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Political Issues/Comments / Re: Obama Architect calls Americans Stupid
« on: November 26, 2014, 11:37:46 AM »

And Obama and Pelosi don't know who this Gruber is.... even though Gruber had at least 8 meetings with Obama and his crew in the White House, and Pelosi mentions him in her sales pitches on Obamacare. Now they don't know who he is. Hilarious.

That's the best part of the whole thing!! They flat out lie and say they don't know him and no one even calls them on it.

Because they, like most high level politicians, think the same things about the general voting public (even Republicans to their choir).  Most politicians are smart enough, or well handled, to NOT actually say this in a setting where they might be recorded.   (Or maybe they have been recorded saying it and are doing various political mis-deeds to keep recordings out of the public lime-light).

Current News & Events / Re: Day Late Sorry!
« on: November 26, 2014, 11:31:12 AM »
Happy Belated Birthday!!   It's an honor to share the day with you!!

Current News & Events / Re: Morrisville Device Was A Live Hand Grenade
« on: August 26, 2013, 09:59:16 AM »
Is there still an active Armory in Morrisville? I think the timing is consistent with the 186th returning from annual training in Ft. Drum, NY.  I wonder if some soldiers went through for dinner when returning to the Armory and the "device" it might have fallen from a military vehicle.   I would assume the state police have already explored this possibility AND that local guard members from that area would have already reassessed their current inventory.

School board meeting: Wednesday from Noon to 5 pm.   What a convenient way to discourage attendance, especially in a "bedroom community" like ours.

I have heard of the many great things that are accomplished by the students and the staff at the school.  I also know one great, hard working individual who walked away from his job there after many happy years of service over a "personnel conflict" created by the current administration.  I don't have a child at the school (yet).

However, what I do know from my own job experience is that dedicated employees of a company (or public organization) can and do achieve great things while tolerating significant personal stress.  The achievements of those individuals dedciated to the cause can be touted by some to say "Look, we are doing great things here, therefore management is good",  but that can only be done for a few years until poor management decisions ultimately grind down the spirits and dedication of those individuals. 

Even more significant is what this incident has now taught an entire graduating class about the demoncratic process :  "IF you are not in a position of power, your vote and opinion do not matter".  Unfortunately, that lesson may be all to true in our current social order/process.  Maybe this is the administrations way of sending the 2013 class off into the world with their first dose of the reality of politics and control that we (sometimes blindly)  live under. :(

Political Issues/Comments / Re: Mitchell Reports from Montpelier
« on: May 24, 2013, 06:52:57 AM »
personally, I'm disappointed to see that a sales tax was not implemented on candy and soda to help standardize out tax system with many surrounding states.  I'm not talking about the "hidden" beverage tax on a per ounce basis (although I would be in favor of a straight up retail tax that is directly visible to the consumer).

I am completely in favor of taxes that I have control over (i.e. taxes on retail items and services that are not needed in the true sense of need, not in the sense of someone really wanting something and saying they "need" it).  No taxes on food items (which are not primarily sugar), no taxes on bulk water (3 liter containers or larger).

As I've said multiple times in the past, and challenge anyone complaining about the current system,  What would you propose as a solution?  More specifically when it comes to new programs or more budget for existing programs,  "What are you personally willing to give up to pay for it?", or "what are you personally willing to pay extra for (in taxes) to pay for it?",   or for the budget cut advocates, "What programs/services that benefit you or your family personally are  you willing to cut?"

It is easy for all of us to say "cut that program over there" especially when said cuts have no impact to us personally.  BUT, what are you willing to take a cut on?  We ALL benefit from some government service or program.

civilly suspended and criminally suspended are two different things.  Civil suspension can result from non-payment (or incomplete payment) of a non-moving violation ticket and certainly, in my opinion, doesn't constitute a significant/major punishment

I'm always a little irritated by people who complain about visual issues impacting their property value.  I have no sympathy for individuals who over pay for property.  IF your property "value" is substantially harmed by a visual change in a surrounding area that you don't own/control, then you paid too much.

