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MONDAY, June 6, 2011


Selectboard Members Present: Bill Ormerod, Bob Horr, Randy DeVine, Peter King and Chris Santee.

Public Present: N/A

Call to Order: Bill called the meeting to order at 6:32 PM.


6:33 PM Don Pigeon – Road Foreman

Don came in this evening to report the town’s portion of paving has been completed. He is awaiting confirmation from the state for Class 2 funding prior to continuing anymore paving. He’s picking up the new dump truck tomorrow; it’s been registered and insured. The highway department has been busy doing guardrail and shoulder work as well as putting down chloride on the roads. Don stated approximately 100 tires were picked up on Green-Up Day.

7:00 PM Skip Taylor – Zoning Administrator

Skip handed out his “Activity Report” for the time period of 4/5/11 through 6/6/11. A review of the report took place. Skip asked why the document “Town Road and Bridge Standards” had been signed at the same time the new document “Town of Fairfax Statement of Procedures and Standards Regarding Town Highways”. Skip was under the assumption that the new document incorporated the Town Road and Bridge Standards. It was determined by the Board that it was needed for grant funding at the time. Skip will work on merging the two documents to present to the Board at a later date. The parcel map clean-up is on hold as the person that was working with the town quit. A new person has been hired; once he is up to speed he will finish the work. The Planning Commission is looking for someone to fill a position on the PC Board.

7:30 PM James Meunier – Sewer Application

Jim Meunier/Mountain View Association came in with a sewer application permit request for acre lot located on Hunt Street. He is requesting a permit for 210 gallons per day, single family dwelling with three bedrooms. The water supply will be provided by drilled well. The sewer permit is good for two years.

*Bob made the motion to award his request. Peter seconded. Motion passed. Vote 4-0-1

7:31 PM Randy DeVine – Water & Sewer Superintendent

Randy handed out the sewer discharge report - 12 month average. The report showed a gallon per day average of 41,750 gallons (December 2010 through January 2011). Randy’s activities for the month of May included: spring-time flushing the water lines, wheel weights were added to the new lawnmower, cutting the grass, water and sewer lines were located at the Catholic Church; a leaky pipe at the Town Office was fixed and sewer pump station maintenance was performed on all pump stations. Randy is working with Katrina, from the Rec. Dept., for water and sewer to the Pavilion building. Recertification is almost done for the sludge field; this will be good for five years.

7:45 PM Justin Hayes – Fire Chief

Justin came in to talk to the Board regarding the possible donation of a ladder truck to either Georgia or Fairfax Fire Departments. There are four conditions of the donation, which were discussed, as well as how it will affect the rescue department. The ladder truck is 37’ long, bumper to bumper, with a 100’ ladder. There were some questions with the conditions that the Board would like answered before final acceptance of the ladder truck. Justin will contact American Test Center for a date to do a ladder test.

*Peter made the motion to accept the donation pending conditions.

Chris seconded the motion. Discussion. Motion passed. Vote 3-1-1.

Minutes 5/16/11

Randy made the motion to accept the minutes as written.

Chris seconded the motion. Motion carried. Vote 3-0-2.

Orders & Purchase Orders: Reviewed by Randy. The Board has requested invoices from the Delinquent Tax Collector.

Correspondence/Other Business:

1. Water Supply Division, a letter applying for operator certification for Paul Langelier was signed.

2. USDA – Dorothy Perkins will be notified that the Board elected Bob Horr to represent the Town of Fairfax.

*Bob Horr made the motion. Chris Santee seconded. Motion passed. Vote 4-0-1.

3. Dustetrail Road request for a malt caterer on 7/16/11.

*Peter made the motion to authorize Deb to sign the permit.

Randy seconded the motion. Motion passed. Vote 4-0-1.

4. APT Environmental invoice. This invoice is for the April HHWD. The invoice was reviewed.

*Bob made the motion to authorize Deb to pay the invoice.

Randy seconded the motion. Motion passed. Vote 4-0-1

5. Slate Affair invoice. This invoice was for repair of the roof on the Town Office. The invoice was reviewed and was what had been previously quoted.

6. School Board questions regarding the Town’s plans for the Town Office. Chris and Bob will work together on the questions. Chris will attend the meeting 6/13/11 at 6:30 PM.

7. Banking resolutions: Fran Conlon will be added to the resolutions and Cathy Jones, who is no longer working at Town Office, will be taken off; Amy Sears will be added on as well.

*Bob made the motion to sign the resolutions as stated (Peoples Bank and Union Bank).

Peter seconded the motion. Motion passed. Vote 4-0-1.

8. Brian Monaghan invoice: This was for work done on the water ordinance. The invoice was reviewed.

*Bob made the motion to pay the invoice.

Randy seconded the motion. Motion passed. Vote 4-0-1

9. Town Office basement: Bob has met with a couple of contractors to discuss the water problem in the basement. A new sump pump was discussed as well as putting gutters on the front porch to help alleviate water ending up in the basement. We will get a quote and ask for proof of insurance.

10. Water Ordinance: Randy would like a review of the definitions for a Boarding House vs. a Rooming House in the definition section of the Water Ordinance, Table 1. Randy will talk to Skip to see what his suggestions are.

11. Social media for the Town of Fairfax. The Town is trying to find better ways to inform residents of what’s going on in the town. Chris will work on this with Stacy.

9:15 PM Adjourn:

*Bob made the motion to adjourn.

Peter seconded the motion. Motion carried. Vote 5-0

Respectfully, submitted by Stacy Wells, Adm. Asst.


Robert A. Horr, Vice-Chair


* Motion

The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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