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Fairfax Selectboard Minutes of 03/20/06

Selectboard Chair, Jeff Blake, Judy Cleary – Vice Chair, and members Doug Webb, Bill Ormerod and Charles Swanson were present at the meeting. Also present were Road Foreman Don Pigeon, Water/Sewer Superintendent Randy DeVine, Selectboard Administrator Debra Richer, Colleen Steen, Myles Cahoon, Jackie Bruning, Betty Poulin, Henry Raymond, Dan Bouthillette, Keith Darby and Vanetta Darby. These minutes are unofficial until approved by the Board at the next regularly scheduled Selectboard meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. Don Pigeon submitted a copy of the Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual Report - January 2006 through December 2006 - which was reviewed briefly by the Board. The Board was asked to take it home and review it for the next meeting when Donna Meunier, the Town Clerk, would be present. Don provided a copy of the HMGP Sub-recipient Budget Request Sheet projected costs. The amount we should be rewarded once we receive approval, is 75% or $112.925.25. Our portion is 25% or $41,652.75 for a grant total of $154,578.00. This FEMA grant was approved by the Board and will be submitted to Vermont Emergency Management in Waterbury, Vermont this week by fax and mail. Judy Cleary thanked Don for setting up the tables at the Rabies Clinic which was held on Saturday, 3/18/06. Don reported that he needs to hire a part-time truck driver 2-3 days/week for a couple of weeks to complete paving, touch-up and applying fabric on some roads. He has two (2) potential candidates in mind that possess CDL licenses that would receive an hourly wage, but no benefits. This income would come from the Summer payroll. Judy brought up the subject of sidewalks from the October 10, 2006 meeting. Jeff, Doug and Charlie will investigate some Fairfax sidewalks on Monday, March 27, 2006. Some of the possible streets to be reviewed will be Hunt, Main, Maple, Millbrook and School Streets. This project is to provide for a safe route for kids to walk to school. They will meet at the Town Offices at 8AM. Jeff also mentioned that in the near future there was going to have to be a road tour.

Randy had nothing to report. Bill inquired whether anyone had read the article in the newsletter on the “Sand/Wastewater Emergency Planning Bill Emerges from the Rules Committee.” He said there was an unfunded mandate #318 that all Operation Management Wastewater facilities to have an Operations Management and Emergency Response Plan for pollution abatement. This includes a risk assessment. The effective date is July 1, 2006. Randy responded that he has all that completed including an Electric Power Outage Plan and an Emergency Management Plan. He also has a battery backup. Jeff said once we get the official notice we will respond. Jeff and Randy agreed to meet on Monday, 3/27/06 after the sidewalk inspection, to discuss the Seward Allocation list which is due in April. Charles and Bill will visit Randy on Saturday, 3/25/06 at 8AM to get an overview of the water/sewer department.

Myles Cahoon discussed his Bike Path Bid Documents that Ed Nuttall had previously reviewed and which Myles had submitted to Montpelier. Once the 2nd and hopefully, final set (which was sent to Kirsch Johnson on Friday 3/17/06) is approved and copasetic, he will seek the Selectboard’s approval. Myles drafted the documents himself rather than paying for an engineer to complete it. Montpelier told Myles that the Selectboard needs to certify the documents. Jeff responded that if everything makes sense, the board will certify the documents. Charles, who is a Civil Engineer as well as a Selectboard member, agreed to look over the documents. Myles is hoping to get the bids in by the end of May 2006. If the bids are within their budget, then they can start construction as soon as they’re ready to go. A pre-bid conference has been set up. The grant has already been extended 1 year. The reimbursement is 80%. The Selectboard thanked Myles for coming in and furnishing them with an update.

Steve Bessette had called Jeff and told him he could not make it to the Selectboard meeting, however, Jeff agreed to act in his behalf. The National Incident Management System (NIMS) is offering a course at the Fire Station on Wednesday, April 5th at 6PM – 10:30 PM and Saturday, April 8th from 8AM - Noon. Judy and Doug will attend the session on Saturday, April 8, 2006 and Jeff, Charles and Bill will attend the Wednesday, April 5, 2006 session.

Dan Bouthillette submitted his documentation and spoke in depth to the board about Benoit Road located in North Fairfax not complying with the A76 Standard. These documents were copied and will be reviewed by the Board and discussed at next week’s Selectboard meeting. Dan was provided with his original copies.

Keith and Vanetta Darby from KeVaCo Internet Solutions who host and design websites, completed their presentation/proposal for a potential Town Website. They suggested we take a look at their 1st website mainstreetvermont.com and the following town websites which they created: Braintree, Claredon, Grand Isle, Newport City, and North Hero, Vermont. They also provided some references. Charlie confirmed that there is a $200.00 one-time fee and $50.00/yearly cost. The business sponsors should make the website affordable.

