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Title: Dennis Harrness Jailed For Violating Probation
Post by: Henry on August 03, 2005, 07:15:54 PM
The following is a transcript from the WCAX Channel 3 News, Wednesday Evening, August 3, 2005:

It's been nearly a month since a Sheldon farm-hand died in a sniper-style shooting. No one has been charged in the murder. But today -- new developments surrounding the case emerged. Darren Perron joins us live in our newsroom with more on that. Darren? Marselis, When 33 year-old Kenny Jerome was gunned down -- fingers started pointing at the neighbors -- the Harrness Family. Now one family member was hauled off to jail for something else. Meanwhile, the victim's friends and family -- hope the public can help bring the killer to justice.

The Magnan Farm in Sheldon maintains its heifer-raising operation -- nearly a month after a sniper took the life of a worker here. On July 7th, a single gunshot killed 33 year old Kenny Jerome while he was on the job. He left behind a girlfriend and an 8 month old baby girl. Jen Miller, the victim’s girlfriend said, “He was a great father ... A good person... He can never be replaced.”  Police continue their murder investigation. So far, no charges have been filed. Authorities confirm they've talked to several members of the Harrness Family. They own the neighboring property from where the deadly shot rang out. One family member was questioned -- Dennis Harrness. He's the ex-husband of Jen Miller -- the victim's girlfriend. Miller is set to testify against Harrness in an arson fraud trial next month. Jen Miller said, “This was a scare tactic. I am scared.”  But Harrness won’t be going anywhere for a few weeks. He was hauled off to jail -- until at least August 25th for violating probation on ANOTHER arson conviction. On Tuesday he tested positive for cocaine use. But he says, he had nothing to do with Jerome's murder. Dennis Harrness is thought to have said, “I can't say anything that will change your mind.” As Miller waits for justice, the Magnan Farm started fundraising. Sales of bumper stickers and pick-your-own corn should add to a 35-hundred dollar reward NOW being offered. Terry Magnan, former Boss & Friend said, “He was a great employee and friend.” And Joanne Magnan, Former Bos & Friend said, “We need justice for Kenny.”

Again -- no one has been charged in the murder. And NO ONE in the Harrness family has been identified as a suspect. But it's definitely the talk of the town, so much so, that Dennis Harrness's arson trial has been moved to St. Johnsbury, fearing he couldn't get a fair trial in Franklin County. Darren Perron -- reporting live for us tonight -- thank you.