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Town Of Fairfax Selectboard Minutes
February 1, 2010

Selectboard Members Present: Bob Horr, Bill Ormerod, John Mitchell, Randy DeVine

Present: Don Pigeon, Deb Woodward, Skip Taylor, Peter King, Mark Hunziker

1. Call to Order

Bob Horr, Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.

2. Agenda Items

A. Don Pigeon: Don acknowledged the letter received from Vinnie Jiwatram regarding a culvert located at 150 Sam Webb Road dated January 22, 2010. It is Don’s opinion that there are no problems with the referenced culvert and advised the Board to take no action. The Board agreed.

Per a recent survey on Ledge Road, Class 4 Town Highway mileage needs to be added to the VTrans mileage summary. Bill motioned to approve the Certificate of Highway Mileage as submitted by the Road Foreman, John seconded. Vote was 4-0-1.

Don needs a new phone before February 22, 2010 or the lease will continue. John will pick one up for him this week, as well as a new phone for Randy.

Don is working on two small grant applications. One is a Small Bridge Grant to replace Bridge #11 on Woodward Road. The other is for a sand shed.

There was vandalism at the town garage. The vandals painted obscenities on the construction trailer on site for the Bridge #10 replacement in the spring.

A representative from VT AOT visited the area of Village View/Buck Hollow/Hawley Road today. He will be forwarding recommendations when he completes his report.

The Morse property is not suitable for Don’s purposes; not high enough for the 14’ doors and not enough area for all of the equipment.

B. Deb Woodward: Deb appeared to discuss problems with the computers in the Clerk’s office and a need for better protection. Bill will contact the person who worked on the computers recently to discuss options. Deb asked whether the veteran’s property tax exemption would be discussed at Town Meeting. Bill suggested having Stacy look into the article further so any questions could be answered.

C. Skip Taylor: Skip distributed his activity report.

Skip asked if he will be compensated for serving on the Energy Committee. John motioned to pay $25 per meeting along with mileage, Bill seconded. Vote was 3-0-2.

Information regarding energy grants through NRPC for energy audits will be forthcoming and Skip will assist with completing the application.

Skip asked if there will be discussion at Town Meeting regarding the search for new town office space; he would like to be prepared if the matter comes up.

A letter of interest in serving on the DRB was received from Martha Varney. The Board will ask her to come in for an interview the second meeting in March (March 15, 2010).

D. Randy DeVine: Randy distributed Water Usage Report for January. He is still working on the letter to residents regarding filters on water meters.

Randy asked if the Utility Department would have funds available to pay the 20% match for a PACIF equipment grant. The grants are coming available and would be for no more than $10,000, making the Town portion $2,000. The Board feels this would be acceptable.

There was discussion regarding a utility bill that has not been paid (sewer only) and whether it should go to Small Claims Court. Bill will begin the process of filing a claim in court.

E. The Morse property tour was discussed and it was decided the Town would not have an interest in the entire parcel and building; however, they would be interested in a 2 acre parcel to pursue a backup water source.

F. The well drilling proposals were reviewed. Bob will obtain more information from Claude Chevalier regarding his bid.

G. The proposal from Larry and Barb Young was reviewed. The Board viewed the prospect favorably, but there is still a long way to go on it.

3. Minutes

Bill motioned to accept the minutes of the January 7, 2010 meeting as written, Randy seconded. Vote was 4-0-1. Bill motioned to accept the meeting minutes of the January 18, 2010 meeting as written, John seconded. Vote was 3-0-2.

4. General Business

A. Bob requested reimbursement for additional charges on his cell phone which were related to Town business. John motioned to reimburse him, Bill seconded. Vote was 3-0-2.

B. Randy provided the Board with a copy of a letter he sent to Ruggiano Engineering regarding Paige Estates.

C. A request for $100 contribution was received from the VT Rural Water Association to support Vermont Drinking Water Week. The Board approved the contribution by consensus.

D. Bill attempted to contact the Sheriff regarding recent vandalism, has not heard anything back yet.

5. Executive Session

Bill motioned to enter executive session without the administrative assistant present to discuss a personnel matter at 9:12 pm, John seconded. Vote was 3-0-2. John motioned to exit executive session at 9:19 pm, Randy seconded. Vote was 4-0-1.

6. Adjournment

Bill motioned to adjourn at 9:20 pm, John seconded. Vote was 4-0-1.

Respectfully submitted by Suzanne Lavallee,

Selectboard Administrative Assistant

Robert A. Horr, Selectboard Chair

The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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