"how is this helping me?"

I guess the same question could be asked when ANY company/business is making a profit and YOU don't work/benefit from them

General Discussion / Re: Ever Get a Bad Toothache after hours????
« on: March 14, 2013, 12:14:43 PM »
Another cheap home remedy: Mustard

I had a unbearable toothache years ago. It had gotten progressively worse over a couple weeks.  It was due to decay, not an infection.  A friend told me to rub some French's yellow mustard on it with my finger.  I did.  IT HURT INTENSELY for a minute or two, then the pain faded.  I asked the friend why she told me to do that without telling me it would hurt so much.  The reply "If I told you how bad it was going to hurt, would you have done it?"

Anyway, after the few minutes of pain, the tooth wasn't a problem for 6 months or so.  When it started to hurt a little, I was finally in a financial position to have it professionally taken care of.   

I guess it still beats a hockey skate and rock.

Legal age discrimination occurs every day, every where in the US in the name of public interest or public safety (or whatever politicians/public officials deem it necessary for).  IF you have any doubt about this, ask anyone in the 18-20 yr old category.
Some seniors take it upon themselves to not drive anymore because they know they can't do so safely, and they have family around to help them with appointments, groceries, etc.   Sometimes, family members continue to let a senior parent drive beyond the point at which he/she can safely do so for a variety of reason (not wanting to commit to helping them get around, being in denial, not wanting to offend the parent, etc).  Some seniors continue to drive because they don't feel they have anyone they can rely on for help, or they don't want to bother someone by asking for help.

I am NOT advocating for age related revocation of one's legal blessing to drive.  I think there should be periodic retesting of drivers of all ages (yes, I know it's another expense people don't want).  However, IF the point of issuing a license to a driver is to try to ensure a basic level of safe operation then periodic skills testing for all ages should be mandatory regardless of how people change the areas in which they drive - even lower risk rural areas have the potential for vehicle/vehicle, or vehicle/pedestrian collisions.  Maybe it would be a 10 year reassessment until 55, then a 5 year reassessment after that.

Like others have expressed, I appreciate that we can have an open discussion on this topic here.

Current News & Events / Re: Milton Is Really Knickpicking
« on: March 06, 2013, 01:42:28 PM »
is that web address correct.  I copied and pasted into my browser and got a news site for Fairfax, Virginia

This is the problem when legislators pass bills on subject matters that are best left to area subject matter experts.  Personally, I think the far more common and frequent short term treatment of minor ailments with antibiotics (like sore throats or minor sinus infections) is more likely to cause antibiotic resistent bacteria, but I don't see the legislature passing laws mandating a positive bacteria test before prescribing antibiotics. 

Like the US Congress having hearings on breeding practices in Equine husbandry, there are just some things that our elected officials do NOT need to get involved in.

While I am of the attitude "IF you don't like where you are working, find a new place to work".  I recognize that it is not always that simple for everyone.

For anyone who has seen actions around a work environment that made them uncomfortable, or actions that were obviously malicious, Did you speak to someone at the work place about your observations?

The idea of making employees who file an action under this bill liable for legal expenses if they don't "win" in court, effectively renders this bill pointless (which I kind of feel it is) because employees who are truly in bad work environments wouldn't want to file a report/claim/action due to fear of losing the case and having additional financial burden.

I think there are already sufficient work place/employee protection laws in place now. I think there are bigger issues to focus on then making even more detailed rules to create liability on companies by a broader group of people who are not being substancially "HARMED".

Current News & Events / Re: Please Keep Roads and Driveways Cleared
« on: January 04, 2013, 10:42:30 AM »
As far as town trucks plowing a path for fire equipment, that would be a great idea if a truck was close by, but depending on the time of the day, and the proximity to a snow storm, there might not be a driver in a plow truck (late night/early morning a couple days after a storm, etc).

That is just not something  people should rely upon in an emergency situation.

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