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1  General / Library Announcements / Unapproved Minutes June 21 2018 FCL Trustees' Meeting. on: June 26, 2018, 12:23:53 PM
Unapproved Minutes
Fairfax Community Library Trustees’ Meeting
June 21, 2018

The meeting was called to order by chair Pat Gallant.  Also present were: Debbie Landauer (Director) and trustees Christina Fearon, Eric Foreman, Liz Griffin, and Ellen Holmes-Henry.

The minutes of the May 10 meeting were reviewed.  Chris made a motion to accept the minutes and the board voted approval.

Eric reported that the savings account held $1836.07, and the checking $357.83.  A motion by Liz was made to accept the report and the motion passed.

There was neither correspondence nor public input. 

At 6:35 the board voted to go into Executive Session to discuss various staffing issues.
The board came out of Executive Session at 6:50.

Eric was unable to attend the last facilities committee meeting, but will seek out the minutes of the last meeting. He anticipates attending the next meeting. 

Debbie reported that the summer reading program, whose theme is “Libraries Rock,” currently has over 100 youth signed up to participate. 
She also indicated that she was delighted to be able to bring some books to a patron who was unable to come to the library. 
Debbie attended a Vermont Library Association Board retreat.
Currently Debbie is working on wrapping up the budget for the fiscal year which ends on June 30.
The program planner will, at the start of the summer, work an additional 2 hours, bringing  the total weekly hours  to fourteen.   
A Laptime Storytime, to be held one Saturday per month  will begin in July.  This is a story time targeted at babies still in arms! 

Nicole, the program planner, has developed an extensive summer program around the Reading Program theme, Libraries Rock. The kickoff event will be two children’s plays put on by the Backpack Theatre. The finale will be held August 8 and will feature the Modern Times Theatre.
In keeping with the theme, the library will be giving out kazoos at the 4th of July parade.

New Business
Pat and Ellen met with principal John Tague with concerns about the need to buzz the public into the library and how that system would be managed and he e-mailed Pat recently.  He said that they have talked about adding the buzzer to the new office area and it should be fine. He won't have any concrete answer or plan until they get bids back on the construction.

Debbie handed out an emergency procedures document for all the trustees to view. 
Pat and Debbie will meet to review Highgate Library’s emergency preparedness statement to determine if it could be adapted to meet our needs.

On another note, Debbie handed out digital contact information for Brad Docheff, the Town Manager, should any trustees’ care to contact him.

Chris Fearon and Eric Foreman will be working to create a Trustee Community Library Survey.  Chris will meet with Lara Keenan seeking information and ideas about the process of constructing and distributing the completed survey document.  One thing it will solicit from the community are ideas about what  Fairfax citizens think the library could be doing in and for the community at large. Further, the survey would help the trustees discern what folks might want to see in the library.  And, it is hoped  that individuals who are not library patrons my help the trustees learn how they might include them in the life of the library.

Data gathered from the survey will also be used in the development of the next five year strategic plan.

A brief discussion was held about the efficacy of a trustee and/or the director attending selectboard meetings on a quarterly basis.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05.
The next trustees’ meeting will be held August 23rd

Respectfully submitted

Elizabeth Griffin, secretary.

2  General / Announcements / Food Shelf July Dates!!! on: June 26, 2018, 08:10:35 AM
Just for July, the Fairfax Food shelf will be open on TUESDAY July 3 9-12 and TUESDAY July 10 from 9-12!
We will be open on the 4th Saturday, July,28th. 8:30-10:30, our usual day and hours.
3  General / Library Announcements / FCL Trustees' Meeting 6/21/18 on: June 21, 2018, 07:35:14 AM


Fairfax Community Library Board of Trustees Meeting
June 21, 2018
6:30 PM – Fairfax Room

•   Call to Order

•   Approval of minutes of May 10, 2018 meeting

•   Treasurer’s Report

•   Correspondence

•   Updates
o   Staffing
o   Facilities Committee 
o   Highlights since last meeting
o   Other

