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Title: Homes Searched In Connection With Sheldon Killing
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The above photo of Kenny Jerome, taken around 1990 is courtesy of Mary Kay Raymond

Homes Searched in Connection with Sheldon Killing

Sheldon, Vermont - July 8, 2005

The Sheldon Creek Market quickly sold out of newspapers with accounts of the shooting this morning.

And store clerk Lisa Reed says the fatal shooting of farmhand Kenny Jerome was the only topic of the day.

"Scary, that it just happened up the street from everybody," says Reed.

She says everybody seems to know who shot Jerome.

"We've all swapped notes. We all have our suspicions," she says.  When asked if they all suspect the same person, she said, "Yup, we do."

Reed would not name the person everyone suspects.

And police who were searching the shooting area again today would not even discuss potential suspects. They have identified none.

But the police did get warrants and searched the farms and homes of three members of the Harness families -- the largest farm in town.

The search included the home of 36-year-old Dennis Harness who was convicted of torching his own home in 2003. In two weeks he is scheduled to go on trial for two more insurance arsons -- and the state's star witness is Harness' ex-wife Jennifer Miller -- who also just happens to be the long-time girlfriend of the shooting victim Kenny Jerome. Court records show another Harness,  Tom, was convicted of stalking her to prevent her testimony last fall. Dennis Harness's home is located about a half-mile from where Jerome was shot.

But again, police have not named any suspects including the Harness family -- they are simply searching the Harness properties.

Police say Jerome was shot once and they are quite certain he was not randomly selected.

"This road has a lot of people on it. Yesterday when this shooting happened there were people here working on the farm. There were people here working in areas close proximity to the farm. There was only one shot one victim. There was no indication that somebody's driving up and down the road taking pot shots at people," says Capt. Tim Bombardier of the Vermont State Police.


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