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Fairfax Selectboard Minutes of 01/30/06

Selectboard Chair Jeff Blake and members Doug Webb, Judy Cleary, Bob Horr and Ed Nuttall were present at the meeting. Also present were Road Foreman Don Pigeon, Water/Sewer Superintendent Randy DeVine, Bill Ormerod, Colleen Steen, Joan Wotherspoon, Jennifer Mullen, Catherine Jones, Fran Conlon and Patricia Crowley. These minutes are unofficial until approved by the Board at the next regularly scheduled Selectboard meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. Bob Horr read a letter from State Hazard Mitigation Officer Ray Doherty which informed Bob that the mitigation grant he and Don Pigeon applied for on the River Road/Stones Brook crossing has been approved for funding by FEMA. The Federal share (75% of total project costs) is $112,925. The Town's local match share is $37,567 (25% of total project costs). An additional $4,011 was awarded for related administrative costs. Don Pigeon explained that of the $37,567 local share, the State will pay 12½%. The Town is not authorized to begin work on the structure until FEMA and the State have completed their final environmental review and a memorandum of understanding or contract has been signed by the Town.

Don reported that before applying for the AOT Structures Grant, he would sit down with Engineer Sam Ruggiano to review the River Road project; Bob Horr will also attend the meeting. Bob Horr read a follow-up response to David Shea's concern regarding accidents occurring at the curve on Sam Webb Road. Bob and Don inspected the curve on January 25th and determined that of all options discussed, large warning signs would work best to alleviate the situation. Don will order and install the signs after the town budget is passed.

Randy DeVine met with VT Rural Water Association for guidance on the Source Protection Plan update which is due in April. Randy also met with Gabe Handy and Craig Cowel last Thursday to review list of items to be addressed at the Workman/Modica project location. Craig Cowel was to be doing some work Friday. Randy reported that as of today, nothing had been done. Bob questioned whether the DRB was aware of the Town's well head protection area on Wheezy's Way; property owner Brian Woodward was planning a subdivision there. In 2003 Randy sent a letter to the Zoning Administrator and DRB which listed the restrictions on the well protection area. Randy reviewed and updated the list of abutters and will also update and redistribute the letter that was previously sent regarding the source protection area.

Skip Taylor provided an activity report for January 17-30th. Skip noted that he sent a letter to homeowner and Fairfax News owner Chris Santee requiring him to obtain a permit for a home occupation. Chris disagreed with Skip but asked Skip to send him an application. Chris responded back with a letter of appeal from his attorney. Skip believes that Chris is in violation and requested permission to contact the Town's attorney for his opinion on the matter; the Board agreed to permit it. Skip also requested the Selectboard remedy an error that he made by waiving the water and sewer requirement on a residence conversion to a bed and breakfast. Skip's letter explained that he met with the daughter of the buyers prior to the purchase of the five bedroom home on Fletcher Road. During their discussions Skip misinformed her. The house was purchased with the understanding that it met all requirements and no additional money would have to be spent in order to be in compliance. Ed Nuttall motioned to accept the recommendation of the Zoning Administrator. The motion was lost due to no second. Bob Horr motioned to discuss the subject of Skip's recommendation. Doug Webb seconded. One voted in favor, four against. Judy Cleary motioned to deny the request. Ed Nuttall seconded. Discussion took place; Skip explained that it would still require a change of use from the DRB but there would be no revisions to the building, it would continue to be five bedrooms. The decision to purchase the home was based on the information given by a town official. The Selectboard pointed out that a number of people have come to the Board with requests for water and/or sewer that the Selectboard turned down. All voted in favor of denying Skip's request. Skip noted that the Zoning Bylaws lacks clarification on requirements for water and sewer capacity under certain conditions and the process to obtain it. Bob recommended including it with the current revisions or make an interim bylaw.

At 8:00 Ed Nuttall motioned to go to executive session to interview five people for the Selectboard Administrative Assistant position. Judy Cleary seconded. All voted in favor. The Board came out at 8:36 pm. At 8:42 pm the Board went back into executive session to complete the interview session. They came out of executive session at 9:21 pm.

Bob Horr moved to accept the minutes from the January 23, 2006 meeting. Judy Cleary seconded. All voted in favor of accepting the minutes as written. The Board reviewed and approved Purchase Orders from the Listers, Town Clerk, Road Foreman and Selectboard. Work orders and invoices were reviewed and signed. The Board signed a (duplicate) liquor license for Adams Quick Stop.


was reviewed as follows: On behalf of the Recreation Dept., Jackie Bruning requested use of Town Office (approved); Ladies of Fairfax United Church requested permission to sell lunch at Town Meeting Day (request approved); Selectboard Administrative Assistant Letters of Interest - Patricia Crowley, Michelle Lamothe, Fran Conlon, Jennifer Mullen, Catherine Jones; Steven Jeffrey - VLCT Action Alert Public Hearing on Ancient Roads; State of VT ANR re: Lost Tree Inc. Storm water Construction Permit; State of VT Dept of Public Safety - River Rd. project approved for FEMA funding; FEMA Program Evaluation and Customer Satisfaction Survey (Bob); Vtrans Town Maps; VT State Police, 2005 St. Albans Barracks Annual Report.

OTHER BUSINESS: Judy Cleary provided a summary of the Fairfax Community Library Quarterly Meeting. Both the school and community librarians along with Melinda Carpenter were asked to participate in the selection process for the new librarian. Ed Nuttall completed the 2006 Household Hazardous Waste Grant which showed an anticipated budget of $3,779. Bob Horr mentioned adding costs related to getting rid of tires in the grant application. Bob recommended the Board follow through with our District Representative on having the State take a more proactive approach in assisting towns in getting rid of tires, as was the advice of Jeff Fehrs from Agency of Natural Resources. Bob Horr motioned to sign the grant application. Judy Cleary seconded. All voted in favor. The document was signed by the Chairman. Ed reported he will attend the Community Advisory Board meeting on February 22nd. Bob asked him to find out if the State Police have been empowered to work with local police forces to solve the rash of break-ins that have been occurring. Ed informed the Board that there will be a vote at Northwest Regional Planning Commission's February 15th Meeting. Ed asked for the Board's position on whether or not they should allow Wal-Mart. The Fairfax Selectboard would like them to allow it. Ed also discussed how he would like to handle the slide presentation for town meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:46 pm.

___________________________________ Jeff Blake, Selectboard Chair

The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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