•   New Business
o   School and Library Safety
•   Plan for library emergency procedures during non-school hours
•   Buzzer update
•   Other
o   Trustees Community Survey
o   Summer Library Plans/Events
o   Confirm August meeting date
o   Other

•   Adjourn

4  General / Library Announcements / Unapproved Minutes FCL Trustees' meeting May 10 2018 on: May 15, 2018, 07:35:20 AM
FCL Trustees’ Meeting
May 10 2018     6:30, Fairfax Room

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 by chair, Pat Gallant.  Present were: Liz Griffin, Eric Foreman, Ellen Holmes-Henry, Chris Fearon, and library director, Debbie Landauer.
There was neither correspondence nor public input.

The minutes of the March 22 meeting were reviewed and a motion was made by Liz to approve them, and the motion passed.  Also, the  minutes of the April 5 meeting were also reviewed, Liz made the motion to approve,  and  they were approved.

The treasurer, Eric, said that he had discussed with Amy of the Town Clerk’s office the wages and hours of FCL employees. Additionally, he reported that the checking account had one outstanding check and after it clears the balance will be $357.83.  There is $1835.92 in the savings account, and the CD is worth  $6178.45.  Since this CD matures in November 2018, a discussion took place about what to do with the money as the interest rate is .65%.
Options include: putting it in the rollover fund; use some of it for special expenditures; find CD’s that have a better interest rate.  Debbie will look into past records to see if the CD has any funds that were ‘dedicated.’

There was discussion about sources of money for the savings account.  At one point monies from donations, the conscience jar, and  overdue books went into this account. Now, all those funds go into the  library’s “other income” account for greater accountability. 

Chris made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report and it was approved. 

A conversation developed about fundraising and the role of the library trustees.  This will be a conversation for a later time.


Debbie, with the participation  of  some of the trustees has interviewed 7 individuals for the soon to be vacant Library Assistant position.  Two have withdrawn their applications.  Debbie has at least two or more interviews to conduct.

Facilities Committee.

No trustees attended the last meeting.  Karin, however, did.  Debbie and Joy gave the library’s past plans and priorities to Karin so she will have insight into the FCL’s concerns about the possible renovation to the building.  Karin reported that the committee is going to focus on the basics: what needs repair, what needs replacing, and safety. 

Regional Trustees Training.

Ellen attended this meeting and spoke highly of Lara Keenan, who led the workshops.  An important issue brought up and discussed was the importance of the trustees’ relationality to the community and willingness to engage community members and groups about the library and its role in the life of the community.  The importance of long term planning was emphasized. 
The FCL will begin the process of creating a community survey about the library in preparation for creating a 5 year strategic plan.  The ideas Ellen shared support the trustees’ planning and work toward this end.

New Business

At the Joint Board Meeting a decision was made to install a buzzer for the public access to the library.  This was discussed at a recent School Board meeting and according to John Tague,  the BFA principal, this installation will occur this summer or sooner.  There was no discussion addressing the librarians’ concerns about additional staffing  to help monitor the buzzer.  Cost of installation will be discussed at a school board meeting. Joy Mercer recommended that the school hire a third library staff person to help with monitoring the buzzer. There will be a  school board meeting on May 14 at 6:30 which will provide an update on school safety concerns and plans.  Ellen will probably attend this meeting.

We need to work on our own safety plans for the library when school is not in session. School policy supersedes library policy when school is in session, but we need a plan for non school hours, and, of course, the summer.   Debbie will research other libraries’ safety protocols for the trustees to examine as they create such a document for FCL.

Community Survey

Chris and Eric will meet to discuss the document to be used for a community survey. They anticipate a meeting with Lara Keenan for support and advice,  and they will also seek out surveys from other libraries to gather ideas. They will contact people who can review the efficacy of the questions they create for the survey, and will solicit the kinds of questions that should be asked in a community survey.    Debbie will share previous FCL surveys.  Chris suggested that the survey be put on our August agenda.  Eric and Chris will send the trustees a draft of the survey so questions can be reviewed.

