The minutes presented below are unapproved , subject to corrections and/or additions at the next Selectboard meeting. Those corrections and/or additions will be written to the original minutes. If you, the viewer, wish to personally see those changes, you will need to go to the Fairfax Town Office to view those changes as written on the original paper copy.

Any time the Selectboard "amends" the previous weeks' minutes, there will be a statement to that effect in the minutes of the meeting at which the "amending" occurred.

Fairfax Selectboard Minutes of 05/22/06

Selectboard members, Jeff Blake, Judy Cleary, Doug Webb, Bill Ormerod and Charlie Swanson were present at the meeting. Also present were Don Pigeon, Randy DeVine, Erin McSweeney, Colleen Steen, Henry Raymond, Betty Poulin and Chelsey Mills. These minutes are unofficial until approved by the Board at the next regularly scheduled Selectboard meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. Don Pigeon reported there were a few washouts in town due to all the rain we have had. Don and Charlie are going over the details of the River Road culvert project. Charlie has a list of the construction work for River Road, and the plans for the projects have gone to CSI.

Randy DeVine told the board about the VT Rural Water Association trade show that he and Mildred attended last week. At the trade show, he learned that there is a program the association is working on that would enable towns belonging to the association to borrow equipment from other towns in the event of an emergency. Randy will attend a meeting in August with more information, as this is still in the planning stages. All board members were in favor of Randy attending the meeting. Randy then went over the monthly sewer reports with the board.

Judy discussed painting the fire hydrants and informed the board that the Fire Department is willing to strip the paint off for her, and they will do the maintenance on them. The target date of completion is July 4th. All board members were in favor.

Bill motioned to accept the minutes of the May 15th meeting with 4 amendments. Judy seconded. All voted in favor. Bill motioned to accept the minutes of the May 19th meeting with 2 amendments. There were 3 board members in favor, and 2 members abstained.

OTHER BUSINESS: Bill presented Selectman Doug Webb with a pin recognizing him for his community service over the years. Bill informed the board of a concern regarding dogs barking on Woodward Road. He will review the dog ordinance. Charlie informed the Board that we should receive notification shortly regarding the Safe Routes to School grant application that was submitted on May 5th.

The board has scheduled interviews for individuals interested in the Constable position. The interviews will take place at the June 5th meeting.

Jeff read a letter from Peg Stewart acknowledging the receipt of the check from the town to the school for a 5 year lease. Peg also acknowledged that the sign made by the Eagle Scouts will be put in front of the Town Hall building. Jeff also presented an invoice on behalf of Elizabeth Poulin from FE Hart for 2 rails and 1 post that were damaged by the town while working around it. All members of the board voted in favor to reimburse Elizabeth $11.72 for the invoice. Judy also read e-mails from Michael Webb regarding his Bed and Breakfast on Fletcher Road.

PUBLIC INPUT: Colleen Steen spoke about reports from the Northwest Regional Planning Commission regarding traffic and highways. She also discussed the issues surrounding the Mississquoi Bay Bridge project. Betty Poulin expressed concern over the dust being generated by the Workman project. Jeff has already discussed this with the owners of the project.

There was no Executive Session during this meeting.

The Selectboard meeting was adjourned at 8:15PM.

____________________________________ Erin McSweeney, Selectboard Administrator

The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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