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February 03, 2023, 06:57:54 PM

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: Ice Storm Clean-up  ( 3847 )
Fireman David
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« : February 02, 2014, 10:23:54 PM »

Fire Warden Duane Leach and I would like to send out this message, to encourage people to start thinking of spring yard work early this year.

With the large amount of trees that were damaged due to the ice storm this winter, we are expecting that a large number of homeowners will have piles of branches to burn this spring.

We are asking that people consider starting their spring clean up while the snow is still on the ground.

If you are planning a large fire you should call prior to burning even when there is snow.

Large controlled burns often result in numerous calls to 911, calling ahead lets us know when and where controlled burns are taking place ahead of time.

Last spring we had a very busy brush/wild-land fire season.

Due to the weather conditions being so dry we had a large number of brush fires, caused by controlled burning, that got out of control.

Although it is to early to predict what weather conditions will be in April and May, we are already anticipating another busy brush/wild-land fire season.

If you plan to burn brush, please read the information below regarding open burning in the Town of Fairfax.

In the Town of Fairfax it is permitted to have a “camp fire” which is 36” or less in diameter, and fueled by “natural wood” (fire wood), without obtaining a burn permit.

A “Burn Permit” is required for any fire larger than 36” in diameter (natural wood only). A permit is not required when the ground is completely covered in a blanket of snow (which will reduce the likely-hood of embers spreading the fire).

Only natural, untreated wood. Examples: logs, branches, limbs, cuttings, stumps, brush, leaves, slab wood, pallets, can be burned.

Wood that has been painted or treated with preservatives, should not be burned.

In VT it is Illegal to burn the following: Paper & Cardboard; Tires & other Rubber products; Treated, Painted, or Finished Wood; Tar-paper or asphalt Shingles; Plastics; Garbage.

Please visit the Fairfax Fire Department web page for more information regarding “Open Burning” and “Burn Permits”.


Please burn responsibly,

LT David Raymond
Fairfax FD
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« #1 : February 03, 2014, 10:33:45 AM »

WHat should be done if plastics and other refuse are beign burned ( obviously illegally as they wouldn't be able to obtain a permit to burn them)?  is there a fine or citation that can be issued?  Are these tracked somewhere so repeat situations can be remedied with action beyond citations?.

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« #2 : February 03, 2014, 06:24:00 PM »

oh boy
Fireman David
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« #3 : February 05, 2014, 01:38:01 PM »

Sorry for the delay in posting a reply to the question regarding the burning of refuse.

I hope the information below answers your question.

I will be adding information regarding this topic onto the Towns Website, within the next few days.


The following is language from www.dontburnvt.org

Filing an Open Burning Complaint

Important: As always, if you have an emergency situation, dial 911 to access local emergency services. The resources listed below do not involve emergency responders.
If you know the person that is burning and feel comfortable talking with them, it is often best to make the first contact yourself, but if the person is antagonistic or violent then it’s better to report the situation to some other authority as explained below.
Municipal Enforcement: Many towns or cities have ordinances that prohibit the open burning of trash or in some cases even leaves and brush. Local Fire Wardens are there to prevent wild fires not to enforce environmental regulations. Although their authority in environmental situations is limited, many of them will seek voluntary compliance from people burning trash. Local Health Officers may also investigate complaints about illegal trash burning. Depending on the town, local fire departments may respond to complaints about illegal trash burning in addition to providing emergency fire suppression services.
Solid Waste Management Districts: Some solid waste management districts have ordinances prohibiting trash burning which they enforce using county sheriffs or their own enforcement officers.
Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation:
Enforcement Division: You can file a formal complaint with the Enforcement Division at (802) 828-1254. The Enforcement Division has regional enforcement officers that investigate potential violations of environmental regulations including illegal burning. More information on filing complaints with the Enforcement Division can be accessed.
Air Pollution Control Division: You can also file a complaint with the Air Pollution Control Division toll free at (888) 828-1288.

If there is fire that is burning out of control, or it is obvious that illegal materials are being burned, do not hesitate to call 911 and request the Fire Department.

The Fire Department will respond and determine, based on what is found upon their arrival, the best course of action as far as extinguishment, or allowing fire to continue burning. (Not all fires that are reported as being illegal, are illegal)

If it is determined that illegal materials are being burned, the FD will document what is found, and report it to the Selectboard.

The Town of Fairfax has a Civil Ordinance  “Regulation of Open Fires and Incineration”, in which the Selectboard has designated; members of the Selectboard, the Town Health Officer, the Fire Warden, and the Constable as enforcement officers of the Ordinance.

It is the responsibility of the enforcement officers to enforce the ordinance.

If needed the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Compliance & Enforcement Division is another tool at the Towns disposal.


As always, if you have any questions regarding the Fire Department, you can reach out to me at the Fire Station 849-6075, or via email fairfaxfire7@yahoo.com


David Raymond, FXFD
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