Summer Reading program.
The theme of the Summer Reading Program this year is “Libraries Rock.”

A motion was made by Chris to adjourn and the meeting was adjourned at 8:00.  The next meeting is June 21.

Respectfully submitted     

  Elizabeth Griffin
5  General / Library Announcements / Agenda for May 10 FCL Trustees' Meeting on: May 08, 2018, 11:14:11 AM


Fairfax Community Library Board of Trustees Meeting
May 10, 2018
6:30 PM – Fairfax Room

•   Call to Order

•   Approval of minutes of March 22, 2018 meeting
Approval of minutes of April 5, 2018 meeting
•   Treasurer’s Report
•   Correspondence

•   Updates
o   Assistant Librarian
o   Facilities Committee 
o   Highlights of Library Trustee Conference (Ellen)
o   Other

•   New Business
o   April 12, 2017 Joint Meeting
Library and School Safety
o   Trustees Community Survey
o   Other

•   Adjourn
6  General / Library Announcements / Agenda for May 10 FCL Trustees' Meeting on: May 08, 2018, 11:13:20 AM


Fairfax Community Library Board of Trustees Meeting
May 10, 2018
6:30 PM – Fairfax Room

•   Call to Order

•   Approval of minutes of March 22, 2018 meeting
Approval of minutes of April 5, 2018 meeting
•   Treasurer’s Report
•   Correspondence

•   Updates
o   Assistant Librarian
o   Facilities Committee 
o   Highlights of Library Trustee Conference (Ellen)
o   Other

•   New Business
o   April 12, 2017 Joint Meeting
Library and School Safety
o   Trustees Community Survey
o   Other

•   Adjourn
7  General / Library Announcements / Unapproved Minutes Joint Board Meeting 4/12/2018 on: April 17, 2018, 05:47:41 AM
BFA Fairfax Conference Room
April 12, 2018
Joint Board Meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30, by principal John Tague, substituting for Pat Gallant, who was ill.  In attendance were: Sandy Alexander and Kathy Muehl (voting members), representing the School Board, Liz Griffin (voting member), Ellen Holmes-Henry and Eric Foreman, representing the library trustees, and Joy Mercer, school librarian, and Debbie Landauer, FCL library director. 

There was no public input, nor was there any correspondence.

The agenda was reviewed.

Officers for the coming year were elected.  Kathy Muehl nominated Pat Gallant as chair; the motion was seconded by Sandy and the motion was passed
Kathy nominated Liz Griffin to be secretary; the second was by Sandy and the motion was passed.

The minutes of the October 2017 Joint Board meeting were read and approved. 

Quarterly Report Highlights: Joy Mercer, School Librarian.

Diversity was the theme that ran through the past year, as it is important for our children to be aware  of other countries and other cultures. Joy recounted a story where a preschool teacher reached out for books for an African American youth who  felt he had no one like him to play with.  Joy found appropriate books, gave them to the teacher, and the child was reassured and found comfort in them.. 
As part of the diversity theme, the middle school youth participated in the Reading without Walls program.

Quarterly Report Highlights: Debbie Landauer, Public Library Director.

Debbie noted that diversity as a theme in books for children is growing,and while there is less increase in diversity in adult fiction, there is an increase in non-fiction books, such as the books about the WWII code breakers, and the women who worked for NASA. There is an increase in adult fiction about immigrants.

Thanks to donations from two community members the library has been able to create STEM kits that are available for patrons to take out and use at home. (They must sign an agreement about their  financial responsibility for any damage done to the contents of the kits.)

The STEM kits include: a telescope and support from the Vermont Astronomical Society; a jewelry making kit that contains tools, but not consumables; a microscope with a smart phone attachment; a bloxel kit to make video games;  and Mother Goose kits  from the Vermont Center for Books that are early literacy kits for youth from pre-K kindergarten.

The library partnered with the Town Recreation Department’s Easter Egg Hunt and hosted the Easter Bunny for children after the Egg Hunt.  The library also served hot chocolate and cookies.  This was well attended.

