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Title: Sheldon Shooting Triggers Vigilantism Concerns
Post by: Henry on July 13, 2005, 07:06:35 PM
Sheldon Shooting Triggers Vigilantism Concerns

Sheldon, Vermont - July 13, 2005

Nearly a week has passed since a Sheldon man was shot to death in a farm field. The funeral for the victim was held Wednesday.

While no suspects have been named by police, many residents believe they know who did it. But it's the way they're pointing fingers that has some people concerned.

Friends and family gathered to say farewell to 33 year old Kenny Jerome. Mourners saluted the homicide victim with a tire squealing display during the funeral procession.

Police say Jerome was killed by a single shot from a high powered rifle. He was working as a farm hand in Sheldon at the time of the homicide.

"It came from a field to the east of the property," said Lt. Brian Miller of the Vermont State Police. Police say the property from where the shot came from is owned by the Harrness family.

Police remain tight-lipped about a suspect, but confirm they've talked to several members of the Harrness family - including Dennis Harrness. He's a neighbor and the ex-husband of Jennifer Miller, the victim's girlfriend. Miller will likely testify against Harrness in an arson fraud trial later this month.

"We're not naming a suspect," said Lt. Miller. "We have a number of people of interest."

While police won't say much, local residents are. Rumors run rampant through Franklin County.

And now, so do flyers. They read -- "Hang Harrness." Now police are warning against vigilantism.

"We hope the community will have enough faith in the State Police to bring the person to justice," said Lt. Miller. "Let us do our job and not try to settle any scores on their own. We don't want another incident like last week occur."

Police are still hoping to hear from any witnesses. They ask anyone who was near East Sheldon Road last Thursday to call them at 802-524-5993.

Police say even young people on ATVs might have seen someone walking through the field where the shot came from.

Darren Perron - Channel 3 News