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Current News & Events / School Bond Presentation
« on: October 02, 2017, 01:11:28 PM »
Thank you Scott Mitchell for passing on the presentation for October 9th meeting.


Current News & Events / Re: Yup!! Henry Empey Is My Grandson
« on: October 02, 2017, 01:06:34 PM »
Super Proud of my nephew! Will be glad to give him a BIG HUG when he gets back!

Current News & Events / Re: BFA Renovation Estimate Breakout
« on: September 22, 2017, 07:11:53 PM »
Thanks Scott

Current News & Events / Re: BFA Renovation Estimatate Breakout
« on: September 22, 2017, 09:31:52 AM »
Can you explain what "General Conditions" entails.

Thank you

A friend of my posted this and I agree this needs to be answered and not ignored.

"Now there is a video about the $16 million renovation project at BFA Fairfax. Just like at the second meeting and in the mailer that went out, this video also says, much of the costs of the project will be shared with other towns in VT. Ok, show us the numbers. How much will Fairfax residents be paying for this project and how much will the rest of the state be paying? According to the Vermont School Construction Planning Guide, before the warning for a public vote on the project is published, voters are suppose to be informed how much of the project will be fully funded by the district."

Current News & Events / Re: Norm Stinehour Passes
« on: September 14, 2017, 11:34:25 AM »
Norm was my Essex Tech Accounting Teacher.  I was ahead of the class in Accounting so my second year was catered just for me and to learn PeachTree software and do different  types of exercises.  At the time it was new to be using Accounting Software.  I was a programming geek at the age of 12 and Norm was a teacher who saw this as a way to pull my strengths together. He and Joyce (who was my data processing teacher in Essex) both have had affects on who I am today and many of the skills I learned there still ring true in 2017. 

My thoughts and prayers to Joyce and all family and friends.  RIP Norm and Thank you ~Mary Kay Raymond

Todd is correct.  It also gives the town longer to get the Audit done which has been an issue as well.  ~MK

The Town of Fairfax Officials would like to issue a statement regarding tax bills. 

The following is the facts and explains how the tax bills this year were issued.  Please note, the voters passed to change the tax year from calendar to fiscal, hence the 18 months for the first tax bill to catch us up to the fiscal year rotation.

The tax bill you received is for 18 months.  The 18 months applies to the MUNICIPAL portion only.  The school has been operating on a fiscal year and your amount for the education is for 12 months only.

The fiscal year is July 1st  to June 30th.   The municipal portion of the tax bill covers your payments from January 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.  Next tax bill that will go out, will be for a 12 month period. 

The Municipal tax rate is calculated to cover the additional 6 months of budget.  The tax rate will be re-calculated when the next bill goes out to accommodate a 12 month budget. 

The Trash fee is calculated on 18 months.  Currently, this equals $28.22 a month for your garbage.  The 2016 tax bill had a portion calculated into the tax rate like it was historically done, and 8 months listed out. 

Please call with clarification questions.  802-849-6111 ext. 10

This is from the link provided. Please go to the link to see all the details as I just parsed some out.

What will this mean for my taxes?

Taxes will increase. However, it is important to remember that Vermont schools are funded by education taxes paid into a common statewide system by all taxpayers in Vermont.  Those with fixed incomes and combined earning below $141,000 are eligible for a property tax adjustment. The net effect is that this group of taxpayers are assessed at lower rate, which is known as the income sensitivity provisions. The number of households in Fairfax that are income sensitive is 65%. Which means that much of the costs of the project will be shared with other towns in Vermont. Just as the citizens of Fairfax support projects occurring in other schools throughout Vermont.

The tax impact, if we were to incur this debt in FY18,  is estimated to be between 11.56-13.38 cents. We cannot project what the impact would be in FY20 because the legislation governing education finance may change.
With a 30 year bond at the highest anticipated interest rate, the cost per pupil calculated on the FY18 budget plus the estimated additional debt expenses would still remain below the FY17 state average per pupil.

The potential impact of the additional debt services on the FY18 budget would be between a 7.12-8.24% increase. 

*** Here is my 2 Cents Below ***
That is a BIG increase. I know of no one around here who got a raise even near that amount.  People are struggling as it is. Some folks who don't get the property tax adjustment may not be able to handle the extra.