The Titans Chess Club ended their season with a live chess game. This was an exciting and well received event that will hopefully be held again next year. The chess club remains a highly popular after school activity.

Unfinished business

John stated that there were no policy updates for the meeting, but that there probably would be at the October meeting.

The new facilities committee has met twice with about 14 participants, including school staff and administrators, school board members and members of the public.  At the second meeting the group took a tour of the building ( which did not include the entire facility as the group ran out of time) and discussed facility needs.  There are local architects and contractors on the committee. The next meeting will be at the beginning of May, date to be announced.

Debbie brought up her concern that the annual cleaning of the library, which takes a week, has of late occured in a conflict with the annual Summer Reading program.  Previously, the  cleaning had taken place toward the end of the summer, often in August.  Debbie sent a communication to Tod Granger requesting the library be cleaned after Aug. 9th this year.
John will speak to Tod Granger to see if it can be so scheduled that there is no interference with the summer reading program.

New Business.
School and Community Safety and the Library.

During the lockdown that occurred  on  February 20,  the fact that the public entrance to the library has always been and currently is  unlocked has become a cause of great concern. Various safety personnel, including the state police, the local sheriff, and safety experts from the state have all indicated that this creates an unsafe situation for the students in the school. It has been recommended that a buzzer system be installed that can be used by any of the library personnel, both librarians and their assistants, to buzz in members of the public. This will be done.

A question was posed: how can the buzzer system  make the environment safer when  a person being buzzed in could have  a weapon that would be unseen by whoever opened the door?  While this is perhaps true, the buzzer entrance makes accessibility more difficult.

There are video cameras at the entrance to the school, but because of privacy concerns 
( Vermont Patron Confidentiality Act ) there is no camera at the entrance to the library.

The thought is  that this buzzer might necessitate more public library staff  as the staff is already overworked. Eric suggested that before we take that step the library trustees need to determine how many public patrons use the library on a daily basis. Debbie believes 400-500 public patrons use the library per week.  She will take a count, and Ellen offered to help count community library  patron traffic. Joy Mercer requested that the School Board hire a third school library employee, as there used to be before one position was cut several years ago.  This person could be responsible for monitoring the door along with numerous other duties that Joy could use help with.

A   long term solution  suggested would be to build a separate community library building. 
Ellen mentioned that this was not a possible option at this point in time.

Another option, more constricting, would be to have the public library hours  limited to after school and Saturday. 

Debbie is concerned that the buzzer will be one more barrier to the public use of the library. Some potential patrons are already discouraged by the length of the walk to the library, and the lack of adequate parking. She feels the buzzer would add one more barrier.

Ellen said that we should all strive to figure out how to work together to  make this recommendation work as this is going to happen as soon as possible.  Presenting this change in the most positive light possible would facilitate the transition.  Ellen has provided some resources on how safety is handled at other libraries including other joint libraries.  These were not discussed.

Ellen brought up a concern about the windows.  They are large, extensive, and uncovered.  There are shades, but they are manually controlled.  Electronically controlled shades were suggested as was covering some of the windows at either end of the array of windows to reduce their number.

The small size of the safe room, the current Flexible Pathways room, was mentioned.  Debbie thinks that if there were classes and/or or a large number of public patrons in the library at the time of a lockdown the room could not accommodate them.  The Fairfax Room, while available, has windows and no second exit and therefore would not be a good option. 

Debbie observed that there seems to be a lack of training for school staff vis a vis student safety during a lockdown.  She wonders if  training  is available and could library staff, including library substitutes, be able to participate. Perhaps there could be a joint policy--library and school -- on managing a  safety crisis. FCL staff and substitutes need to be part of any safety training that might occur. 

John will find a way to sit down with the FCL staff so that everyone is aware of the protocols  for a crisis.He also mentioned that there will be an ALICE training this summer and library staff will be invited to participate.

