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Post by: MikeF9 on January 31, 2009, 12:22:42 PM
What a mess.
I went to log in Friday night, but couldn't update my website.
Tried again Saturday morning and it told me to go to Fairpoint's website.
Tried logging in there. Nothing.
I do a lot of errands Saturday mornings, so there was some downtime before I tried again.
Must be everyone is logging onto their site, as a error message comes up, something about a broken link.

I want to thank Henry Raymond for setting up this forum.
I also want to thank Scott Day for pointing me in the right direction to reclaim my site. Unfortunately, I can't get through.


As an update, they got in a race Friday night down to East Bay. Some 45+ cars were in the pits. Some local guys racing down there are Michael Parent #25, ESS Champion Steve Poirier #28FM, Glenn Styres #0, who mostly runs Southern Ontario Sprints, and #3B Scott Bunnell, who runs with the Patriot club. None of them qualified for the A-Main last night. Shows you how tough the competition is if Poirier doesn't qualify.
Post by: cassyt on January 31, 2009, 12:26:33 PM
Happy to see you back on I would miss that picture of the day.