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MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2011


Selectboard Members Present: Bob Horr, Bill Ormerod, Randy DeVine, Peter King and Chris Santee.

Public Present: Michelle Dufresne.

7 PM The meeting was called to order by Bob Horr, Chair. The Board welcomed Chris Santee as a newly elected board member for a three-year term. Pertinent information regarding the position was discussed.


Election of Officers 2011:

Peter King nominated Bill Ormerod for Chair of the selectboard. Bill stated that he’s not going to be readily available like Bob was and wanted the Board to understand that. Randy DeVine second. Bob asked if there were any other nominations. Chris Santee nominated Bob Horr for Chair. Bill Ormerod second the nomination. A paper ballot took place. Chair vote: Bill 3 / Bob 2. Peter nominated Bob for Vice-Chair. Chris Santee second. Discussion. The vote was unanimous.

Other Business:

1. Chris Santee accepted the board appointment of liaison to the library, replacing former board member John Mitchell. Randy DeVine will now be reviewing the Selectboard orders, formerly done by Bill.

2. A meeting with Deb Landauer, Town Librarian, Pat McNall, Library Trustee, Deborah Woodward, Town Clerk/Treasurer, Bob Horr, Vice-Chair of the Selectboard and Chris Santee liaison to the library will take place tomorrow at 11:15 AM at the Town Office regarding their budget.

3. Minor’s Liquor/Tobacco License was presented for the Board’s signature: The license was signed.

4. Colleen Steen and Randy DeVine were reappointed to the NRPC.

5. The Selectboard agreed to start meeting the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Mondays of the month from now on. The starting time for the meetings has changed to 6:30 PM.

Don Pigeon – Road Foreman

Two access permit applications were reviewed with Don (Norm Benoit and Mark Audette, both on Cherrierville Road). The Board agreed to have Bill sign the permits; Benoit with conditions.

Don came in to discuss the old truck as it’s at J&B’s again with a possible electrical problem. It’s had two wiring harnesses replaced prior. The new truck should arrive around the end of May. A dump body will be ordered. Don stated they used the asphalt hot box today, the road crew constructed, and it worked excellent. The town roads have been posted.

Skip Taylor – Zoning Administrator

Skip handed out his activity report for the time period of 1/4/11 through 3/14/11. Bill asked about the street light study: Skip stated that he received an email from Catherine Dimitruk of Regional Planning offering their assistant in performing a street light inventory and analysis. He stated they were proposing approximately 60-80 hours worth of work. The Board agreed by consensus to have them help with this. We will get in touch with Catherine Dimitruk to confirm this.

(The Board would like this to include the pollution and water control buildings as well as the town garage; with an exterior light audit on the Town Office.)

SB Minutes Cont. 3/14/11

Skip talked with Brandy Saxton of PlaceSense about the Capital Program

and budget. She plans to meet with each department of the town, gather and compile the data. The CP&B determines what is charged for impact fees. The Board will review the new road document and discuss it at the next meeting 3/21/11. Skip will be meeting with the listers, and the mapping company, to finish up last year’s mapping project. The position on the Planning Commission is still open; this will be posted again. Skip asked when they could order their new computer for the zoning office, which is in the budget. The Board gave Skip their approval for a $100 gift certificate to Greta Brunswick, for her help on the development regulations, previously approved.

Randy DeVine – Tabled

Michelle Dufresne – Architect

Bob introduced Michelle to the Board. Michelle was asked to come in tonight for her expertise in architectural design. She will present a schematic layout for the Board to review of a new office building. Bob will work with Michelle to explore all options including land and building type. Chris will look into generating an on-line survey as another means to collect data from the voters. A group will be formed to compile data and present the outcome.

Randy DeVine – Water & Sewer Superintendent

Randy handed out a sewer discharge report – 12 month average. Randy stated he has been busy with snow removal. He recorded 37” of snow in the month of February at the plant. The ice is going out of lagoon 2. He’s doing sampling on lagoon 1. He stated there was a leak in the chlorine injection line, which he repaired. The fire extinguishers have had their yearly updates in all buildings. Membership to the Vermont Rural Water is up for renewal.

Bob made a motion to renew the membership.

Peter second. Discussion. Motion passed. Vote 4-0-1

Purchase Orders: Reviewed, there’s still a question regarding a savings account for an employee. We will have Deb talk to Bill regarding this.

Correspondence: Sally Sweet letter, dated 2/26/11. A letter will be generated to Sally to address her concerns.

Minutes 3/07/11

Bob made the motion to accept the minutes as written.

Randy second. Motion passed. Vote 3-0-1


Peter made the motion to adjourn at 10:08 PM.

Bob seconded the motion.

Motion passed. Vote 5-0

Respectfully, submitted by Stacy Wells, Adm. Asst.


William Ormerod, Chair


The minutes are unofficial until approved at the next Selectboard meeting.

The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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