Joy Mercer is making a box of items of items that could be used to keep small children amused if they had to go to the safe room during a lockdown.  The box would also include a flashlight, and a list of the library trustees and their contact information. It will be kept in a secure place.

It was also noted that there is no emergency light in the library.   

Next Joint Board Meetings

The October meeting will be held in the Fairfax Room at 6;30 on October 11, 2018.
The April meeting will be held in the Fairfax Room at 6:30 on April 11 2019.

Meeting Notices.

Sandy Alexander will give Liz Griffin a current list of individuals who need to be contacted about meeting dates.

Kathy made a motion to adjourn, and Sandy seconded the motion.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:51.

Respectfully submitted

Rev. Elizabeth Griffin, secretary.
8  General / Library Announcements / Unapproved Minutes FCL Trustees' meeting4/5/2018 on: April 10, 2018, 07:27:14 AM
Fairfax Community Library
Trustees’ Meeting
March 5 2018
Fairfax Room, 6 PM

The meeting was called to order at 5:55. Present were Ellen Holmes-Henry, Christina Fearon, Liz Griffin, Pat Gallant, chair, and  Eric Foreman.
Executive session commenced at 6: 05
 The trustees came out of executive session at 8:10 .

The trustees accepted the resignation of Library Assistant, Joy Choquette with appreciation for her work here.
The trustees will work on a library personnel document in regard to safety concerns and the library.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Griffin, secretary. 
9  General / Library Announcements / Agenda: Joint Board Meeting, Thursday April 12 2018 on: April 10, 2018, 07:14:06 AM
Fairfax Community Library
BFA Fairfax School Board
Joint Board Meeting
Thursday, April 12, 2018
BFA Fairfax Conference Room
6:30 PM


Call to Order 

Public Input

Review Agenda

Election of Officers
•   Chair
•   Secretary


Approval of minutes of October 12, 2017 Joint Board meeting

Highlights of Quarterly Reports - Librarians

Unfinished Business
•   Recently updated policies?
•   Status of new Facilities Committe
•   Other

New Business
•   School and Community Safety and our Library
•   Set date for Joint Board Meetings (Oct. 2018 and April, 2019)
•   Update distribution list for meeting notices
•   Other

10  General / Library Announcements / Library Trustees' Meeting Agenda for April 5 2018 on: April 02, 2018, 11:49:37 AM


Fairfax Community Library Board of Trustees Meeting
April 5, 2018
6:00 PM – Fairfax Room

•   Call to Order

•   Executive Session
o   Personnel Issues

•   Adjourn
11  General / Library Announcements / Unapproved Minutes FCL Trustees' meeting 3/ 22/18 on: March 27, 2018, 07:41:46 AM
Fairfax Community Library
Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
March 22, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Liz Griffin at 6:32 pm. Also present were Eric Foreman, El-len Holmes-Henry, Chris Fearon, and Debbie Landauer, library director.

Chris made a motion to approve the minutes, and the minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Eric gave the Treasurer’s Report. There are no outstanding checks. He reported that there is $578.18 in the checking account, and $1,835.61in savings. Debbie requested a check for $186.90 for the baby books; that amount is not reflected in the checking account balance.  Eric will find out the balance of the CD for the next meeting.


There was no correspondence.

Election of Trustee Officers

We proceeded to the election of officers. All voted in favor of current officeholders continuing in their posts.

Welcome New Trustee

Liz asked board members to share their thoughts on the role of a trustee for the benefit of El-len, who was attending her first meeting in that capacity. Eric spoke about working as an ad-vocate for the library, and particularly for young children, since he has two young children who are regular users. Chris also mentioned advocacy and attending Long Range Facility Planning Committee meetings. Other responsibilities mentioned were financial oversight and long range planning.

Debbie reported that Lara Keenan from the Vermont State Library is available for trustee train-ings—she can speak on topics of interest to trustees and respond to questions. The first of a series of regional meetings Lara is offering will be on Monday, April 30, at Ilsley Library in Mid-dlebury. Ellen is planning to go and offered to carpool if anyone is interested in going.


