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Town Of Fairfax Selectboard Minutes
April 20, 2009

Selectboard Members present: Bill Ormerod, Bob Horr, and Randy DeVine

Staff Members present: Jason Heyer, DRB Chair

Public Present: Melissa Beerworth

1. Call to Order

Bob Horr, Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 7:01 PM.

2. Items on the Agenda

A. SWIP Review: Bill questioned whether we would adopt as is, with the noted date and quantity errors. Bob will contact Jeff Fehrs to inquire how to proceed.

Jason questioned how we would control remodeling projects as far as illegal dumping/burning. Bill explained the idea of revising the zoning by-laws to require that a dumpster be on site for remodeling projects over 200 square feet in order to obtain a permit. This would apply to demolition projects as well. There was also further discussion regarding a possible transfer station in the Town and what options for siting would be available.

B. Employee Policy: Bill had drafted two possible options for revisions to the vacation policy section and this was distributed. Bob also proposed a separate option. All options were discussed. It was also mentioned we should consider getting input from other departments regarding future proposed changes to the policy, e.g. holidays, etc. Bill motioned to accept the proposed changes as follows:

0 – 6 months anniversary = no vacation time

6 months anniversary – end of that calendar year = 5 days1 – 5 calendar years completed – remains unchanged

6+ calendar years completed – remains unchanged

Randy seconded, three voted in favor. This revision will take effect upon adoption.

The Selectboard will next meet with other Town departments toward the end of May and again in September to discuss additional revisions to the Employee Policy.

C. Water Ordinance: Copies of the Williston Water Ordinance edited to reflect the Town of Fairfax, was distributed for review. Bill explained that this particular ordinance is more to the point, succinct and up to date; however, we would need to include the agricultural sections. The other members should be given the opportunity to review before any formal action is taken. Questions arose regarding change of use, multi-unit definitions, associations, and billing of tenants vs. owners. Suzanne will contact the Town of Williston to investigate further. There was also discussion on mailing of the reader cards and the timing of such.

3. Minutes

A. Bill motioned to accept the minutes from April 13, 2009 as written, Randy seconded the motion. Three voted in favor, motion passed.

4. General Business

A. Discussion regarding the Town Highway Aid payments from the State.

B. Discussion regarding the Application for a Boring Under Excavation In, or Digging Across a Town Road from Eustis Cable to work along River Road. Don is recommending this application be denied due to the fact the road is already unstable. Bill motioned to deny the application, Randy seconded. Three voted in favor, motion to deny passed.

C. Bob noted we sent another letter to VT Land Trust regarding the Rene Boissoneault farm. They did not receive the initial letter.

D. Discussion regarding the Georgia Community Wind Project. They would like to make a presentation in Fairfax some time in May. We will attempt to schedule a public hearing for May 11th, depending on the availability of space at the school. We would want to know what the physical, visual and economic impacts to the community would be. It should be a question and answer session.

E. Unlicensed dog list from Stacy was discussed. We need to have a meeting with Josh Langelier regarding dog licensing and enforcement, as well as dog bite issues. Randy suggested we advertise for an animal control person/second constable. The meeting with Josh should occur before we advertise any positions. The Board agreed to send out the “red” reminder cards to those individuals who have failed to license their dogs by the April 1st deadline.

F. We received a request from the Franklin County Humane Society for information regarding the number of licensed dogs in the Town, how they could renegotiate their contract, and how they could get more budget allocation. Suzanne will prepare a response.

G. The water system holding tanks clean-out will occur on May 2nd and 3rd by Liqui-Vision.

H. Sherry will be filling in for Stacy while she is on sick leave beginning May 1st. She will be coming in on April 27th to begin training. Stacy’s last day will be April 30th.

I. Discussion on HHWD. Bill, Randy and Suzanne will be working. Bob may attend but is not sure. We will need $200 in $5’s in the cashbox from Deb.

J. Municipal Voting Access for Individuals with Disabilities grant information from the State. This will be passed on to the School since our voting occurs in their building.

K. Discussion on Sewer Allocations about to expire. We need to send certified letters notifying three (3) applicants their allocations will expire 5/14/09.

L. Discussion regarding short term disability insurance. VLCT requires very detailed information on employees before providing a quote. Bob will take care of obtaining all the current information.

M. Bill will draft an RFP for bids on the building repairs for the Board to review.

N. Bob discussed the status of the Food Ventures building.

O. Randy: The community service worker has chosen to work at another location and will not be performing community service in the Utility Department. May have another worker already lined up.

Fairfax News deadline is April 27th.

Discussion regarding the meeting with Bob and Bill Superneau. Mr. Superneau will be putting together proposals to review with at another meeting perhaps the end of the week.

Trash pick up will no longer occur on Old Academy. Their trash will again be left at the end of the street so we may be getting complaints regarding blowing trash.

P. Bill: The Recreation Department has been holding meetings in the Town office building and Bill would like to give a key to Katrina. Suzanne will let her know we do have an extra.

Bill asked the status of the Identity Theft Policy. Suzanne is working on forms and will have ready for review at the next meeting.

Bill suggested the Board issue a standing order for Don Pigeon to hire Stanley at his discretion so long as it is within his budget. This will ensure the Selectboard maintains hiring rights. Suzanne will draft an order for Board review.

Bill is working on the Impact Fee Ordinance draft.

Handy legal issue – status conference scheduled for May 11th. Beliveau status conference scheduled for late May.

Q. Randy asked for approval of overtime for the weekend of May 2-3 to oversee the tank cleaning. This request will be addressed next week when additional Board members are present.

5. Adjournment

Bill motioned to adjourn, Randy seconded. Three votes in favor. The meeting adjourned at 10:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Suzanne Lavallee,

Selectboard Administrative Assistant

Robert A. Horr, Selectboard Chairperson

The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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