tires. Presently, the tire expense is being placed in the wrong category of the budget. Don would like it to be assigned to the Highway Maintenance & Repair portion of his budget as it would reflect a more balanced picture of his budget. He asked Deb if she would make the change. She said that she would need authorization from the Board to make the change. By consensus of the Board, the tire expense has been misapplied to the incorrect line item and should be reassigned to the Highway Maintenance & Repair line item. A memo will be sent to Deb giving their approval to make the correction.

Wheezy’s Way Road Association was discussed in regard to the care of the road agreement.

Skip Taylor - Zoning Administrator – Greg Heyer, Planning Commission Chair

Skip and Greg are here to discuss a planning grant to help to defray the cost of writing the Town Plan. A “Scope of work to be performed” was handed out which included a budget summary. The total project cost is $16,700.00 with state funds/grant award of $13,800 and a local match of $2,900.00. The current Town Plan is in effect until 9/08/13.

Minutes 9/6/11:

Peter made a motion to accept the minutes with one revision.

Randy seconded the motion. Motion carries. Vote 4-0-1 (Bob abstained)

Public Input:

Steve Bessette: Emergency Management Officer

Steve came in this evening with a “Basic Emergency Operations Plan” for the Board to keep on file.

Purchase Orders: The orders and invoices were reviewed and approved.

Steve Bessette requested an early release of his stipend for the year. He also submitted an invoice for a radio.

The Utility Department orders were not reviewed today as Amy was out of the office; it will be done tomorrow.

Other Business/Correspondence:

1. A letter to the land committee from the Young’s, dated 9/6/11.

2. Resignation from Josh Langelier, 1st Constable, effective 10/1/11.

3. A letter to the Shelburne Police Department regarding the use of a speed cart.

4. RFQ’s to accountants to entertain the audit for the year ending 2011.

7:40 PM - Capital Plan & Budget with Brandy Saxton

Brandy is here to review and refine the information submitted for the CIP and Budget. She will return with the finalized version. A public meeting will be setup at a later date.

8:19 PM - Water Ordinance

A review and comment session took place of the changes made to the water ordinance by legal counsel.

9:33 PM - Executive Session

Peter made the motion to enter into executive session to discuss

Randy seconded the motion. Motion carries. Vote 3-0-1

9:42 PM – Exit Executive Session

Peter made the motion to exit executive session.

Randy seconded the motion. Motion carries. Vote 3-0-1

9:43 PM - Adjourn:

Peter made the motion to adjourn.

Randy seconded the motion. Motion carries. Vote 3-0-1 (Bob left the meeting early.)

The minutes were respectfully submitted by Stacy Wells, Administrative Assistant to the Selectboard.


William Ormerod, Chair


The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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