Debbie reported that there were approximately 80-90 people at the Saturday Town Meeting, many of those people were library patrons. And, many materials set out on a table outside of the gym on voting day, were picked up on that Tuesday.

Devin, the student assistant, will be returning to work again this summer.

Nicole reported on library highlights later in the meeting.  STEAM is a big focus. Debbie men-tioned that she and Nicole made 4 STEAM kits. There is also a really nice telescope. Joy is working with a 4th grade teacher to develop some STEAM kits. They had a STEAM night. Lab Girls is continuing. Next month is owl month and they will have someone speak about barred owl rescue. There will be a live chess game (people are the chess pieces with identifying hats!) next Thursday from 3-4:30; if anyone is available to participate, that would be great. There was a Winter Beach Party planned during the February school break, which was well attended with a wait list. “Libraries Rock” is the theme of the summer reading program and Nicole is working on concerts as part of the Summer Reading Program line-up. Chris said she had access to some African instruments that could be used for kids’ programs, and will be in touch with Ni-cole.

Debbie said they have started to do program evaluations and received good feedback.

New Business

The new town manager has been hired. His name is Brad Docheff and he and his family are library users.

Steve Cormier is the library liaison on the Select Board. He had helped facilitate things with the library budget. It was suggested that we could also invite him sometime to a meeting.

Chris said she would be willing to follow the School Board agendas and minutes in case any-thing germane to the library comes up.

Dates for the upcoming board meetings were set. They are May 10, June 21,
August 23, and October 4.

Discussion re: Community Survey to be undertaken by board. Chris said she could chair, and Eric agreed to co-chair. Chris said she’d have time in June and summer to delve into more, and then with Eric, could present info to the rest of the board for everyone’s input and review. Eric is interested in the online component. Chris and Eric will meet at some point to discuss further. Debbie mentioned that Brownell Library and Carpenter-Carse Library in Hinesburg also did a community survey. Debbie had sent the board information on community surveys to read and review. For more examples, Debbie suggested Googling Library Strategic Plans as well as Library surveys.

Debbie had a meeting with John Tague and Geri-Lyn Witalec. An activity bus has been funded and Debbie inquired if the library could have access to the bus. It sounded like it would not work, though Chris and Eric suggested that there might be a possibility during school vaca-tions. Eric said the cost of driver/gas could be built into a library program budget.

Debbie also wanted to let the trustees know about a noise issue with the Flexible Pathways class meeting in the room adjacent to the circulation desk. Sometimes there is no teacher there, and the students get noisy and use inappropriate language. The library staff sometimes will knock on the door and ask the kids to quiet down; this happens several times a week. Joy has brought it up with John Tague several times.

Debbie asked if the trustees are willing to pay half of the cost for the T-shirts for the summer reading program. Also, she asked if people had suggestions for additional support. Previously, the After School enrichment fund had contributed, but Tom Walsh said he would prefer to have that money spent on the school this year. Discussion ensued about other possibilities. Mylan declined, and the few local businesses are regularly called on for their support and may be tapped out. Ellen suggested Runamok Maple, which is located in the old Scrabble plant, might be willing to donate as a newer local business. She will try to find out more.

The Joint Board Meeting for the school and library is April 12.  The agenda for the meeting was discussed. Debbie spoke with by John and Geri-Lyn about security after the lockdown. Luckily, the lockdown happened 10 minutes after story time, so there weren’t any families, classes, or public patrons in the library.  Not surprisingly, the police/sheriff noted the security issue with the library, which is not going to go away. This will be discussed at the Joint Board Meeting. In conversation with Debbie, John mentioned a couple of ways this could be addressed. Debbie expressed her concern that public patrons are swept up in the issue of school violence. Debbie said the writing is on the wall and that we need to do something; she brought up the idea of a separate town library. Someone asked if public patrons have to stay during a lockdown and they should.

