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Title: BFA JV Girls vs Enosburg - the Rematch PART 2 2/17/09 AT Enosburg
Post by: Loctavious on February 13, 2009, 02:40:20 PM
The BFA JV Girls have taken an interest in competing with Enosburg Teams in the past few years.  Having won 1 of the last 3 meetings, and traveling to play them for the final time this season, are looking to impose their will and drive upon Enosburg tuesday night.  Watch for BFA to bring it's most intimidating defense to date and a much improved offense since the last match to to this game.  A battle is most likely to occur if BFA can't impose it's offensive dominance early on in the game, but this JV Girls team is no stranger to battling to the end and keepiong their wits abotu them while in the process.  "The Heart, focus and sheer will of this season's team is impressive.  When healthy and  all pistons are firing, this JV group can compete with anyone," a source from BFA was quoted saying.

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Title: Re: BFA JV Girls vs Enosburg - the Rematch PART 2 2/17/09 AT Enosburg
Post by: Loctavious on February 18, 2009, 10:56:27 AM
Well, i guess one ALWAYS needs to be ready for the unforseen or at least the UNCONTROLLABLE.  The BFA JV Girls 'had been' preparing for this rematch up until last week, when sickness prevented some players from attending practices - some players hadn't returned to school this week yet by game day thus their presence would be missed.

The JV girls opened up flat on both sides of the ball.  Kinda like they expected a weaker performance from Enosburg.  They came to play that's for sure and it took a limping BFA team about half way through the 1st qtr to shore up the defense and hold Enosburg to 2 pts over the next 9 minutes.  Though defense stepped up, our offensive drought continued on into the 3rd and fourth qtr.  What spurts of hope we did find, were soon shot by weak, il-advised passes.  BFA was not in the right mindset or physcially present to compete in this game - thus we succumbed with a 15+ loss.  With great expectations come great disappointments.  We'll have to wait to next season now for pay back.