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Title: Kenny Jerome Shot From Ledge On Neighboring Property
Post by: Henry on July 11, 2005, 07:21:26 PM
Mon 11-JUL-2005 6 P.M. News Script From Channel 3

It has now been four days since the shooting in Sheldon that killed a farm hand... police are still tight lipped. But they did admit today it is a homicide. As we have told you, they have executed search warrants on neighboring farms and at one point they made an extensive search of the property where 33 year old Kenny Jerome was killed by one shot from a high powered rifle. Police have searched the home of a neighbor... Dennis Harness, but won't say why. Court records indicated Jerome's girl friend -- Harness's former wife -- might testify against Harness in an arson fraud trial later this month. Tonight, police said the shot came from a ledge on property east of the Magnan farm where Jerome was working. If anyone saw any person or anything suspicious on that neighboring property, please call the state police.

On the 11 p.m. News, the wording was changed slightly:

State investigators are now calling last week's fatal shooting in Sheldon a homicide -- and they're looking for help from the public. Kenny Jerome was killed by a single bullet to the chest at the Magnan farm Thursday. Police now say the rifle shot was probably fired from a ledge east of the farm. Investigators would like to hear from anyone who saw anybody up there. Police have not speculated on a motive, but court papers show the 33-year-old farm hand was going to be a witness against a neighboring farmer in an upcoming arson fraud trial.