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Any time the Selectboard "amends" the previous weeks' minutes, there will be a statement to that effect in the minutes of the meeting at which the "amending" occurred.

Fairfax Selectboard Minutes of 06/19/06

Selectboard members Judy Cleary, Bill Ormerod, and Doug Webb were present at the meeting. Also present were Erin McSweeney, Don Pigeon, Randy DeVine, Colleen Steen, Peg Stewart, Mike Spaulding, Liz Royer of the VT Rural Water Association, and Carl Rosenquist from Georgia Industrial Development Corp. These minutes are unofficial until approved by the Board at the next regularly scheduled Selectboard meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. Don updated the board on the River Road project. Charlie is working with the Army Corps of Engineers. The con/span bridge has been ordered, and once CSI receives final prints, the structure will be built. The Hydraulics Unit Study on Swift Brook has been completed, and the board received the results from the Project Engineer. Bill will take pictures of the Pilon Road project, which was completed on June 7th. Erin submitted an ad to the St. Albans Messenger thanking Better Backroads for the grant for Pilon Road. The ad will run on June 20th. Don and Erin will schedule a meeting with Linda Bodette of Better Backroads to fill out the paperwork and submit the necessary documentation for funding.

Randy DeVine did not have anything to report.

Omitted from last week's minutes was an update on the fire hydrants in town. Judy informed the board that all the hydrants in town have been painted by Jeff Blake and Judy and Jim Cleary. The maintenance on these will be done by the Fire Department.

Doug motioned to accept the minutes with 1 amendment. Bill seconded. All board members voted in favor.

Liz Royer of the VT Rural Water Association and Carl Rosenquist of the Georgia Development Review Board addressed the Selectboard regarding a source protection plan that Liz is putting together for them.

The proposed source protection area will be 30 sq. miles, and has no impact on property rights. Because the proposed source protection area abuts land in Fairfax, a letter will be sent out in July to residents of Fairfax whose land is part of the source protection area. There will then be a public hearing, and questions and concerns will be addressed at that time.

OTHER BUSINESS: Bill would like Steve Bessette and the Fire Chief to look at the information that was sent to the board regarding the VT Rural Fire Protection Task Force so they can determine if the program would be beneficial to the town. Erin, Charlie, and Bill will work on the proposal for the Municipal Park-and-Ride Grant Program, administered by the Vermont Agency of Transportation. Charlie suggested this grant could be used for a park-and-ride at the intersection of 128 and 104.
Erin will attend a mandatory Transportation Enhancement Grant workshop on Tuesday, June 20th. The grant application is due August 18th.

Peg Stewart informed the board that the school has begun making field improvements. Colleen Steen brought an error in June 12th's minutes to the board's attention. The minutes should read, "Colleen Steen suggested that the town request funds for a scoping study (not a feasibility study as stated) for the 104 and 104A corridor." Colleen also offered insight on the long lead time for the scheduling of DRB meetings, which was discussed at the June 5th meeting. She suggested that applications are being received incomplete and not compliant. Because of this, there tends to be negotiating and the need for subsequent meetings beyond the standard of 2 meetings. Bill suggested the non-compliance piece can be attributed to the language in the by-laws, which may lead applicants to believe that the by-laws are open to interpretation. Applicants should know by-laws are not open to interpretation.

Colleen also informed the board about the Northwest Region Brownfields Program, which is a program that is 100% federally funded by the US Environmental Protection Agency. This program helps property owners reuse properties that have been abandoned or underused by testing for the presence of contaminates and developing plans to correct the problems so that it may be used again. Colleen gave the Leader Evaporator building in St. Albans and the Swanton Town Garage as examples of properties that have benefited from this program. Bill discussed the DRB Minutes of June 7th, and will continue the discussion at a future meeting.

Bill motioned to go into Executive Session at 8:06. Doug seconded. The board came out of Executive Session at 8:16.

The board continued making recommendations for changes to the by-laws.

Bill motioned to adjourn, and Doug seconded. The Selectboard meeting was adjourned at 8:55.

____________________________________ Erin McSweeney, Selectboard Administrator

The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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