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Town Of Fairfax Selectboard Minutes
April 19, 2010

Selectboard Members present: Robert Horr, Chair, William Ormerod, Jr. – Vice Chair,

Randy DeVine, John Mitchell and Peter King.

Public Present: Sharon Iszak, representatives from SD Ireland, Frank W. Whitcomb and

Pike Industries.

Call to Order: Bob Horr called the meeting to order at 7PM.

Agenda Items

7:00 PM. Don Pigeon, Road Foreman, came in to review with the Board the three paving bids received. SD Ireland, Frank W. Whitcomb and Pike Industries submitted bids. These were reviewed and discussed. Pike Industries was awarded the contract. Signs, traffic control and protecting the covered bridge discussed during the bridge repair work on Main Street. Speed limit signs and variation of speed signs have been installed on Fletcher Road for traffic calming.

7:15 PM.Linda Sanderson came in for an interview with the Board to discuss the open Lister position. She has talked to the listers. The Board described the job duties and hours.

7:30 PM.Carolyn Branagan – Republican Representative for Fairfax and Georgia. Carolyn came in to talk with the Board about what is going on in Montpelier with the budget and unemployment benefits.

8:00 PM.Cliff Collins, P.E. from Ruggiano Engineering Inc. in St. Albans came in to discuss Paige Estates connecting into the municipal sewer system. He presented several options to the Town. AOT access permit, working in the R.O.W., curb cut and fire hydrant protection were discussed. Randy didn’t feel there would be a negative impact on the system other than down time in making the connection, or the possible failure of a check valve. He felt that installing a new man-hole/vault would be beneficial for accessibility to the check valves. Randy and Cliff will interface on this project.

8:30 PM.Peter King presented a revised version of the civil ordinance “Regulating Construction/Demolition Waste Disposal”. There is one correction in Article IX/Effective Date. Peter will return the corrected copy. The ordinance will be warned.

Peter made the motion to adopt the civil ordinance. Bill Second.

Motion approved to adopt the civil ordinance. Vote 4-0-1.

9:00 PMRandy DeVine W/S Superintendent – Sewer Status review.

Randy and Skip Taylor, ZA reviewed the file with new applications for sewer capacity. From this review Randy came up with an updated sewer status report. This report revealed a plant permitted capacity of 78,000 gal./day and a reserve capacity of 14,177 gal./day. Three sewer applications were reviewed, one was approved, two were tabled.


John made the motion to approve the 4/12/10 minutes with revisions.

Peter second. Vote 4-0-1

Other Business

A. Warrant/Purchase Orders – Reviewed.

B. Resolution for Municipal Planning Grant application has been signed by the

SelectBoard and Greg Heyer, Planning Commission.

C. Board members will walk the Young’s property located off Main Street this

week for a future site for a municipal building. The Board is open to any


D. Bob talked to a town resident about water availability on his property.

E. A memo will be generated regarding employee pay and expenses.

F. Global Net internet service discussed. We are still waiting for a contract from


G.Katrina Antonovich, Director of the Recreation Department, presented a

contract from Rainville’s Custom Lawn care.

John made the motion to accept and sign the contract.

Peter second. Vote 4-0-1.

H. Randy inspected the water hook-up at MA1175, Unit 102. Randy will let

Amy know of the change in billing.

Executive Session:

John motioned to enter executive session to discuss a personnel matter at

9:16 PM. Peter seconded. Vote was 4-0-1

Exit Executive Session:

Bill made the motion to exit executive session at 9:30 PM. Randy seconded.

Vote 4-0-1


Bill motioned to adjourn at 9:31 PM, Peter second. Vote 5-0

The minutes respectfully submitted by Stacy Wells, Asst. Town Clerk.


Robert Horr, Chair

The minutes are unofficial until approved at the next Selectboard meeting.

The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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