Ellen asked about safety guidelines for the library, and Debbie responded that the school li-brarians have a checklist and the library follows school policy. Debbie also mentioned that Bill
McSalis will be speaking at an upcoming conference for librarians on school security. The school had previously spent money to upgrade security—the door for entering the library and the lock on door to Harold’s room. Someone asked about whether there is a ratio of kids to adults requirement in the library. Debbie said there used to be 3 library staff, but now there is two. Ellen commented on the strict security at the Baird School.

We went into go into Executive Session 8:04 pm, and came out at  8:30 pm, at which point the meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,
Christina Fearon 
Fairfax Community Library Trustee
12  General / Library Announcements / Library Trustees' Meeting Agenda for March 22 2018, revised on: March 16, 2018, 10:57:10 AM
Fairfax Community Library Board of Trustees Meeting
March 22, 2018
6:30 PM - Fairfax Room

•   Call to Order
•   Approval of minutes of January 11, 2018 meeting
•   Treasurer’s Report
•   Correspondence

•   Election of Trustee officers for March 2018-March 2019

•   Welcome new trustee:  Ellen Henry Holmes

o   Discussion:  What does it mean to be a Trustee?
                        Materials for Trustee
                        Trustee Training available from Lara Keenan

•   Updates
o   Town Meeting Day
o   Summer student library assistant
o   Library Highlights
o   Other

•   New Business
o   Plan agenda for April Joint Board meeting
o   Schedule Trustee meetings for 2018-2019
o   Needed:  Trustee to follow School Board agendas and minutes
o   Needed:  Chair for Community Survey Project
o   Update on school safety incident (Deb)
o   Executive Session; personnel
o   Other

•   Adjourn

13  Fairfax News / Fund Raisers / Annual PHPG Silent Auction and Brunch 2/18! on: February 03, 2018, 06:43:58 AM
It’s  that time of year! With February comes the annual PHPG  Valentine’s Day Silent Auction and Brunch with music by The Smokey Newfield Project .

 The brunch is scrumptious; the music, engaging; the Silent Auction items phenomonal!

