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Selectboard Members Present: Bob Horr, Bill Ormerod, Randy DeVine, John Mitchell and Peter King

Public Present: Katrina Antonovich and Dave Bartley.

Call to Order: Bob called the meeting to order at 7PM.

Agenda Items:

7:00 PMDon Pigeon – Road Foreman

Don asked that the permit fee for the 24’x24’expansion of the salt shed be waived.

Bill made the motion to waive the permit fee for the Highway Department’s zoning permit application for the salt shed.

Peter second. Discussion

Motion carried 4-0-1

Don states that the 2004 International dump truck tandem still has problems. It’s been at International for three weeks and they don’t seem to be able to find the problem. They called in a trouble-shooting team last Friday. They are waiting for two sensors to put in it. Don has talked to them about the amount of money that they have spent on it already. The truck is due to be replaced in 2014. They have painted the 2006 truck, which gets painted every year because it runs all the salt and chloride and the 2008 truck will be painted next.

7:15 PMSkip Taylor, Zoning Administrator

Skip handed out his Activity Report, which covers the time of 6/6/10 through 7/12/10. Skip handed Don the permit sign for the salt shed (see above). The Board asked Skip about the IVS mapping. Forty-five maps have been sent to IVS and have been scanned in. Skip wasn’t sure how much of the $4000.00 budget has been used to do this. Skip asked the Board to consider a gift certificate be given to Greta Brunswick for her efforts with the Town Plan and the new Development Regulations. The Board asked to be reminded of this at a later date. Skip asked the SB if they would send the DRB a memo indicating that it has not yet approved the sewer connection plan for the revised Paige Estates and ask that the DRB not approve the revised plan until the SB is satisfied. Randy would like GME to review the plans prior to approval. Skip also talked to Sam Ruggiano regarding the Henning project as a set of plans were sent from Ruggiano Eng. There are still some issues that need to be reviewed prior to approval from the Town on this project as well. Skip and Barb Young discussed the steps for subdivision of her property on Tuttle Street and the boundary adjustment of Steve McDonald’s property on Main Street.

7:30 PMRandy DeVine, Water & Sewer Superintendent

Flushing the water system will begin next week. Starting next year he will be flushing twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. Paul Lavallee delivered the CCR (Consumer Confidence Report). Randy has been recertified as a water operator, which is good for three years. The lagoons at the waste treatment plant were over-heating due to the increased temperatures (lagoons are 82-84 degrees). He ordered a hydrometer, which was recommended by the Vermont Water Association.

7:45 PMTim Smith, Franklin County Industrial Development

Tim asked that the Board go into Executive Session to discuss town business information.

John made the motion to enter Executive Session.

Bill second. Discussion.

Motion carried. Vote 4-0-1

8:08 PM Exit Executive Session

Bill made the motion to exit executive session.

Peter second.

Motion carried. Vote 4-0-1

8:10 PMDan Vanslette, President of Fairfax Rescue

Dan requested to go into executive session to discuss departmental issues with Dave Bartley, Vice President of Fairfax Rescue, included.

Peter made the motion to enter executive session with Dave Bartley present.

John seconded.

Motion carried. Vote 4-0-1

8:41 PMExit executive session

Bill made the motion to exit executive session.

Peter second.

Motion carried. Vote 4-0-1


Katrina Antonovich – Rec. Department

Katrina came in during public input to discuss the outcome of the last SB meeting and the issues regarding the rec. dept. She made her case as to why a Sheriff should be patrolling the area during the egg run. She stated that there is money in the budget to accommodate a raise for Cody. Cody will be employed until 11/1/10.

Randy made the motion to increase Cody’s wage from $10/hour to $12/hour.

Bill second. Discussion.

The vote was 2-2-1. Bob was the tie breaker. Vote was 3-2 to approve the raise.

Peter will contact the Sheriff’s office to have them patrol the area on Fletcher and River Roads starting at 8:45 AM on August 7, 2010.

Minutes 6/28/10

John made the motion to approve the minutes of 6/28/10 with one amendment in the 5/28/10 minutes.

Peter second. Discussion.

Motion carried. Vote 3-0-1 (Bill abstained)

Sheriff’s contract - Signed.

Orders & Purchase Orders – Reviewed/Approved by Bill

Correspondence –

A note from Deb Woodward regarding an election workshop to be held July 22nd asking if anyone from the Board would be attending. No SB member will be attending the workshop.

A letter from Gabe Handy, dated July 12, 2010, requesting to retain his w/s hook-up for 7&15 Maple St. (MP0007 & MP0015) and relocate it within the town growth center.

Peter made a motion to accept Mr. Handy’s request, with conditions as stated by Randy.

John second.

Discussion: Bill has concerns as to documentation of this. Specific conditions, it has to be a residence, the volume of water has to be equivalent to, or less than. Change of use/location. The line needs to be severed at the intersection of the community section. Who bares the cost of the severing, this would be part of the condition to terminate those lines.

Motion carried with conditions. Vote 3-1-1

Also, an ad for the Senior Housing having a hair salon located at the property was discussed. This was an old ad from the real estate agent. There isn’t a hair salon located on the property.

The Education tax rates for Fiscal year 2011 reviewed.

Peter King addressed the Board regarding the constable position.

Josh Langelier is on the agenda for the July 19 meeting.

Bob is meeting with a CVPS rep. tomorrow morning regarding power to the property the town is interested in purchasing from the Young family.

The Bruning and Potalla’s have invited the Board to come up and talk about possible water availability.

Deb Perry, NWRP is offering her assistance re: storm water runoff, they have a grant.

RFP for $8,000 grant to give us everything including feasibility and design for Swamp Road, Wilkins Road and Shepardson Hollow Road for an engineering organization to move forward.

New zoning bylaw review by next Monday night.

Are there any concerns about how the new bridge curbs might or might not affect buses

Are there any problems with the P&S agreement. Bill wanted to know where we were coming up with the deposit. Shared expense that the seller shall install. A list of things that we would like to change will be constructed and we will send them to the Youngs.

Randy stated the SW125 sludge is up for renewal and PE stamped. GME did it last year. Randy has asked them for a quote to fill out the application. The renewal fee is $950.00. GME’s fee is $3,140.00, which comes out of the w/s budget.

Bill made a motion that we sign the contract to allow GME to re-certify the Town of Fairfax SW125 Sludge.

John second. Discussion

Motion carried. Vote 4-0-1

A bill from Attorney Brian Monaghan reviewed; it will be paid by consensus of the Board.


9:32 PMJohn made the motion to adjourn.

Peter second.

Motion carried. Vote 4-0

The next scheduled SB meeting will be July 19, 2010 at 7 PM at the Town Office.

Respectfully submitted by Stacy Wells, Adm. Asst.


Robert A. Horr, Selectboard Chair

The minutes are unofficial until approved at the next Selectboard meeting.

The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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