Bill offered to review the suggested websites and to report his findings at next week’s meeting. The Darby’s were told we would be in touch with them in the future.

GENERAL BUSINESS: The Board reviewed and accepted purchase orders, work orders and invoices. Judy Cleary moved to accept the minutes from the March 13, 2006 Selectboard Meeting. Bill Ormerod seconded. One amendment was offered and accepted. All voted in favor of accepting the minutes as amended. The liquor license for Nan’s Mobil Store was unanimously approved and signed. Jeff provided an up-date on the potential Constable candidate. The candidate came in and picked up a copy of the job description and responsibilities for the Constable position. Once he reviews the document, he will contact Jeff. The Correspondence Worksheet was reviewed and approved by the Selectboard. The Board discussed the validation resolution provided to Jeff by Steven Stitzel, the town attorney. This document had been furnished to them the previous week pertaining to whether or not the town followed proper procedure on the elimination or removal of the Town Auditor position. Bill moved to accept the validation resolution and Charles seconded. They ratified what took place on that document and adopted/approved it as written unanimously. Skip returned the Model Flood Plan document to Jeff who plans on reviewing it and reporting back at the next meeting. It was discussed whether or not we would incur part of the postage costs for mailing educational information (magnets) to the town for Clean Green Sanitation. Jeff agreed he would talk to the Clean Green owners and come back with a resolution. He suggested that Donna may be able to provide the town mailing labels, but he thought that the agreement between the town and Clean Green indicated that Clean Green was responsible for their own mailing costs. Gabe Handy’s letter to the Zoning Administrator was reviewed and accepted. He stated in his letter that he enclosed a check for in payment of the education impact, sewer and water fees for the issuance of a zoning permit for his senior citizen housing project and that he made the payment under protest.

Jeff reminded everyone that the Review of the Annual Financial Plan with the AOT will be held on Friday, March 24, 2006 at 11:00 am and the Wellness Clinic, hosted by Heidi Joyce will be held on Thursday, April 18, 2006 beginning at 8:30 am.

OTHER BUSINESS: The Grand List Seminar to be held in Montpelier at the Capital Plaza Hotel was approved by the Board for the (3) Listers. The 61st Annual Town Officer’s Education Conference will be held at the Sheraton Conference Center in Burlington, VT on Wednesday, April 12, 2006. Jeff suggested it be posted on the wall. Debra, Charles and Bill agreed they would go. The Selectboard agreed they had read the letter pertaining to the Aplication #6F0581 (a.ka. Eastfield Condominiums, Town of Fairfax) from the Act 250 Commission and they had no questions or comments. The two (2) handouts from Carol Lizotte that the Board reviewed were discussed. Bill, who is now a Selectboard representative at the Park and Recreation meetings said he would talk to Carol at the next Recreation Steering meeting to be held at 6:40 on April 6, 2006 and find out exactly what her request were. They are also trying to purchase and position backstops, benches, and bleachers. Charles reported that he had met with Bob Horr to go over River Road, Chaffee Road and Russell Road. Debra will check for a dangerous intersection list for Charles, which he could not find in Bob Horr’s returned files. Judy reported on the Rabies Clinic that was held on Saturday, 3/18/06 from 9 – 11:00 am at the Town Garage. Eleven dogs and eight cats were issued rabies shots. The vaccine is now good for 3 years. Peg Bushy had called Judy on the Fairfax Teen Center and told her that she contacted the Vermont Criminal Investigation Agency to have a background check on anyone working at the Teen Center. She was told she had received a grant for $500.00, but she needed a Fiscal Agent to handle the funds. She has to reapply for the grant because time has lapsed. Judy agreed to furnish Jeff with Peg’s phone # so he can call her and discuss this issue.

PUBLIC INPUT: Colleen Steen agreed that she, Bill and Charlie need to get together to discuss a safe route to school for the children. Right now we don’t have sidewalks on our campus. She agreed to keep in touch with Bill Rose on this issue. Betty Poulin wanted to know, how we liked the article in the Burlington Free Press about our constable. She suggested we get sidewalks on Main Street because lots of kids walk there and it’s a very dangerous area in town because of all the traffic. She also wanted to know, if we had any idea how many people recycle in town. It was reported that Cambridge has a transfer station, as well as Fletcher. Jeff said that he would invite Clean Green Sanitation to come to one of our meetings and that he would provide a copy of the Clean Green Contract to the Selectboard members. The constables were called by Debra and they were asked to return they uniforms, badges, keys and equipment which they both agreed to do this week.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 PM.

____________________________________ Jeff Blake, Selectboard Chair

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