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Swanton, Vermont -
Tammie Barrette and her family live on Route 105-- a road in Swanton that, she says, sees a lot of speeding. There are also many homes on the road, some very close to the street.
"Cars go by pretty fast. We keep the kids in the back," says Barrette.
Vermont State Police say speed was a likely factor in the accident that killed 21-year old Timothy Larivee of Franklin and the passenger, 24-year old Tyler Greeno of Swanton early Sunday morning.
Police say the accident happened around 3:54 A.M.
They say the 2010 Toyota Tundra was traveling eastbound on Route 105. The speed limit on that road is 50 miles per hour.
"I think if the cars went 50, it wouldn't be too much of an issue. But not a lot of them go 50. They go much faster," says Barrette.
After the truck passed Russell Road, police say the driver lost control and traveled off the road overturning several times.
Both victims were ejected from the vehicle. The truck landed in the middle of the road.
Route 105 was closed down for several hours while the crash was investigated by VSP, Missisquoi Rescue and Swanton Fire.
Barrette hopes the crash will remind folks to slow down on the road she lives on.
"They could probably have a police officer out here issuing more tickets. Maybe it would slow the speed down of the cars," adds Barrette

As the last state in the country without a Target department store, Vermont has long been in the corporation’s big, red bulls-eye. Last week, the Minneapolis-based retailer moved closer to bagging a prime location in Williston.
Representatives from Target Corporation met with town officials on Sept. 23 and presented plans for a retail store at the former driving range property at 6180 Williston Rd.
“They showed us three or four site plan ideas, looking down from a bird’s eye view,” town planner Ken Belliveau said.
Belliveau confirmed that the meeting also involved town manager Rick McGuire and public works director Bruce Hoar. Target was reportedly represented by Regional Real Estate Manager Tom Carrico and Senior Development Manager Katie Rivard, while representatives from Vanasse Hangen Brustlin — a consulting firm with an office in North Ferrisburgh — also attended.
Belliveau also confirmed that a meeting took place last month involving town officials, Carrico and Rivard and Al and Nicole Senecal, representatives from Omega Real Estate — which owns the parcel of land being targeted for the project. Belliveau said that at last week’s meeting, Carrico indicated that some negotiations regarding the property had taken place between Target and Omega.
“Tom said something along the lines of, ‘we think we’ve reached a deal with the Senecals,’” Belliveau said.
Target spokesperson Eddie Baeb declined to discuss any specifics of the land negotiations or proposed store project. He cited the company’s policy of waiting to comment on any new store development until nine to 12 months before that store’s opening date.
“Target has long been interested in having a store in Vermont,” Baeb said. “However, at this time, we have no additional information to share.”
Nicole Senecal of Omega Real Estate confirmed that her company has been in contact with Target concerning the property, but declined to discuss negotiations. Repeated calls to Jeff Nelson at Vanasse Hangen Brustlin were not returned.
The project would need to clear a number of planning hurdles before progressing into even the first stages of construction. The site being examined is currently zoned as mixed-use residential, requiring developers to bring the project through Williston’s specific plan process.
Changes to a parcel’s zoning typically require that five of a possible nine criteria for public benefit, as outlined in Chapter 9 of the town’s by-laws, be met. Some of those criteria are job creation/retention, preservation of open spaces and the creation of affordable housing.
“The Planning Commission has to be able to determine that their specific plan has the potential to meet enough of those criteria,” Belliveau said. “They have already started to think about how they would meet that five of nine.”
One way is apparently through the creation of affordable housing. Belliveau said at least one of the proposed site plan ideas included the construction of apartments along the western side of the property, parallel to the existing Maple Tree housing buildings. The site — which comprises two parcels of land totaling 17.2 acres — previously received approval for an approximately 120-unit housing development referred to as Cottonwood.
Belliveau also foresees traffic issues and public perception as being potential challenges. Indications are that a formal traffic study has yet to be conducted in connection with the project, but even loose estimates of trip numbers discussed at the two meetings raised concerns, according to Belliveau.
“It’s a good distance from Exit 12 (off Interstate 89) to the former driving range property,” Belliveau said. “A lot of trips would be coming from there.”
Belliveau also said “initial public perception (of the project) will be key.” He made reference to public opposition to Walmart in Williston in the early 1990s, when a group called Citizens for Responsible Growth took its battle against the retail giant into the courtroom.
A survey of customers shopping at the Williston Walmart on a recent afternoon revealed differing views of the two retailers. Sierra Ouellette of South Burlington said Target “isn’t really any different than Walmart, other than the name.” Sarah Hamilton of Bristol disagreed, saying that she would “happily” choose Target if given a choice.
“They have a better selection, and much better quality,” Hamilton said. “I only shop (at Walmart) because I have to.”
Gordon Cameron of Burlington said he has “never set foot in a Target,” but welcomes the idea of another big-box retailer leveling the playing field for shoppers.
“It would create competition, which would hopefully drive prices down,” Cameron said. “The customer usually wins in situations like that.”
Belliveau said Target’s representatives have been receptive to holding “more meetings at the staff level, before anything gets filed.” He added that while no time frame has been determined for any portion of the project, he would not expect construction to begin for “several years.”
“It’s going to be a lot of work for everyone involved, but it will be interesting to see how it plays out,” Belliveau said.

