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Fairfax Selectboard Minutes of 05/12/08

Selectboard Members present: Judy Cleary, Bill Ormerod, Charlie Swanson, Randy DeVine, and Bob Horr. Staff Members present: Erin McSweeney, Administrative Assistant to the Selectboard, Don Pigeon, Road Foreman, and DJ Leach, Town Highway Department. Public Present: Lisa Lindner, and Colleen Steen.

1.Call to Order

Judy Cleary, Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 7:00PM.

2. Minutes

Charlie motioned to accept the minutes from the meeting on May 5, 2008, as written. Randy seconded. Randy noted that the wire connection to the turbo boost on the electronic turbo was actually repaired, not replaced. All board members voted in favor of accepting the minutes as written.

3. Items on the Agenda

A. Lisa Lindner, Member Relations Representative from the Vermont League of Cities and Towns - Lisa attended tonight's meeting to present different health insurance options available to Town employees through the League. Lisa presented information on Health Savings Accounts, a High Deductible Health Plan, and a combination of the two. The board reviewed the cost of these plans and the cost of the Town's current plan.

The board and the Town employees present discussed the current Employee Policy; the current policy states the following: "From January 1, 2008 through December 31, 2008, the two person health plan will be the maximum paid to full-time employees by the Town. From January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009; the one person plan will be the maximum paid to full-time employees by the Town. Health plan options for additional persons will be available through Employee Payroll deductions."

After much discussion with the employees present, the board amended the Employee Policy to reflect that the Town will pay 100% of the one person health plan and 90% of the two person or family plan; the employees will contribute 10%. This change will take effect January 1, 2009. This change applies only to full-time Town employees.

4. Other Business

A. Don has received all of the signs that he will be installing on River Road and Fletcher Road. Bill would like Don to take pictures of the signs on River Road once they have been installed; the pictures will be submitted to the Road Safety Audit Review committee.

B. Members of the Selectboard and Don will go on a tour of Town roads on Thursday, May 22nd, beginning at 7:30AM.

C. The board reviewed a written request from Tom Wyckoff to amend an existing sewer allocation permit for a project on Butler Road. Per the Town's Sewer Allocation and Connection Ordinance, a change in the scope of a project requires a re-application; the allocations he has been awarded will revert back to the Town.

Bob motioned to reject Tom Wyckoff's request to amend his application as the scope of the project has changed; Tom needs to submit a new application. Bill seconded. One board member voted in favor, and 4 board members voted against the motion. The motion did not pass.

Bob motioned to reject Tom Wyckoff's request to amend his application as the scope of the project has changed; the allocations will revert back to the Town. Bill seconded. Randy asked whether the fees Tom has paid will be refunded. Bill indicated that the ordinance states that fees paid are non-refundable. All board members voted in favor.

D. The board reviewed the Capital Budget Plan. Erin will contact the Northwest Regional Planning Commission to find out what the process is to update the plan.

E. The board reviewed a letter of interest from Ann Lemieux; Ann would like to continue serving on the Planning Commission. Erin will verify if Ann's term has expired; if so, the vacancy will be warned for 10 days.

F. The board would like to review a quarterly Profit & Loss statement for the Utility Department.

G. Bob discussed an opportunity for the Town to generate revenue by recycling metal through All-Metals Recycling. Bob suggested that a separate account could be set up for the income received; the funds could be used to improve security at the Town Garage. Randy suggested the funds could be used to off-set the cost of Household Hazardous Waste Day. Charlie suggested the funds could be used for green-up efforts.

H. Randy informed the board that he received a call from a resident who expressed concern about the property located at 1166 Main Street. The resident is concerned that there seems to be many people living there, and there are a lot of dogs as well. Erin will inform Skip Taylor and Josh Langelier.

I. Bill informed the board that he has obtained information regarding mailbox vandalism from the Postmaster. Erin will forward this information to Peg Stewart. Erin will also forward the information to Chris Santee for publication in the Fairfax News.

J. Erin will forward a public notice to Henry Raymond and Chris Santee regarding the 100 acre woods in North Fairfax; it will be closed to the public until further notice due to an on-going Forest Management project.

K. Katrina Antonovich, Parks and Recreation Director, would like to use the signs Randy made for Household Hazardous Waste Day to advertise Fairfax Community Day, which will take place on Saturday, June 7th. Randy will make the signs available to her.

L. Bill informed the board that Cathy and DJ Leach expressed concern that some of the dogs on Wheezy Way are still not licensed, and are still coming on to her property. Erin will contact Josh Langelier to follow up. Erin will contact Josh, Ted and Peter King to see if they are available to attend next week's meeting.

M. Erin received a certificate from VTrans regarding the speed limit reduction on Main Street in the village; Amy Gamble indicated that it will take 6-8 weeks to process the change.

N. Erin will contact Bob Perry at All-Cycle for a draft of the proposed contract for trash service. Bob Perry informed Erin that All-Cycle would like the board to sign a three year contract. The board will review the proposed contract when Erin receives it.

O. Erin will send letters to all of the full-time Town employees regarding the change to health care coverage provided by the Town. The Employee Policy will be revised at a later date, as there are other proposed revisions.

5. Public Input

There was no public input this evening.

6. Adjournment

Bob motioned to adjourn the meeting at 9:58PM. Bill seconded. All board members voted in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 9:58PM.

Erin McSweeney, Administrative Assistant to the Selectboard

The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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