The minutes presented below are unapproved , subject to corrections and/or additions at the next Selectboard meeting. Those corrections and/or additions will be written to the original minutes. If you, the viewer, wish to personally see those changes, you will need to go to the Fairfax Town Office to view those changes as written on the original paper copy.

Any time the Selectboard "amends" the previous weeks' minutes, there will be a statement to that effect in the minutes of the meeting at which the "amending" occurred.

Fairfax Selectboard Minutes of 01/22/07

Selectboard members Jeff Blake, Bill Ormerod, Charlie Swanson, Doug Webb and Judy Cleary were present at the meeting. Also present were Erin McSweeney, Don Pigeon, Donna Meunier, DeAnna Farnham, and Jared Lawton. These minutes are unofficial until approved by the Board at the next regularly scheduled Selectboard meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00PM. Don reviewed Access Permits from Peter Rainville, ORB, LLC., and Richard Dusablon. Jeff signed the permits; the permit from Richard Dusablon was approved with the conditions stated in the letter from Averill Engineering. Don and Erin will work on the Town Highway Class 2 Roadway Program grant application. Don informed the board he will have prices for a new truck at next week's meeting.

Donna Meunier informed the board that the Fire Department's budget will have to be revised to include a mandatory dispatch fee of $5,500.00. Donna and the board reviewed the revised Recreation Department budget as well. Donna and the board also reviewed the warned articles for the Town Report.

Jared Lawton attended tonight's meeting to discuss a proposal he has for an Eagle Scout project. He would like to take care of the graffiti on the abutments and wood on the outside of the covered bridge on School Street. He will ask some boy scouts to assist him with the project. The project would be done at no cost to the Town, as the time and materials would be donated. Bill motioned to allow Jared Lawton to proceed with his proposed Eagle Scout project. Charlie seconded. All board members voted in favor.

Bill motioned to accept the minutes from last week's meeting. Charlie seconded. 3 board members voted in favor, and 2 abstained.

Bill motioned to accept the minutes from last week's meeting. Charlie seconded. 3 board members voted in favor, and 2 board members abstained.

Charlie motioned to accept the 2007 Pay Schedule for Town employees. Bill seconded. All board members voted in favor. The board signed the document.

OTHER BUSINESS: By consensus, the board decided the Town will not participate in the Community Visit program being offered by the VT Council on Rural Development. The board signed the Final Warning for Town Meeting. The board reviewed Bill Superneau's proposal for a potential water source further. Erin will follow up with Bill in writing; Bill is scheduled to meet with the board on February 5th. The board discussed the water account #1054; Erin will contact Randy and ask him to replace one of the meters, as a difference in cubic feet is being recorded. Bill informed the board that he has ordered a new power pack for the Fire Department's computer. He will install it this week.

PUBLIC INPUT: There was no public input this evening.

Judy motioned to enter Executive Session at 8:41PM to discuss a pending legal issue. Charlie seconded. The board came out of Executive Session at 9:00PM.

The Selectboard meeting was adjourned at 9:00PM.


____________________________________ Erin McSweeney, Selectboard Administrator

The above minutes are unapproved , subject to amendment.

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