Current News & Events / Underage party on taborhill
« on: July 08, 2011, 07:33:57 AM »
Wcax had the following this morning.

Fairfax, Vermont - July 8, 2011

Police say an underage drinking party resulted in a drunk driving accident and hospitalization for one 18-year-old man.

Vermont State Police responded to an underage drinking party on Tabor Hill Road in Fairfax at around 1:30 on Wednesday morning. On the way to the party troopers say they discovered one of the party-goers had driven his vehicle into a rock ledge.

Eighteen-year-old Robert Bannister of Cambridge sustained injuries in the crash and was transported to the Northwestern Medical Center. He faces multiple charges and police say he could be charged with DUI pending toxicology results.

Current News & Events / native american civilization found in fairfax
« on: June 21, 2011, 09:49:01 PM »
Fox 44’s Steve Glazier spoke with Johnson State College students who uncovered what they believe to be an old Native American village in Fairfax, Vt., with items as old as 2,000 years. Tune in tonight at 10 to see some of the artifacts the students discovered.

Believe the location was at riverberry farm

Current News & Events / Fairfax Burglary second time same residence
« on: October 18, 2010, 09:46:08 PM »
This is the second time in the last two weeks that 818 main st has been burglarized (home of Daryl and Nina Dudley).  The first time was on 10/4.  The home is located on route 104 last on the right after minors before the dam.  The home is only visable from one side with a series of wilderness trails behind it.  Did anyone see a suspicious individual or vehicle on or around these trails. Parked at the damn or the pull off, or in the area of the heights?

Current News & Events / Fairfax Burglary
« on: October 04, 2010, 11:49:19 PM »
Earlier today a residence on rt 104 fell victim to a burglary.  Believe the address is 818.  The home is near minors store, (the last on the right before the dam) currently being remodeled.  The home was broken into from the rear, knowing that there are numerous ATV trails behind the residence the suspect (s) maybe someone saw an abandoned vehicle in the area of the fairfax heights.  Or a suspicious vehicle in the area of the dam.  Once inside the suspect (s) took multiple electronics.  Hopefully this is just a lone incident and not the start of another rash. 

Current News & Events / A new low
« on: September 02, 2010, 01:58:16 AM »
Heres the incident.  Last weekend i attended the wedding of two fairfax residences Jessica Rushford and Rob Amos.  There reception was held at the Fletcher Elementary school.  While at the wedding one of the guest decided to help themselves to the pile of wedding cards.  The suspect (s) slit the envelopes took out the cards emptied the contants and put the cards back into the pile.  I have to say its nice of them to put the cards back but, how low do you have to be to take the money out of the card.  I thought i have seen it all but this is just a new low.  Most of the guest at the wedding were from Fairfax or had ties to Fairfax.

Current News & Events / I thought i seen it all Fairfax Falls Bridge
« on: August 16, 2010, 04:04:15 PM »
While waiting to cross over the bridge today on the Rt 104 side i was passed by an impatient motorist.  What he didn't see was the large SUV already half way through the bridge.  Causing him to back up as the bridge was not wide enough for the two vehicles.  Does anyone know if there was ever a yield right of way sign posted on the river rd side of the bridge.  The bridge is wide enough to support two small cars at the same time but anything bigger watch your mirrors.

Current News & Events / Mcnall Rd farm tractor recieves fire
« on: July 15, 2010, 01:17:26 PM »
Farmer on Mcnall rd reports that rear window on his tractor was shot out while he was mowing. 

Current News & Events / Vehicle igniton locks pro/cons
« on: January 23, 2010, 10:37:44 AM »
I am currently drafting a letter in regards to igniton locks (dui prevention devices) and cell phone use in vehicles while driving.  I have read mulitple articles about the locks but fail to see how they would work if you get someone else to blow in them or you simply take a diffrent vehicle.  Some do have a key code combination that does need to be entered but whos to say all that use them are honest.  I am leaning towards comparing these ignition locks to phone probation check ins.  Yes some people can simply dial a phone when on probation and check in on a automated system.  In my opinion both are a unneeded cost. 

Also included in this letter will ideas on snowmobile safety will be addressed.  More than simple police patrols on the trails but more toward educations and public awareness.

Any ideas?

Current News & Events / Sheriff's Office Recovered Property
« on: August 05, 2009, 06:59:36 AM »
On Tuesday August 4th Deputy Underwood from the Franklin County Sheriff's Office recovered a variety of coins. The coins were believed to be stolen from the Fairfax area. The coins included One dollar and Fifty Cent pieces. If you have or know anyone who has had this type of coin stolen please contact the Sheriff's Office at 524-2121 ATTN Deputy Underwood.

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