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Title: Vigilante Justice?
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Sheldon, Vt -- August 19, 2005

A shooting in Franklin County has authorities bracing for more violence.

No one was hurt this morning but the shooter told police he was set on revenge for his friend Kenny Jerome who was killed last month.

For more than a month Sheldon residents have been fuming about farm hand Kenny Jerome's murder. They believe they know who did it. But police say they have no suspects. Friday morning one man reportedly admitted he took justice into his own hands.

You could clearly see one of the rifle bullets fired into the Harness home on the East Sheldon Road around 2:30 Friday morning.

The shots awakened Billie Jo Harness inside. She called for help. Police rushed to the scene, and arrested Tim Callan, 33, after a high-speed chase and crash.

Police say Callan confessed that he shot at the Harrness home in a drunken rage. Callan believes the Harrness family is responsible for the shooting of his friend Kenny Jerome last month.

He was killed after two years of bitter feuding and threats with the Harness farm family.

The Harness homes in Sheldon were the targets of police search warrants -- but there have been no arrests and no named suspects.

In court Callan pled innocent to aggravated assault, drunk driving, and attempt to elude. He was ordered held on $10,000 cash bail; not high enough for the victim Billie Jo Harrness.

"This man tried to kill me.It's attempted murder. I'm scared for my life," said Bobbie Harrness as she left the courthouse.

Her father-in-law Steven Harrness angrily denied any involvement in the Jerome murder. He blamed his former daughter-in-law Jennifer Miller. The feud began three years ago when she divorced his son to move in with Jerome, that included having Jerome's baby eight months ago.

"She's a liar and she always will be," said Harness. "And she will be behind Kenny's death and she'll be behind this,but she'll never be it herself because she's too smart," he added. Asked if he knew who might've killed Jerome,Harness replied. , "No I don't! But when it does, you will find that she (Miller) will be at the bottom of it."

Jennifer Miller was outraged when we told her about Steve Harrness's accusations.

"I was nowhere near responsible for the father of my baby girl's death. And uh truth-be-known, I think that probably Mr. Steve Harrness is responsible for Kenneth Jerome's death," said Miller.

"He threatened that he was going to blow both my head off and Kenny's head off with a 30-30 rifle," she added.

People in Sheldon are nervous. Two young women we spoke to today said they fear this feud may erupt again into another shoot out.

Brian Joyce - Channel 3 News