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Title: Looking to the 2008 - 2009 Basketball Season.....
Post by: Loctavious on June 05, 2008, 09:51:08 AM
Looking ahead, next years Girls B-ball teams look solid

        The incoming freshman class has at least 15 known players based on last years numbers in 8th grade at Fairfax.  That's not taking into account any possible players from other surrounding areas.  Many of them have been playing for 5+years.  There's a good mix of heigth, strength, speed, agility and leadership. 
         The JVA Girls team will most certainly see large numbers and will face the challenges that go with them.

        The JV Girls team will most likely and as always, endure some reformatting as some players will be drafted by Varsity.  The JV level, which is intended to prepare players for varsity play, is a tricky level to build.  The most difficult part of the JVA-JV-Varsity transition is adapting to the learning process, expectations, and work ethic.  At each level, the bar or standard is raised significantly more.  The way in which players adapt translates into how well they play at that level. 

         The JV Girls team will see some familiar faces returning, providing a solid base in which to build on.  There will surely be some new faces earning their promotions from JVA. 

          The Varsity Girls team will also see considerable change, With only 5 returning players.  Coach Driscoll will be looking to develop some chemistry this summer as well as to last season's JV squad no doubt for both replacements AND reinforcements.  It wouldn't hurt to get a nice transfer STAR either :). 
          All in all though, any player who sets their mind to it, and shows up for their summer and fall workouts could be pivotal next season.  COmbine that with Coach Driscolls tact and drive and next year could turn out to be as good as last season was if not better for varsity Girls.

Stay tuned for Boys Write-up.
Title: Re: Looking to the 2008 - 2009 Basketball Season.....
Post by: Loctavious on September 16, 2008, 08:41:49 AM
Update: preliminary reports have a change to the predicted Varsity line-up resulting from Injury - one of the returning forwards with great talent and promise is now a question mark for the season as she re-injured a knee.  stay tuned for more information.
Title: Girl's Update
Post by: Loctavious on November 03, 2008, 08:25:49 AM
        Latest news on returning players:  Last time i checked, the forward from Varsity is now predicted to miss much if not all of the 2008-2009 Season with her kneee injury.  ALSO, An upcoming and talented Guard from the JV squad, who also is Varsity Soccer player, was injured last thursday in the semi-final match.  She scored a game-tying goal - but at a great price as in doing so, was injured on the play.  Last report i received she was on crutches with Knee and Ankle braces/immobilizers.  I pray there not serious injuries but we'll see.

       Got a report that a couple of JV girls will not be returning this season.  JV squad will see a few more new faces this season from JVA as a result.
Title: Junior Varsity Girls Basketball Roster for the 2008 - 2009 Season
Post by: Loctavious on November 24, 2008, 09:32:49 AM
Ruby Bushey  -  9th grade
Ashely Bernard  -  9th Grade
Kaysie Urwin  -  9th Grade
Evyn Banach  -  9th Grade
ELizabeth Stratton  -  9th Grade
Lyndsey Wells  -  9th Grade
Hannah Gerke  -  9th Grade
Renata Flanigan  -  10th Grade
Danielle Sweet  -  9th Grade

"Franchise player:  Jordan ROck "  :)

         Though a young team this year with 9 Freshman and 1 Sophmore, the JV Grils Team possesses an arsenal of speed, aggressiveness, and strong D.  First Scrimmage for the Girls is Tomorrow, Tuesday 11/25 AT Vergennes.  ( if weather permits).

Stay Tuned for the Girls Varsity Run Down....