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MONDAY February 7, 2011

Selectboard Members Present: Bill Ormerod, Randy DeVine and John Mitchell.

Public Present: Chris Santee

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Bob Horr, Chair at 7:05 PM.


Don Pigeon – Road Foreman

Discussion: Don stated that the division of R.R. Charlebois that handles dump bodies no longer exists. Apparently, Charlebois never saw the bid from the town, as the salesperson that generated the estimate no longer is employed with them. Don stated he will have to go back to Tenco New England, Inc. and go with their estimate. Don told the Board he needs a new overhead door as three hinges, as well as two of the rollers are broken. He has an estimate for a new door of $2200.00; this was included in his budget. He has cut the usage of salt back mixing sand and salt in a 50/50 mix. He’s hoping to spend about the same for salt this year as he did last year. Don spent $5,000.00 recently on the 2004 dump truck (this is the dump truck that he wants to replace). Don stated the crew is holding up well considering the long hours they have put in due to the excessive amount of snowfall. Bill asked Don to keep track of invoices for salt as there has been a problem of price gouging.

Bob Perry – Casella

Discussion: Bob Perry came in to discuss the terms of renewing the contract for garbage removal and recycling. The Board asked questions regarding tire removal, roll-offs and hazardous waste. Casella will continue to educate residents on recycling.

John made the motion to accept the proposal from Bob Perry/Casella, as stated in his letter of February 3, 2011. (The new contract will begin the 1st of February.)

Bill seconded the motion. Discussion. Motion passed. Vote 4-0-1

Randy DeVine – W/S Superintendent – Tabled to later in the meeting.

Sheriff Robert Norris and Kevin Bushey, Franklin County Sheriff’s Dept.

Discussion: Sheriff Norris came in to talk to the Board regarding their impending contract renewal with the town. He handed out a booklet on “Hours of Service” which revealed a breakdown on the services provides to the town by FCSD. The Sheriff’s Department has a page on Facebook to post information, press releases, statistical reports and events that relate to the Sheriff’s Office. FCSD also has a post on Henry’s Forum which has the reports that are provided to the Selectboard on a monthly basis. Kevin Bushey, a detective with the FCSD, accompanied Sheriff Norris to the meeting. He stated that they are working on educating the public on locking their doors at home, car doors and not keeping valuables in their car. The hours of coverage were discussed, as well as, what the town would like the priorities of the sheriff’s department to be; e.g. traffic and safety around town and the school, drug activity, back road monitoring. Peter will work on the local ordinances and give them to the Sheriff’s Department.

Chris Santee made the comment that the majority of the residents are happy with the service provided by the FCSD.

Randy DeVine, W/S Superintendent (tabled from earlier in the evening).

Discussion: Randy handed out a report on sewer discharge for the month of December 2010. He stated they fixed a water leak by the Catholic Church driveway from an old water line that had severed and plugged. He talked about the meeting he and Bob had with Dubois & King regarding wastewater. D&K are working with us to get on the ANR sewer priority list. Green Mountain Engineering is working with us to get on the water priority list. Randy discussed a conversation he had with Gabe Handy on February 1, 2011, regarding his water allocation. The consensus of the Board is, if Mr. Handy chooses to surrender his allocation, that allocation comes back to the Town, and any use of that allocation is at the discretion of the Town. Randy asked the Board if they would approve giving a $100.00 donation to the Vermont Rural Water Association toward their Drinking Water week to help support the annual water fair and contest.

John made the motion to donate $100.00 to RWA.

Peter seconded. Discussion

Motion passed. Vote 4-0-1

Minutes 1/24/11:

John made the motion to approve the minutes.

Randy seconded the motion.

Motion passed. Vote 4-0-1

Purchase Orders: Reviewed, with a question regarding an invoice from the VLCT Health Ins. We will check into this with Deb.

Executive Session:

Peter made the motion to enter into executive session at 8:55 PM to discuss personnel.

John seconded the motion.

Motion passed. Vote 4-0-1

Motion to exit executive session at 9:14 PM by Bill, seconded by John.

Vote 3-0-1 motion carries.


Bill made the motion to adjourn at 9:15 PM.

John seconded the motion.

Motion passed. Vote 4-0

Respectfully, submitted by Stacy Wells, Adm. Asst.


Robert A. Horr, Chair


The minutes are unofficial until approved at the next Selectboard meeting.

The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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