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Title: BFA Commencement 2009
Post by: Henry on June 16, 2009, 08:55:28 AM
Attached is the graduation program (without senior pictures) in pdf format.  For some reason, it would not save the pictures.  Probably too much memory involved.

If people would like to order a copy of this event, contact Lake Champlain Access TV.  Copies are available in DVD or VHS for $6.00 plus shipping.  Orders can be placed by calling LCATV at 802-862-5724, emailing info@lcatv.or or visiting www.lcatv.org (http://www.lcatv.org).


http://www.vtgrandpa.com/bfa100/commencement2009.pdf (http://www.vtgrandpa.com/bfa100/commencement2009.pdf)