Sponsored by People Helping People Global,  ( begun by a BFA Alumna and her spouse) the monies raised support the zero interest microloans that PHPG provides for those who have received training and acquired the skills to use the funds to create or support small businesses.  And those small businesses change lives. They help children attend school; help moms provide more nourishing food; help families become stronger, more resilient. 
Join us! Enjoy the food, listen to the music, bid on the silent auction. And know, that your efforts are helping change lives.
At the Comfort Inn 1712 Shelburne Rd.Take Collins Blvd; bldg is back right.  February 18 from 12-2.
$25; $15 students; children 3-12 $12. under 3, free!
Visit our website phpgmicrolending.org to learn more about the work we do.
14  General / Library Announcements / Unapproved Minutes FCL Trustees' meeting 1/11/18 on: January 17, 2018, 10:43:06 AM
Fairfax Community Library Trustees
January 11, 2018
Meeting Minutes (draft)
The FCL Trustees’ meeting was called to order at 6:30 by chair Pat Gallant. Board members
present were Debbie Landauer, Liz Griffin, Janel Gamm, Christine Fearon and Eric Foreman .
Also present was a member of the public and library patron Anne-Marie Shepard Parent.
The minutes of the 11/16/17 trustees meeting were reviewed and approved. The motion to
approve was made by Janel.
A note thanking the trustees for the holiday gift card was received from Joy Choquette, the new
Library Assistant. She also thanked the trustees for their warm welcome!
Debbie received a letter from Molly Foreman, coordinator of the Success by Six program in the
community, regarding the spring baby book dedication. Concerns were: how to honor all the
new 2017 babies in Fairfax; which babies/families to include.
After discussion the following motion was made by Chris to support the ideas Molly has
expressed in her letter: All current Fairfax residents with a baby born in 2017 have the
opportunity to dedicate a book to their baby regardless of where they were living when the baby
was born. Babies who were adopted and babies who were taken into foster care during 2017
are included in this program. The motion was approved and this policy vis a vis baby book
dedication was accepted.
The trustees welcomed Anne-Marie Shepard Parent, 35 year resident of Fairfax and a long
time library patron. She expressed concerns about the library’s space. She observed that the
library has changed and grown, with more activities, more patrons, and yet the space has
remained the same. It is time, she believes, for the community to be proactive in seeking to
somehow expand the space available to the library, as it serves both school and greater
community. She has expressed an interest in both being a library trustee and perhaps
participating on the facilities committee. The trustees expressed their wholehearted support for
her desire to participate in both/either of these activities as an avenue for her to act on her
Currently no individuals have submitted petitions at the Town Clerk’s office for the two library
trustee positions currently open and to be voted on in March.
The new assistant, Joy Choquette, is receiving ongoing training and is doing well. Patrons have
expressed appreciation for her.
Highlights of the Library Director’s quarterly report.
Many people both brought candy and received candy at the annual Halloween event at the
All staff evaluations were completed.
All after school programs are up and running. There are more home school students from
Fairfax and the surrounding area participating in these programs.
There is a new leader for the chess club.
Treasurer’s Report
Savings account: 2335.30
Checking account: 110.08
It was decided to add $500 to the balance in the checking account.
A discussion ensued about the need for fundraising to replenish the savings account, and this
will be discussed at a later meeting. Chris has access to some fundraising information garnered
at the Library Conference she attended in November. Debbie has ideas she can share from
working in other Franklin County Libraries and FLARE meetings.
Steve Cormier of the Selectboard has been in contact with Eric about the library budget, which
the selectboard initially rejected. After an exchange of questions and answers between the
Select Board and Eric, the concerns were resolved and the Selectboard has approved the
Library budget as it was submitted by the Trustees.
When the facilities committee will reconvene is uncertain, but Eric has expressed an interest in
being on that committee.
The Town Meeting Informational Meeting will be Saturday March 3 and Debbie will be there with
a table, as will Pat and Liz.
The library was asked to update their section of the Town Plan. Debbie has written the library
report, and Chris will edit it as needed. All agreed that a section on the challenges facing the
library be included.
After a discussion about whether the Library’s quarterly report will follow the fiscal year or the
calendar year, it was decided that Debbie and Joy Mercer should do whatever they felt was
most appropriate and convenient.
The next trustees’ meeting will be March 22nd, and will include an orientation for the new
trustees. At that time plans will be made for the creation and distribution of a community survey
about the library. Debbie will find some examples of other library surveys. The surveys will be
returned to the trustees.
The results of the survey will help to inform the next Strategic Plan. Looking toward the next 5
year strategic plan will also be included in the March 22nd meeting. Our current plan expires in
The Joint Board meeting will be April 12.
At 7:55 the trustees went into executive session to discuss personnel. They came out at 8:10.
Pat Gallant and the trustees and the Library Director thanked Janel Gamm for her five years of
excellent and appreciated service as a library trustee. Her term expires, and this is her last
A motion to adjourn was made by Chris and the meeting adjourned at 8:15.
Respectfully submitted
Rev. Elizabeth Griffin, secretary.
15  General / Library Announcements / Agenda: Library Trustees' Meeting January 11, 2018. on: January 08, 2018, 03:35:53 PM


Fairfax Community Library Board of Trustees Meeting
January 11, 2018
6:30 PM – BFA Main Lobby Conference Room

•   Call to Order

•   Approval of minutes of November 16, 2018 meeting

•   Treasurer’s Report

•   Correspondence

•   Updates
o   New Assistant Librarian
o   Facilities Committee Membership
o   Trustee Vacancies for March Ballot
o   Personnel Policy Update from 11/16 meeting
o   Highlights from Quarterly Report
o   Other

•   New Business
o   Response to Select Board about Budget
o   Trustees and Town Meeting, 2018
o   Town Plan Library Summary
o   Timing of Quarterly Reports (align with fiscal or calendar year?)
o   Set date for next Trustee meeting
o   Other

•   Executive Session
o   Personnel
o   Other

•   Adjourn

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