I was at the Merger meetings and they wanted to take our kids out of 29 program options in our Essex and Burlington Tech schools to NW Tech with 10 programs, no pre-tech, and a Cosmetology program the kids have to do a third year in Essex (Essex completes in two years) to save money and now they want this?


What are they doing:
Renovation Project Highlights
Renovation Project Highlights

What does this renovation plan include?

Restore Main Entrance/Visitor Access to Historic Location (current Middle School entrance)
Increase Safety and Security of building
​Install Fire Safety Sprinkler System in Middle/High School
​Accessibility Upgrades for ADA Compliance
Update School/Community Library
Relocate and Centralize Administration and Guidance Offices to the Front of the Building
Expand Visitor Parking Lot at New Main Entrance
Construct New 400-Seat School Auditorium/Performing Arts Center with Separate Entrance
Construct a New Middle School Gymnasium with Separate Entrance
Redesign Cafeteria with Courtyard and Patio
Update Multipurpose Room, Media Center, Driver's Ed, and High School Resource Rooms
Renovate Middle and High School Bathrooms and Locker Room
Modernize Science/STEM/Innovation Labs in Middle/High School
Create New Art Room Adjacent to Auditorium/Performing Arts Center
New Roof on Middle/High School and Add Reinforcements
Repave Existing Parking Lots
Replace Water Main
Install New Flooring

***** MY 2 Cents******
The Auditorium/Performing Arts Center and a Gym built for the middle school, and new art room is where I personally say Cool, but $$ tells me maybe we spread that out down the road so folks can afford the maintenance needs.  These two are not maintenance but Additions.

I also think if the % increase wasn't so much you would have more folks on board from the get go.

General Discussion / Re: to the lady on old acadamy rd
« on: July 11, 2017, 01:36:33 PM »
Nice, glad people are paying attention down there for sure!

Fletcher General Store is under new ownership!

It's currently closed for renovations and will re-open on July 1st. Tony & Nancy Cardinal are the new owners!

New Hours starting 7/1/17:
Sunday -Thursday 5:30am - 9:00pm
Friday & Saturday 5:30am 10:00pm
Phone: (802) 849-6292

A new menu with pizza options, a full deli, lunch & dinner specials will be offered, as well as groceries and local produce. Summertime treats - Creemees, hard ice cream, sundaes and more! Suggestions are welcome. Stay tuned for the Grand Opening!

Thoughts and Prayers to Stacy and her family.

This years Summer hours:

Monday           4pm - 7:30pm
Tuesday          CLOSED
Wednesday      CLOSED
Thursday         4pm - 7:30pm
Friday             4pm - 7:30pm
Saturday         Noon - 7:30pm
Sunday           Noon - 7:30pm

Call Ahead to place your order ready for pick up 802-309-8878, If you do not have Facebook, call for specials!  Notice they have INCREASED they regular menu quite a bit this year as well!

Also, the Grill is Cash only, The Meat Market you may use your cards.

Like them on Facebook to see all the Market Meats available as well as grill specials!

Here is there regular menu and the Bottom right will change so do not count on the specials as they will change.  You can always call and ask!

Its actually just around the corner folks!

Ducky Tickets for sale at many local businesses! Be sure to grab them and get your lucky ducky ticket. 

With it being The 25th Annual Ducky Race we have INCREASED the prize money!

1st Place $300
2nd Place $200
3rd Place $100

And as always if you are in the park when the race is going on, win an extra $50!!

Community Day in the park is filling up with vendors for food, games for the kids and free bouncy castle, and of course music!!   We also hope to have the leading horse with "The Princess" the kids call her in the park after the parade for kids to get pictures and meet her.

Ducky Race is at 3:30pm and you can purchase tickets right up until 3pm in the park!

More details to come!

I am still in search of parade participants!  Do you have an antique car, hot rod, local business to promote, or just want to be in the parade and throw candy to the kids, WE WANT YOU! 

The Parade starts at 1pm and goes from Huntsville Road to Main Street, Down Hunt Street and ends at the back parking lot of the school/Rec Park Entrance!

See the links in the previous post or please feel to message me with any questions or call Colin Santee Rec & Park Director @ 802-849-6111 ext. 20

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